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30 June 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Double Cleansing

The ABC of cleansers, and the value in having two for the ultimate double cleanse.

The first step of a targeted skincare routine, morning or night, is a cleanse. Targeting a thorough and gentle cleanse is made possible for every skin out there thanks to a myriad of different types, we’ve covered the most important ones for you here. Another very important factor making up your cleansing routine should be the evening double cleanse. This twice over allows to properly rid your skin of heavy makeup and SPF while following up with an additional to actually clean your face. Whether you’re opting to use the same cleanser or reliant on a few for your double cleanse, this is how to ensure your face is properly rid of makeup, residual products and SPF each and everyday, and the products to get you there.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Foaming Cleansers

A cleanser you’re all probably most familiar with is the foaming type.

Sometimes referred to as a cleansing mousse, a foaming cleanser is fabulous at creating a very air-like and light foamy consistency to get into all the nooks and crannies of the face and lift build up and makeup residue.

A foaming cleanser is a great way to emulsify makeup off and fabulous for those with oilier skin types and concerns of congestion.

The way in which this super light consistency is created is either with the bottle design adding in air when pumped, or with ingredients called surfactants.

While this type of cleanser is great as a first cleans of your double in the PM, it can be stripping and harsh on sensitive skin types. Dermatologists and Dermal Therapists alike recommend using a foaming cleanser once a day and keeping it to a minimum to avoid drying out the skin.

If you’ve got your hands on a gentler ‘cleansing mousse’ AKA one without the stripping sulphates, then using it twice a day shouldn’t be too harsh. Your skin will let you know either way.

La Mer The Cleansing Foam 125ml, $118, Selfridges

Foaming Cleansers
Gel Cleansers

Gel Cleansers

Quite possibly the most popular formulation of cleansers universally is the gel cleanser. These often-translucent products are designed to be emulsified. When agitated and mixed with water, these formulas create a rich lather that is the ultimate in a deep cleanse.

Perfect for the morning wash and first cleanse of two in the PM, gel cleansers have a very important role to play in the holistic skin regime.

Due to their very versatile function, many gel cleansers combine different active ingredients to target specific concerns. Whether they contain brightening ingredients such as Vitamin C, exfoliating AHAs or nourishing ceramides, gel cleansers are often available in the perfect solution for your skin.

Due to their exceptionally cleansing nature, gel cleansers are also perfect for those experiencing excess sebum and a great sub-in during the summer months when your skin is getting lathered with SPF and other products!

Not unlike the foaming cleanser, cleansers with a gel consistency can be stripping and harsh if used too often, we recommend going for a product specifically targeted at what you’re trying to solve, and one that doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight after use.

EVE LOM Gel Balm Cleanser 100ml, $60, Net-A-Porter

Cream Cleansers

Perfect for those with sensitive, dry and inflamed skin, the cream and milk cleanser is one of the gentlest cleansing formulations out there.

Just as the name suggests, cream or milk cleansers are typically thick in consistency and are opaque just like milk or cream. These cleansers do not foam but emulsify with water and melt away the night and day’s grime.

The reason cream cleansers are so brilliant for sensitive skins is because they are full of moisturising ingredients such as lactic acid, glycerin and natural extracts. Not only are they moisturising but also nourishing, which makes them perfect for skins prone to reactions and post-procedure skins.

You can think of cream cleansers as a 2-in-1 product which cleanse while repairing and moisturising the skin.

These gentle giants are excellent for dry, sensitised, and compromised skins, as well as perfect for your morning cleanse. If you’re on the oilier side or wear lots of products during the day, you’d need to supplement a foaming or gel cleanser with your cream cleanser of the PM as it probably wouldn’t adequately cleans your skin alone.

A great choice for the sensitive out there and compromised winter skins, there is always a place for a cream cleanser is the modern skin aficionado’s cabinet.

Dermalist Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser 200ml, $69, Adore Beauty

Cream Cleansers
Oil Cleansers

Oil Cleansers

One of the more recent additions to the cleansing family is the oil cleanser.

Ideal to melt away oil based cosmetic products and especially effective for oil-prone skins, an oil cleanser is a very nourishing way to get clean skin.

Although it sounds counterintuitive, oil helps oily skin because oil attracts oil. The cleanser will actually help your skin to balance and stop overproducing oil, whilst keeping it hydrated.

Due to its very different formulation, working with an oil-based cleanser is a little different. Used best as the first step of your PM routine to get makeup off, you must begin with dry skin and dry hands.

You apply a small amount to your hands and then directly to your face. Rubbing directly over your makeup will work to emulsify the product and melt away even the most stubborn cosmetic products. Oil cleansers are gentle enough to be rubbed over the eyes to remove makeup so please don’t be deterred here!

We recommend then wiping away the remnants off with a gentle and damp cloth and following up your second cleanse with a foaming or gel cleanser to remove both excess product and the oil cleanser itself.

Kora Organics Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil 150ml, $54, Facial Co

Micellar Cleansers

One of the most effective ways to remove stubborn and heavy make-up is with the help of micellar water or micellar cleansers.

Micellar water is a very gentle and fragrance-free water-like solution that cleanses impurities and removes make-up without interfering with the skin’s barrier or balance.

The solution works by using water-soluble micelles that capture fatty molecules such as sebum and makeup and removes them with a wipe away.

Used best as the first step of your PM cleanse, apply a small amount of solution to a semi-absorbent vehicle and wipe away the day. Also working great as a toner, this product does wonders to ensure your skin is rid of any residual product. We recommend following up with your cream, foam, or gel cleanser to ensure your skin is properly clean and nourished post micellar.

But folks, please steer clear of micellar wipes that aren’t biodegradable. These single use products are excessively wasteful and create more problems for our environment after solving your de-makeup problem.

If you’re opting for wipes, amazing biodegradable ones created from natural by-product pulps are available, as well as reusable pads like the ones include below from Nourished Life.

Medik8 Micellar Mousse 150ml, $49, ActiveSkin

Micellar Cleansers

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