The Gorman x Birkenstock Collaboration Everyone Is Talking About

Classic design meets bold style – and it’s oh so beautiful.

Words By Jessica Boland

To celebrate their 20th birthday, Gorman have blown us out of the water with the most unexpected collaboration ever. It’s one we didn’t think we needed, but now that it’s here, we never want to live without it.

Gorman and Birkenstock have joined forces to create an incredible, and limited edition, line of sandals, just in time for summer. And, while Gorman’s vibrant, whacky prints and Birkenstocks classic design look like they were made to be together, the two brands couldn’t be more polar opposite.

Birkenstock is the epitome of traditional, classic and casual style.

The brand has been producing high-quality footwear for literal centuries, since 1774, and their style reflects understated comfort that screams summer holiday.

Gorman on the other hand is the hallmark for creativity, innovation and artistry.

Their bold and vibrant prints could stop traffic and their designs champion artistry in ways many brands are too scared to venture.

But the similarity in these fashion powerhouses lies in their identities. Both brands have cultivated styles that are instantly recognisable, and now, they’ve combined history and innovation into several show-stopping shoe designs.

The featured shoes use the traditional Birkenstock Arizona cut we know and love, and their newer Papillio style, which features a chunky platform for all those shoppers who might need a little bit of help in the height department.

Gorman lovers will know their styles aren’t for the faint of heart, and this collab is no different. To truly celebrate Gorman’s success and brand cultivation, the incredible prints used on the shoes are pulled from the archives of the brands most loved previous designs, so if you’re a die-hard Gorman fan, you might even be able to snag a pair of sandals to match a piece that’s already in your wardrobe.

The iconic prints are also paired with bold block colours on the soles and buckles to make the ultimate statement sandal.

There’s no denying these shoes will stop traffic. In an ultimate fashion move, these brands have managed to effortlessly combine comfort, colour and incredible style for the perfect summer sandal for those bold enough to try.

We think they are super cute worn with a pair of Gorman’s bright and quirky socks. Think colourful stripes, glittery lurex and bold prints, all of which work to achieve that cool clash that Gorman is known for.

You can shop the collaboration below.