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Trending 17 January 2022

The Flippin’ Biggest Shoe Trend Is Here

The four brands bringing the Flip-Flops back just in time for your next summer day adventure.

Whether you call the faithful shoe a “thong” or a flip-flop, there is no denying that they are a staple and perfect for the warmer weather. Easy to slip on, and matching with just about every summer outfit you could put together, the flip-flop is on the brink of becoming your season favourite shoe. Forget your socks and sneakers, and start stocking up on flip-flops as they make a resurgence among some of our most-loved brands.

Words By Kaylah Baker


When most people think of “thongs” or flip-flops, their mind would naturally go to the classic Havaianas.

And for good reason.

Filling many surf stores with their bright, quirky and simplistic designs, the brand hasn’t seemed to slow down at all since they created the notable slip-on thong in 1962 in Brazil.

Originally only available in blue and white, a production error is to thank for the numerous colours to then hit the market.

The masterminds behind the shoe were first inspired by a traditional Japanese sandal.

Hoping to adapt the sandal into a modernised version, they abandoned the cloth straps and rice straw soles, replacing them for premium rubber.

Not afraid to proudly share their inspiration, Havaianas soles now feature a unique rice grain print to symbolise their beginnings.

And if the easy access, and breathable design was not enough to convince people that they are summer shoes, their name sure does.

Meaning “Hawaiians” when translated from Portuguese, the thong represents everything people think of when they reflect on a perfect summer’s getaway location.

Original Men’s, $34.99, The Iconic

Hugo Boss

As a German luxury fashion house, Hugo Boss is an innovative brand with its eye on providing quality items across the globe in clothing, accessories and fragrances.

With a problematic history, and an enforced ban on them during the mid 1950s, the fashion house’s future was looking anything but promising.

But after a re-shaping and change in ownership, the brand was able to get back on track.

Now under parent organisations Valentino and Marzotto, Hugo Boss has become known for their confident business looks in modern styles.

Thankfully, the flip-flop resurgence hasn’t escaped from their sights and has been a quick-selling item in their new seasons collection.

Crafted in rubber and branded with their logo on the strap, the Hugo Boss flip-flops hold the closest resemblance to the earliest creation of the footwear.

And stays loyal to the simplicity that is a flip-flop, or thong, with their main attraction being that of their colours and prints.

Easy to slip on with just about any summertime ensemble, Hugo Boss’ flip-flop range are a step above the rest.

Italian-Made Flip-Flops With Logo Details, was $69 now $55.20, Hugo Boss


Birkenstock lovers, this one’s for you!

Normally treasured for their dual buckled thick-straps encasing the foot and comfortable footbed, the Birkenstock is reinventing itself with their latest “flip-flops”.

Not specifically a recognisable version of the adored flip-flop, the shoe has been able to find a happy medium between their celebrated sandal and the rubber-soled versions on offer elsewhere.

And while they may not be your first pick when simply retiring your old flip-flops and looking for a replacement, they are deserving of a spot in your shoe collection.

For a waterproof, lightweight constructed pair similar to the classic, the Honolulu thong sandal has you covered.

While the leather, moulded footbed versions with their buckle-fastening thong strap will take you from beach to street in no time.

A sophisticated appeal, these Birkenstock thong options are just as comfortable and durable as the brand’s core collection.

So, for a sturdy alternative that provides you with minimal hassle and avoids the typical mishaps of a broken strap, Birkenstock has you covered.

Honolulu Thong Sandals, was $126 now $101, Farfetch

Tommy Hilfiger

Step into designer thongs with Tommy Hilfiger.

Normally known for their more designer, semi-formal attire, Tommy Hilfiger is not afraid to dip their feet into the world of flip-flops.

Always on-trend and captivating the pure essence of a classic style, the brand very rarely, if ever, does wrong.

And their latest escape out of their famous “cool city style” into casual wear is speaking volumes into this.

Sticking to their roots of incorporating the iconic red, white and blue flag logo into their collector pieces, their flip-flops can be recognised from a mile away.

Available in various iterations of the same base-shades, the Tommy Hilfiger flip-flops have options with a thick rubber sole, a moulded footbed and a thick thong style strap.

And with a faithful fan-base, their new flip-flops are sure to have their adoring shoppers flocking for the latest summer must-have.

So, make sure you stock up in time for your next beach day outing or a summer day picnic and slip these lightweight designs on with your summertime best.

Signature Beach Sandals, $69.95, The Iconic