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On Our Radar 4 December 2021

Wanderlust Activated: 5 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

Escapism at its best, if you can’t get away overseas these holidays, take a virtual vacation via these beautifully curated Instagram feeds.

It’s a big, beautiful world we live in and sometimes we take it for granted. Being unable to leave our home bases due to the pandemic has left many of us in a sense of deep longing for wander. While the world heals from two years of uncertainty, we can find comfort in knowing what awaits us when we can explore the five continents once again. Follow us on a journey of travel via the Instagram accounts of influencers and bloggers who capture brilliant moments from the four corners of this earth.

Words By Brittany Lyons


Based in New York City, interiors, travel, and food photographer Nicole Franzen’s grid is a total amalgamation of beauty, landscape and deliciousness.

If you’re a sucker for beautifully curated hotels rooms and luxury living, then a follow of her IG profile is surely never going to disappoint.

Exceptionally captured moments all over the world’s greatest cities can be found, and easily transport you to some of the most renowned establishments on the planet.

Landscapes of snow-capped mountains in Mexico, palatial hotel rooms in Venice and New York City’s breathtaking skyline are just some of the works of art that can be found whilst scrolling her grid.

A showcase of her travels will leave you taking notes on where you’ll want to visit your next trip to that country.

These little hidden hot spots are little nuggets of wisdom that are a beautiful little present to leave in your saved folder.

Whether you’re here for the interiors or the immaculate imagery, you’ll be sure to leave her profile utterly inspired to seek beauty wherever it can be found.



A super curated and calming depiction of luxury travel, Carley Rudd is a professional photographer come blogger whose Instagram account is a real joy to subscribe to.

Based between Los Angeles, New York City and London, she is a serious globe trotter who not only travels a lot, but because she called three places home, knows some of the best hidden secrets these metropolises have to offer.

With moments captured in Utah’s rocky terrain, idyllic beaches in Mexico and the sandy palettes of Greece, Carly’s itinerary is diverse but certainly always stunning.

The overall tone of each image has a consistent feeling of calm paired with a muted palette.

With a feminine touch, hues of blush, vivid blues from pools and the ocean paired back with lots of beiges make her grid super aesthetically pleasing and a real joy to scroll through.

You can tell she is a serious appreciator of architecture and moments of interest by the way small moments jump out from each photograph posted.



Based in Seattle, Morgan Phillips is a commercial photographer come travel blogger with a penchant for adventure.

With a common theme being mountain ranges and pristine wilderness, Morgan’s account is a phenomenal postcard of the natural world in its most brilliant state.

From skiing atop powdery white peaks in northern America, rock-climbing in Oregon and mountain bike riding over Utah’s salt flats, there is so much exploration in these images that will make you want to pack up everything and head on out into the great outdoors.

One of our favourite additions to Morgan’s adventures is his incorporation of the four-legged friends joining in on the fun.

A golden retriever named Lucy and German Shorthaired pointer named Huckleberry, are often featured in his snaps which add such a cute and beautiful narrative.

Of course both have their own IG accounts which can be found here, (if you’re into that kind of thing) @lucy.thegolden & @ourdoghuck.

If you’re into the idea of the great American road trip, camping and adventure, you will not be disappointed once you arrive on Morgan’s page. We promise.



For those who appreciate the vibrance in exotic places, cultures and people, Pia Riverola’s account is absolutely a thing to behold.

A Barcelona native who now splits her time between Mexico and Los Angeles, each post is doused in culture, love and a real appreciation for romance.

Attention to detail is a common theme throughout each image. Small moments are typically captured rather than landscapes, which brings a very real sense of intimacy throughout.

In comparison to the other Instagram accounts mentioned above, Pia often features people throughout her photography.

Each human’s personality almost jumps out from the stills, which leaves you wanting to know more about their story and what their lives are like being a member of these communities scattered around the world.

Vibrant colours are celebrated through the use of flowers, food and architecture. An overwhelming warmth is felt whilst scrolling through each post.

Spanning continents, seas and cultures, travel through the lense of Pia Verola is raw, beautiful and breathtaking.

We love living in her world albeit momentarily every time we’re gifted a new snapshot.



A photographer living in Mallorca, but hailing from Menorca, this creative is an expert at inviting us all into what life is like on the Spanish Iles.

A beautifully curated collection of Mediterranean moments, Cecilia Renard has a total knack for relying beauty in living simply.

A cohort of still beaches, beautiful table scapes and white rendered buildings are a joy to behold. The overall mood of her feed is absolutely subdued and ethereal.

With the occasional romantic embrace, nude buttocks and covered breast, her life seems all but a free, wild and sunbathed representation of pure bliss.

Nothing is too fancy, too colourful or too expensive.

Proving that a simple life in a beautiful place should be something we all should strive for.

Once visiting her account, you’ll want to pack up your busy city life and move to the Iles of Spain where life is simple, beautiful and magical. Sign us up!