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Trending 6 April 2022

The Definitive Guide to Men’s Earrings in 2022

From a symbol of class and wealth in history to the modern must-have accessory.

It is everywhere - TikTok, red carpets, runways. Many celebrities have brought it on stage, and many designers have entrusted it to their shows. The last few years have really pushed through the gender norms. and earrings are no longer unfamiliar within the men’s fashion realm. Men’s earrings dated all the way back to the 17th century, making appearances throughout the history of men’s accoutrement. Now they are back.

Words By Thuy Nguyen


Hoop earrings are always a popular choice. They are classic and eye-catching. Hoop earrings started to be worn by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of royalty and power. Its popularity grew geographically among the Romans, Greeks and Asians, being passed down generation after generation. By the 1960s, thanks to the Native American and Latinos, hoop earrings made a frequent appearance and became a trendy accessory. In the last few years, they have expanded their recognition in the men’s fashion sphere as a viral and must-have item.

Hoops vary in size and design. A classic pair of gold and silver is always a safe choice. But 2022 is all about maximalism and many brands have more to offer. We see hoops with different subtle but appealing details, like geometrical shapes, pearls, crystals, charms etc. No matter what style you have or what occasion it is, it can always be a fashionable and striking touch.

Finding suitable earrings for different events is essential. You can really go with anything on every casual occasion. If you are going to events that require a little more thought into the outfit – like a workplace or formal occasion, go for a pair with a more neat and polished look with a nice addition of crystal or pearls!

WFTW Smiley Drop Hoop Earrings, $20, Culture Kings


Another popular type of men’s earrings is studs. It is perfect for those who desire something more subtle but still get to have plenty of choices. Stud earrings are truly timeless and iconic pieces of accessories. Surprisingly, they were mainly worn by men in ancient Asia when they first appeared. They have a rich culture over history as the symbol of a high position in the social hierarchy. Now it is an essential piece of jewellery for any gender.

There is a huge variety to choose from, different shapes, different styles, and different materials. You will for sure be able to find a pair that match any of your outfits. Stud earrings are usually a very casual choice, most of the time to accentuate the outfit rather than to be the main character. But of course, it does not mean stud earrings can not be the statement. With its flexibility to come in any form and size, it can be an astonishing element that will catch anyone’s eyes. With that being said, it is super easy to style stud earrings. They will not fail to complement any outfit that they go with to make the look impressive.

Versace Medusa Head Earrings, $460, Farfetch


You want to jump on the earrings trend but do not want to get piercings? Cuffs are the perfect option for you! It is stylish and attractive without any commitment needed. Ear cuffs appeared in almost every ancient society, Greece, Asia, Europe etc as a sign of wealth. As we moved forward to the 90s, it became more of a symbol of toughness and punk culture. Its designs keep getting more and more modernised and casual nowadays.

Cuffs for men generally reflect that toughness in their design, like chains or engraved details. Geometrical cuffs are also a common choice, subtle but also eccentric enough to stand out. Emanuele Bicocchi stocks a gold plated silver hexagon cuff – has a simple design but charmingly holds the pinna of the ear. However, ear cuffs come in some softer and more organic designs, like Wild For The Weekend offers a very delicate flower-shaped cuff.

The variety in design allows us to style ear cuffs in so many different ways. They work harmoniously with any casual outfit. Yet many designs have the elegance and luxury element to be worn to any formal event. They can also be the perfect companion to any other type of earrings. A simple design cuff will beautifully complement a statement pair of hoops or drops.

ASOS DESIGN Ear Cuff with Chain Detail, was $16 now $13.75, ASOS


The last recommendation we want to talk about is the drop earrings. Like the others, drop earrings also dated way back in history indicating wealth and social class. They were popularised significantly during the Victorian era with exquisite and extremely intricate designs. Because of the symbol, they stood for, they were usually shaped almost like chandeliers with many germs and crystals. Modern-day drop earrings are varied, some still embrace the fine and meticulous old design, and some are simplified to fit in the everyday fashion genre.

Drop earrings can easily be a statement to any outfit for their flexibility in their designs. Gold and silver are definitely a go-to! But recent years have seen many new more creative and quirky designs being offered. We can not forget the beads trend that went viral everywhere. Vintage designs are immensely popular in the last few years. We could honestly get lost in the various offers from many brands. We suggest finding the styles and sizes you are into first and browsing from there! Whether you are looking for a casual or luxurious approach, you will for sure find just the right pair for your look!

ÉLIOU Kit Gold-Plated, Quartz and Enamel Single Earring, £53.08, Mr Porter