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Fitness 24 February 2022

The Size-Inclusive Activewear Brands Made To Honour Your Body

Embrace and take care of your body no matter what type you are with these size-inclusive activewear brands.

It is no doubt that women having a curvy or petite body type share the same struggle of finding well-fitted sportswear. But it’s 2022 - we are doing an amazing job of raising awareness to love your own body. Our body types should not be the reason stopping us from being confident in ourselves and enjoying our exercising time. Check out these brands offering inclusive-size activewear we have rounded up and let us all thrive in our true skin.

Words By Thuy Nguyen

Running Bare

Our first candidate is Running Bare – a locally made activewear brand with a size inclusivity mindset from the very start.

Founded in 1983 in Sydney by Corin and Brian Powell, Running Bare has always been known for its beautiful design and well-fitted sizes to honour and support women’s bodies.

The brand’s design team is all-female, from designers and machinists, so we can put our complete trust in their understanding of our bodies.

Whether you have a petite or curvy body, you can definitely find something with Running Bare for they offer from size 8 to 22.

The Powell also believes in the power of fabric – it has to be premium for the stretch and eco-friendly for the environment.

Running Bare has a perfect combination of stylish design and functional, well-crafted silhouettes to celebrate every curve of your body.

The brand presents a wide range of products from sports bras, tank tops, to tights of different lengths – all with sizes perfect for you.

Every item is made with the intention to enhance your experience with your own body and feel fashionable whether you’re at the gym or walking on the street.

Running Bare Ab-Waisted Power Moves Bike Tights, $89.99, The Iconic

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty, a London based activewear label, is not at all an unfamiliar option with those having a petite or curvy body type.

Sweaty Betty started off with a small boutique in London in 1998 and has now grown globally to be one of the leading brands in empowering women’s bodies through their products.

The brand’s activewear embodies the London spirit and the international mindset of eco-friendliness and trendiness.

Holding up-to-date designs with popular silhouettes and vibrant colour choices, Sweaty Betty is not just about clothing, but a whole lifestyle. It’s a perfect addition to your sports clothing staple to hit the gym.

Sweaty Betty is uniquely famous for its signature body-sculpting performance tights, creating a great sense of movement and comfort when you’re working out.

The piece is built to perfectly hold and define your shape.

The 7/8 leggings are also undeniably well-known among our petite girls for their ability to enhance our body shape and fit perfectly with the right length.

The brand also offers a great variety of items and styles for every type of workout and even post-workout. Dive in with us to these stunning Sweaty Betty products, all available on The Iconic.

Sweaty Betty Power 7/8 Gym Leggings, $120, The Iconic

Girlfriend Collective

Size inclusivity, sustainable and stylish – our next recommendation is Girlfriend Collective.

Girlfriend Collective is based in Canada but has made its name well known worldwide for its products that tick all the boxes for an excellent choice of activewear.

It has filled in the gap for the affordable luxurious sports clothing market.

The brand holds a large range of sizes, from XXS to 6XL available for any body shape, petite, average or curvy for the comfort of your body while exercising.

Girlfriend Collective radiates playful, positive and friendly energy, reflected in every piece of clothing they offer. They definitely don’t shy away from vibrant colours yet

The item that everyone is talking about is the Compressive Stretch Leggings. They are built from four-way stretch fabric and a high-rise waistband.

The Compressive style also comes in tennis skirt style with slit-side detail and shorts underneath. This line is perfect for every workout activity.

A bonus point for Girlfriend Collective is the transparency with their sustainability and ethical standards.

Both products and packaging are made from recycled materials. Their Compressive leggings are made of 15 plastic bottles and bras 11 bottles. How impressive!

Girlfriend Collective + NET SUSTAIN Compressive Stretch Recycled Tennis Skirt, $110.17, Net-A-Porter

ASOS 4505

The last brand we want to talk about is ASOS Design with their ASOS 4505.

Holding a great variety, covering every body type and nailing the trendy sporty look at an affordable price, ASOS is a fantastic choice for your fitness partner.

ASOS does not only has a wide range of sizes, from 2 to 30 but also has different designs for different body types – ASOS 4505 Curve, ASOS 4505 Petite and ASOS 4505 Tall.

ASOS’ styles are stylish, youthful and confident, appropriate for any type of training whether it’s indoor or outdoor. T

he brand also offers sports clothing for any season and accessories like gloves, socks and caps. ASOS is there to hype up your fitness game all day every day.

One of ASOS most popular traits is that it never holds back from vivid colours, loud patterns and bold cutouts.

It for sure stands for women’s confidence in their bodies and encourages them to shine with their beauty.

Take a look at some of our suggestions from ASOS and hit the gym in style!

ASOS 4505 Curve Square Neck Sports Bra in Lilac Organic Cotton, was $36 now $17.60, ASOS