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Trending 29 July 2021

Trending: Chain-Centric Bags

Chain yourself in, because this latest bag trend is one you'll want to get behind.

Since their creation, the queen status of chain bags belonged to Chanel. Defining itself as pure femininity in a time when a woman donning a hand bag over her shoulder was considered anything but, the Chanel bag brought a new meaning to fashion. Like all things in fashion, iterations were made and we have five new brands to thank for bringing back the chain bag, in a not-so-subtle way.

Words By Kaylah Baker

Bottega Veneta

Paving the way in the fashion sphere for their ability to continuously reinvent timeless designs, Bottega Veneta is one to watch.

Creating designs that represent contemporary functionality, the high-end luxury brand perfects everything fashion is today; a seamless blend of stand-alone statement pieces.

Accessories are such personalised pieces, and this is why the brand’s greatest accomplishment is their ability to create a range so diverse.

Including everything from padded weaved leather to weaved suede, creative director Daniel Lee finds pleasure in entertaining various geometric shapes, shades and sizes.

Quickly becoming known as iconic in its own right, Bottega Veneta’s racing green chain pouch is worthy of being high on your shopping cart list.

Considered the must-have accessory of the season, Bottega Veneta is ensuring the gold chunky chain, leather pouch is here to stay through the inclusion of a versatile range of colours.

A true testament to the brands vision to continuously adapt themselves.

Bottega Veneta Mount Leather Shoulder Bag, $5,170, Matches Fashion


Conscious of including ever-evolving trends into their collection, Burberry is embracing the chain bag trend with a pop of colour.

Respected for high-quality products, the British brand escapes their distinctive, most-loved checkered print for a more modernised approach.

Proving the winter gloom can be fixed through adding a brightly coloured accessory, the variations of the Burberry Lola bag are worth looking out for.

Recognisable through the Thomas Burberry Monogram, the bright red quilted version with its thin polished gold chain and the royal blue with its black chunky link chain have the potential to bring an outfit to life.

In line with the ongoing trend, Burberry have also adapted their Olympia leather bag.

Inspired by the Olympia London architecture, Burberry ditched the thick leather strap on the runway bag and opted for a chunky gold chain.

A true sign that the chain bag trend is here to stay a while.

Burberry Small Horseferry Linen Cotton Canvas Lola Bag, $2,690, Burberry

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney can do no wrong. Entrenched in a vision for the future of fashion to be sustainable, McCartney’s products create a space for ethically minded brands to be seen and heard.

Finding her niche in the art of simplistic designs and a neutral colour palette to suit all occasions, the cruelty-free brand is making its stand in the fashion world, in more ways than one.

Approaching the chain bag trend with an air of confidence, Stella McCartney’s bags explore a range of peculiar structured designs.

From the various cuts of the bags to the signature diamond-cut chains, McCartney’s attention to detail and structured angles continue to lead the way in the art of modernised, tailored designs.

Most recognisable as the masterpiece of the collection is the small chunky chain crossbody bag.

A true representation of what makes Stella McCartney so successful is the cream structured clutch fit with the chunky gold chain – it’s best feature.

Crafted in Italy, the fashion houses use of recyclable aluminium, faux leather and recycled polyester makes the positively conscious fashion house one to watch.

Stella McCartney Medium Chunky Chain Bag, $1,800, Stella McCartney

Charles and Keith

Establishing themselves as a brick-and-mortar store, the rise in Charles and Keith’s popularity has seen the brand extend to an online platform.

Moving on from being solely a fast-fashion retailer in Singapore to an in-house designed private company, the brand prides themselves on designer affordability.

Aiming to take a trend and make it their own, Charles and Keith’s variations of the chain bag are worthy of adoration.

Despite still offering simplistic versions of the gold chained bags in the form of the sophisticated beige evening bag, the brands most notable take on the accessory has put them in a league of their own.

Proving statement bags can remain staple bags, the blush chunky chain link bag is worth noting down.

Described as an edgy alternative, the bag escapes the persona that a chain has to be gold plated.

Closely following behind is the stylistic, one-of-a-kind navy crossbody bag.

Designed to ditch the social norms, the statement bag offers a new insight into chain bags with its acrylic chain handle.

Charles & Keith Chain Strap Snake Print Trapeze Shoulder Bag, $103, Charles & Keith


Chic styling doesn’t always need to be a load on the wallet, and ASOS Design is making it known through compiling a range of designs at a lower price point.

Offering a range of brands and collections on their site, ASOS decided to replicate some of their favourite designer brands and compile their own collection of chain bags.

Keeping with the much sought-after look of small clutch bags, ASOS Design decided to instead shake things up through including a range so diverse that anyone would be able to pick a favourite.

Inspired by the chunky ruched pouches on offer this season, the brand released their very own in sage green.

Making it their own through ditching the gold chain link for a resin chain strap.

Taking the gold chain to the drawing board, ASOS Design decided to release a black croc-effect shoulder bag with a square chunky chain, rather than the normal circular links.

This design may just be their best release yet and we will be making sure we keep an eye on what they do next.

ASOS DESIGN Puffed Quilted Shoulder Bag in Brown with Chunky Chain, $40, ASOS