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Brand Spotlight 12 May 2023

The Latest and Greatest Anthropologie Picks for Home

Peruse the latest Anthropologie living pieces we can't help but adore.

Make your home stand out with some of the cutest and most stylish new items from lifestyle favourite, Anthropologie. Discover Anthropologie's hottest picks for your space below and get ready to spruce your space.

Words By Erin Visagie

Bedroom décor

The stylish, colorful, easy-to-style pieces at Anthropologie will make your bedroom stand out if you’re looking to update it.

Among the newest beds on the market is the Merriton Bed, a timeless queen-sized bed or king-sized bed (available in both sizes) that is perfect when paired with modern sheets and gives off a chic vibe. The white lacquered hardwood finish, coupled with gold metal accents, adds a stunning modern touch to this absolutely gorgeous bed. The minimalistic headboard completes the look.

A Karley Organic Sateen Duvet Cover is the perfect addition if you want to add some arty style to your room; they add an explosion of colour and are great for entertaining. Designed to add an artistic edge to your home, they’re made of smooth, silky cotton sateen are luxurious and inspired by bright, sunny days.

Plants are an essential element of any room. Add a burst of energy to your room by using succulents, well-known for their ability to thrive with little water and light. In the Harworthia Succulent Collection, you’ll find a colourful collection of succulents that’s easy to care for and ideal as the starting point for an indoor plant collection.

With the cooler weather approaching, everyone needs a nice warm throw blanket; one of our favourite Anthropologie picks is this waffle throw blanket; it’s lightweight, cosy, has a cute honeycomb texture, breathable, soft and inviting. It is the perfect companion for a snuggle session or simply to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Anthropologie Shibori Velvet Pillow, $88, Anthropologie

Outdoor glamour

In spite of the colder weather, you can still create the outdoor space of your dreams.

The Weathering Steel Round Bowl Fire Pit is an excellent choice for warmth and rustic appeal; ideal for entertaining guests in the cooler months or to add a relaxing feel to any gathering.

If you’re looking for a cute outdoor piece, you can’t go wrong with the Handcarved Lombok Outdoor Daybed.

You need a candle for your outdoor space to keep annoying insects like mosquitoes away; if this sounds like something you need, take a look at the Ceramic Bowl Candle. This citronella candle smells like herbal basil and citrus. It keeps insects at bay in the backyard and uses natural recycled vegetable wax, and plus they add a classic feel to any backyard.

The Ellen Merchant Melamine Chip and Dip Platter is another great product that you should own; this is a gorgeous striking chip and dip platter with stunning design. It’s perfect for parties and gatherings. Plus, it adds a little something fancy to a simple self-care day.

Anthropologie Ceramic Bowl Candle Basil Citronella, $48, Anthropologie

Fancy fragrances

A home needs some wonderful scents throughout, and Anthropologie has many gorgeous fragrances you can choose from to create your own signature scent. We have rounded up some lovely scents to add a little extra to your relaxing spaces, whether you like candles, diffusers or essential oils.

When it comes to relaxing scents, Lavender is a perfect choice, Give the Apothecary 18 Fresh Lavender & Balsam Jar Candle a try. With its sophisticated design, beautifully decorative, and soothing scent, this candle emits the aroma of relaxing and aromatic green lavender into your home. It is also accented with fresh balsam, citrus and warm woods, which add to its warm and cozy feel. Lavender is also known for its relaxing properties.

A lovely diffuser kit is another cute way to add fragrance to your home. Our recommendation is the Pura x Anthropologie Diffuser Kit, which can be used in any room to create an indulgent sensory atmosphere.

With notes of chamomile, amber and patchouli, Linnea Room Spray is another fragrance must-have; the Cashmere scent is soothing and warm, perfect for transforming any space; it is also ethically sourced and packaged locally by the brand itself! So it’s sustainable and offers stunning scents; what’s not to love?

Anthropologie Apothecary 18 Fresh Lavender & Balsam Jar Candle, $38, Anthropologie

At home work oasis

An at-home workspace that feels productive and calming yet trendy is always lovely. So get the workspace of your dreams; there are plenty of ways to spruce it up.

One of these ways is to purchase an upgraded desk. A new desk makes or breaks your space. A great one to consider is the Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Sunfair Executive Desk; it’s made of white oak and is a collaboration between Amber Lewis and Anthropologie.

Every desk setup needs the right desk lamp, so why not consider the Setago Portable Table Lamp? These lamps are super cute, shaped like mushrooms, and named after the Spanish word for mushroom; they’re rechargeable and dimmable and look classic.

Need help with productivity when studying or working? There’s no better way to keep track of your tasks than with a to-do list, and you can’t go wrong with the To Do List Pad.

The Elowen Leather Swivel Desk Chair is a luxury swivel desk chair that’s ideal for your new setup. A vintage Italian design, it’s height-adjustable, 360-degree swivels, and can be used for studying or working at home.

Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Sunfair Executive Desk, $1798, Anthropologie