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A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.
On Our Radar 16 June 2021

Trending Cosmetic Injectables and At-Home Alternatives

Cosmeceutical dupes for those wishing to manage signs of ageing from home.

How to create considerable change to your skin without cosmetical injectables, from home. While cosmetic injectable treatments have become especially normalised within western society, some prefer not to explore that particular route. Whether natural remedies are your preference or you have an aversion to needles, sophisticated cosmeceuticals can emulate injectable treatments to a certain degree. These are the home-safe products and actives seeking to create a similar effect to anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler and skin tightening threads.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Anti-Wrinkle Alternatives

One of the most common forms of cosmetic procedures globally is anti-wrinkle injections. Often referred to a Botox, (which is in fact a brand of product) this treatment works when a chemical called Botulinum Toxin is administered into a muscle. The toxin works by paralysing the muscle, which freezes the movement for up to 3 months per treatment.

Adopted and embraced by the cosmetic and aesthetic industry for a few decades now, anti-wrinkle injections are usually administered to the upper half of the face to freeze certain muscle groups and stop lines and wrinkles from becoming more prominent.

While this treatment is super effective and mostly safe there are certainly Botox-like products out there that do not require a needle and can be used from home.

Because Botox is used within the cosmetic world to treat keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay when looking for an alternative to do this on a topical level.

The more effective ingredients tackling lines and wrinkles are peptides, short-chain amino acids, retinoids and SPF when it comes to preventatives! The below products are infused with a formula full of these goodies and should be used routinely on your area of concern.

The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5, $13.50, ASOS

Dermal Filler Dupes

A cosmetic treatment gaining more and more popularity within the past decade is a dermal filler made from Hyaluronic Acid. Previously used with other substances such as collagen and other fillers, the medical world has seen much better results with Hyaluronic acid as it is a naturally occurring substance within our bodies.

Unlike an anti-wrinkle product, an amount of dermal filler is injected into an area to add volume into the dermis. This means that a gel-like substance is filled into the skin to create a fuller appearance or to fill a void.

One of the most popular areas for hyaluronic filler to be administered is the lip area, especially for a younger demographic. For those with concerns of ageing, dermal filler is often used to the lower half of the face to treat deep lines and wrinkles around the mouth, the marionette lines and large areas of volume deficit.

With any treatment, there is the risk of complication and side effects, and dermal filler injections are no exception. Wrongfully administered, filler can augment the face in an unnatural way and leave lumps.

When looking for products with a plumping-like effect to the lip or facial areas, actives such as antioxidants and enzymes work the hardest!

We recommend using the below product suggestions in unison with the Botox dupes above for a holistic at-home plan.

DR. BARBARA STURM + NET SUSTAIN Hyaluronic Serum 30ml, $457.54, Net-A-Porter

Skin Tightening Tricks

Another trending treatment in the cosmetic injectables space is the PDO Mono Thread. Popularised in Asia and picking up quite heavily in western culture within the last few years, PDO Mono Threads are used to tighten the skin.

The way these needles work is a little different to traditional cosmetic procedures. The needle is only used to create a pathway for a small polymer Sucher to be left underneath the skin. This medical-grade filament is fine and left in the upper layers of the dermis once the needle is removed.

Why the thread left in there you ask?
The small filament causes our bodies’ natural collagen response to trigger and a surge of natural collagen is produced to rejuvenate and tighten the area the thread was left in.
While yielding fabulous results, this procedure is relatively invasive and will prone to bruising.

So, what’s the non-injected alternative?
The skin world has been achieving firmness with the help of collagen-boosting peptides, retinoids and antioxidants like vitamin c for decades. These powerful cosmeceuticals work hard and can yield amazing results when used correctly.

Whether you’re trying to correct crepey skin or target fine lines, the below cohort of products will help firm and tighten!

StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Face & Neck Cream PLUS 50ml, $148, ActiveSkin