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Sexual Health 24 May 2021

The Retailers Celebrating Self-Love & Sexual Wellness

Nothing but good vibes.

The brands promoting respectful, celebrated and safe sex and encouraging the normalisation of self-pleasure. In a coveted VOGUE US article, writer Maya Singer exposed 2020 as the “New Frontier for Self-Love—And Sex Toys". Supported by mass media, influencer collaborations like Abbie Chatfield and normalised by beauty giants around the world, 2021 can now be referred to as the year of ‘Wellness’ embracing toys, lubricants, condoms and intimate products. These are the beauty retailers jumping aboard the sex category, and normalising this type of product to promote respectful, healthy and fun orgasms.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Adore Beauty

One of our partnered beauty retailers who were one of the first to introduce the sex category into their stable was none other than Adore Beauty.

In a statement made by Adore Beauty’s Founder Kate Morris in late 2019, the ecommerce giant had been toying (pun intended) with introducing this category for some years before jumping in. You can read her penned letter here.

Adore’s stance is to allow a platform for beauty junkies to explore their sexuality and sexual health in a confident and comfortable way, normalising the conversation that we all deserve pleasure. We love this.

In true Adore Beauty style, you can expect a generous offering of variety when it comes to this particular category, both boujee and budget. Consumers can browse vibrators, condoms, intimate care and supplements while topping up their regular beauty haul, TimTam and all. Expect top brands include VUSH, LELO and Smile Makers all in the one place.

To further support their decision to launch sex, Adore actually launched an offshoot of their popular podcast ‘Beauty IQ’, called ‘Beauty IQ After Dark’ which opened up the dialogue about the sex category products and helped their audience better understand products and how best to use them.

Bravo Adore!

jonny Weekender Condoms 6 Pack, $9.95, Adore Beauty

Look Fantastic

British-born retailer Look Fantastic have (for a considerable amount of time), been discussing the intrinsic link between sexual care and self-care.

In a blog post published over 2 years ago, the LF team claimed that ‘Sex-Care is Self-Care’, which is a sentiment many now support post the 2020 COVID whirlwind.

The group make the point that orgasms have numerous psychological benefits and that these benefits should be explored by every woman, no matter their relationship status or sexual preference.

More specifically, masturbation with an orgasm will increase oxytocin which makes us feel relaxed and can actually ease menstruation discomfort thanks to the spasms it causes within the uterus. There you go!
This alongside numerous other benefits, makes a very sound case as to why self-pleasure should be part of every female’s self-care, de-stress and menstruation routine.

With a special partnership with female vibrator brand Smile Makers, Look Fantastic really celebrate female-centric self-pleasure and sexual exploration.

In an effort to help boost the confidence of women within their reach, Look Fantastic are helping women take time for themselves and explore their pleasure via a very wide (80 products in total) offering.

Shop some of their most coveted products below.

Dame Arousal Serum 30ml, $40, Look Fantastic

Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay have been a real pioneer when it comes to the merging of beauty and sexual wellness.

The British retailer have been crucial in dismantling archaic societal norms that support the nuances of shame surrounding self-pleasure and expression, and instead rebuilding a place where safe sex and exploration is celebrated and encouraged.

That’s right, Beauty Bay is all about heroing the weird, wacky and wet of self and partner-led orgasms.

The absolute giant of beauty incorporated vibrators, sexual serums, condoms and massage tools into their repertoire a good few years ago. The intention? To give their customer a platform to feel empowered when making sexual wellness purchases and taking the ick out of researching and buying toys.

When it comes to toys, Beauty Bay have a very diverse offering and certainly something for whatever you’re into. If you’re new to the vibe, a considerable amount of reading material can be found on the site to help ease a curious buyer feel guided when making their purchases.

As they mention on their Sexual Wellness category page ‘It’s time to literally take matters into your own hands’, so shop Beauty Bay’s sexual offering below.

Smile Makers The Romantic, $117, Beauty Bay

Nourished Life

A destination for all things health and wellness, Nourished Life have too embraced the link between sexual health and self-care.

Notably referring their category as ‘intimate personal care’, NL support sexual self-love as part of a healthy and balanced routine that is crucial for women who seek a calm and comfortable way of life.

Take comfort in toys, lubricants, condoms and supplements that help to enhance and strengthen your current sexual routines and help bring on healthy exploration with yourself or partner.
And some of these lotions and potions are actually useful for other practices too! Organic personal lubricants can aid in the placement of tampons and menstrual cups as well as help yoga-inflicted chaffing.

In further support of women’s sexual health other products categories also feature within the sexual health category. In a little less of an orgasmic way and more in a fitness realm, NL sell tools to promote pelvic floor strength which support post-natal recovery as well as incontinence.

If you’re approach to sexual exploration is holistic, and sustainable, organic products are important to you, then we cannot recommend the sex offering at Nourished Life enough!

Enjoy big brands like Vibe, VUSH, LELO and Dame alongside smaller organic-led labels below.

Elvie Kegel Trainer, $358, Nourished Life