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Trending 16 December 2022

We Tried the TikTok ‘Bathrobe Curls’ Method So You Don’t Have To

Get gorgeous curls without the damage.

It's all the rage to create stunning heatless curls. If anything, TikTok has taught us that heatless curls can be achieved with almost any item. Here at Monde, we've curated the hottest TikTok Hair trends to help you get the enviable, voluminous curls of your dreams.

Words By Erin Visagie

Bathrobe Curls

Bathrobe curls are one of my favourite heatless curl methods. You can either use the tie from your bathrobe or try a gorgeous heatless curling set like the Mermade hair heatless curls kit or the Kitsch satin heatless curling 3 sets.

To achieve this look, you’ll need your heatless curling set, a hair serum like Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Sublime Cristalli Liquidi serum, a hair dryer or blow dry brush, and a sea salt texture spray.

Getting started is as simple as rough drying your hair, spraying salt spray on it, then applying smoothing serum, and then splitting it up into sections.

The heatless curler should be placed on your head, secured on one side, and begin at the front of your hair on the unsecured side.

Wrap a section of your hair around the tie away from your face. Secure the other sections with a silk scrunchie. Then, start at the front of your hair.

Afterwards, you can go about your day or evening as usual! Your curls will be impressive within 6 hours, then brush them out with your fingers.

If your hair is naturally curly like mine, you can skip the sea salt spray and wetting. As an alternative, I use a blowdry brush to style my hair and then apply serum, leave-in conditioner, and anti-frizz spray and use the heatless curling kit to achieve heatless curls.

Mermade Hair Heatless Curls Kit, $49, Adore Beauty

Stocking Curls

So what are the benefits of trying these curling hacks? Curling without heat reduces damage to your hair, requires minimal restyling – lasts for days, adds volume, and prevents hair shedding. Curls are always popular and require less time and effort!

We’ve also seen tights used to create heatless curls as a TikTok trend. You can use this method much like the bathrobe curl method by applying serum to your hair and then placing a pair of stockings on your head like a headband.

Using a claw clip, you can keep the stockings in place while curling your hair around the tights. This method differs from the previous method in that you can tie the hair with scrunchies or tie a knot at the bottom of the tights.

With minimal effort and products, you can wake up with gorgeous curls using this method overnight!

B Free Intimate Apparel Ladder Resistant Shaping Tights, $39.95, The Iconic

Roller Curls

Hair Rollers have been around for a while, but TikTok has revived the 90s blowout curled look using hair rollers, and it’s definitely a look worth trying.

It is best to start with wet or dry hair. Damp hair can work well for straight or very wavy hair, but curly hair is best dried for this method.

The second step is to use gorgeous clips to section your hair. My favourite way to achieve a bouncy blowout front is to roll the front pieces towards my face and secure them before blow-drying them. if you don’t want to use any heat, just use a brush to straighten out your ends and roll as usual.

The rest of the hair should be rolled away from the face and secured. As you run errands, you can keep your rollers in all day and then gently remove them, and voila! Your curls should look wonderful!

Revolution Mega Pink Heatless Rollers, $17, ASOS

Headband Curls

Creating the prettiest curls doesn’t involve heat damage, frizz or hair breakage, with HairTok showing us plenty of mind-blowing hair hacks and everyday items to use to achieve luscious curls with minimal effort (yes, you can even sleep with these products in your hair!), we bet you already have all the tools for this particular method!

Introducing headband curls as another clever hair hack! For this, you’ll need a high-quality headband and some bobby pins, as well as some styling products.

It is a worthwhile idea to invest in a fashionable silk headband because silk reduces frizz and hair breakage leaving the hair looking shiny, smooth, and healthy.

Using your headband, as usual, put a styling product in, like a serum, oil, or hairspray. Then curl sections of your hair around the headband using a bobby pin or a combination of bobby pins.

Repeat until all of your hair is around the headband. It is best to leave it on overnight or for around six hours to get the best results. Hello, waves for days!

Slip Knot Silk Headband, $69, Net-a-Porter