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17 May 2022

Dress Your Message: Unpacking the Graphic Tee Trend

The go-to tees for every style and every mood.

If you thought fashion trend repeating had reached its limits as of late, then we have news for you. Making a swift resurgence in the wardrobes of many celebrities and on the shelves of many of our favourite brands, is the iconic graphic tee. Reaching their peak again in the early noughties after already being a trend in the seventies, they were a sure way to prove a point without so much as a spoken word.

Words By Ruby Staley
Text Tees

Text Tees

As one of the more popular graphic t-shirts when they originally gained popularity, text tees were a sure way to add a little fun to your outfit.

We also now know text tees as an easy way to show your heart on your sleeve – literally – and to prove a point without having to scream it from the rooftops.

Here at Monde, we love fashion being used for a clever subtle message and the most carefree way to do this as of late is with an ever so popular health-focused shirt.

Perfect for a casual day out or for lounging around at home, Dazie’s health and wellness positive messaging tees are not only super cute but also centred on encouraging a positive mindset.

Second to that, the words of encouragement messages on tees can also be found chez SPORTY & RICH. This time the messaging is to spread love, get lots of rest and drink plenty of water- great advice huh?

SPORTY & RICH, Printed cotton-jersey T-shirt, $81.23 – available at NET-A-PORTER

Pop Culture Tees

Pop culture gained its iconic term from being exactly that, popular culture.

This popularity of referencing the most famous movies, characters, brands and celebrities on t-shirts has seen a major rise in the graphic tee department, and we can’t say we are surprised.

Now no longer just a poster on our childhood bedroom walls, pop culture graphic tees have allowed us the chance to give a shout out to our favourite bands and celebrities.

Being able to wear your favourite pop-culture icon has further cemented devout fans their love and adoration for these influential people. Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot are familiar faces often plastered on t-shirts as a badge of honour.

While we are on the topic of popular people who revolutionised celebrity status, the Beatles are definitely a go-to pop culture reference to have on a shirt.

One look around at trendsetters seen sporting a Beatles shirt will have you racing to your computer to get your hands on one, hence why we have made the job easier for you with Stella McCartney’s latest season drop of the tee.

R13, London Calling Oversized Printed Stretch-cotton Jersey T-shirt, $529.35 – available at NET-A-PORTER

Pop Culture Tees
Grunge Tees

Grunge Tees

For some unknown reason, the grunge look is just completed and made more achievable with the addition of a faded grey graphic tee.

No matter if a floral skirt or pair of denim shorts is your preferred choice of bottoms, adding a faded graphic tee will automatically make you look that little more edgier.

As lovers of the trend, we can’t say no when we see the latest on offer.

For a classic – dare we say – typical grunge tee, the White Nirvana ‘Nevermind’ Oversized T-Shirt  from R13 has you covered in the department of relaxed streetwear dressing.

Although, if you want to avoid the age-old question of people saying, “Name one song?”, then ANINE BING’s Lili Tee Biker in Washed Black is the perfect secular option not associated with any band you might not be familiar with!

ANINE BING, Tiger Tee in Black, $99.00 – available at ANINE BING

Statement Tees

There is no denying graphic shirts were ultimately made as a way of making a statement.

Whether a statement is in the messaging or just through a bright, bold graphic, the shirt is sure to gain some attention and be the hero of your outfit.

An interesting new take on the statement graphic tee trend is Scandinavian fashion designer Stockholm (Surfboard) Club’s Blue Organic Cotton T-Shirt, which has us seriously rethinking our snake phobia.

For something that will certainly pull on your childhood-nostalgia heartstrings, Moschino have created a cutesy ‘My Little Pony-esque’ design to induce pure joy. The Pink Cotton T-Shirt is a perfect melange of teddy bears and magic we can’t help but love.

But like all trends there can be uncertainty about lunging straight back into a trend so far from your typical style.

So, for a shirt that helps to ease you into the trend and gets you out of wearing just plain basics, Zimmermann have designed the Goldie Printed Cotton-jersey T-shirt with a subtle print in a colourful colour that you can get excited about.

Stella McCartney Pink Y2K Kitsch Bird Print T-Shirt, $395 – available at SSENSE

Statement Tees

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