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Monde Shops 2 June 2021

The Capsule Winter Wardrobe: Where Quality Overrules Quantity

How conscious purchases will serve you better this season and many seasons to come. Out with the old and in with the necessary.

The capsule wardrobe is the concept that a series of great quality staples, together, make a complete wardrobe. We’ve narrowed down the winter wardrobe must-haves for the modern city dweller, to just 5 key pieces. Here are the staple pieces to invest in this season.

Words By Brittany Lyons

The Coat

Adopting a similar concept as Christine Centenera and Josh Goot’s baby Wardrobe NYC, we’re here to prove that less is more when it comes to your wardrobe.

When curating the perfect capsule closet, the key is investing in great quality staples, and what better place to start than the winter coat?

While one of the more serious and heftier price-tagged pieces in the wardrobe, the winter coat may be a larger investment, but one that we’re sure will outlast all other pieces in your closet.

Coats are a pretty general term which encompass the cocoon coat, the trench, the double-breasted number, the pea coat and many more. Whatever outerwear option is your preference, we suggest you invest into this.

Chatting material options, a thick felted wool or merino will keep you warm, whereas a classic trench in a woven cotton is the perfect outfit topper. When talking trench, you really can’t go past a Burberry (this one from the Outnet is 50% off!).

Don’t be afraid to opt for a pricey option, when you calculate cost per wear, this garment is up there with the best value.

An absolute staple within the winter capsule wardrobe, the winter coat should act as the foundation of the season to come.


The Boots

When taking stock of the most important pair of shoes during the winter months, it’s clear the boot reigns supreme.

Akin to a beautifully crafted coat in wool, cashmere or leather, a pair of exceptionally constructed leather boots take front row in the winter necessities foot-robe.

When editing down the perfect pair of staple boots, it’s all about comfort, quality and whatever you don’t already have.

In reality, you won’t be starting afresh with no boots from previous seasons, so this year an investment into a pair of winter-appropriate footwear should seek to add to your already established winter collection.

Whether you’re filling the gaps or purchasing something a little more on-trend for this particular season, ensure you’re diversifying your colour and shape library. A few investment pieces over time will keep you in great stead over the winter period; a brown pair, a black, with a heel, and without.

Personally, when searching for a fabulous pair of boots I look to brands like CAMILLA AND MARC, R.M Williams, Dear Frances, and Jo Mercer for the more accessible option. With exceptional craftsmanship, these babies are not only made for walking but made for lasting. A real treat for the feet.

Dear Frances Spirit Boot, $895, Dear Frances

The Shirt

In life, there is always room for a beautifully constructed button-up shirt. A fantastic staple item no matter the season, every fashion-forward female should own at least one crisp white shirt.

Typically created from cotton poplin, these quintessential pieces are easily styled as an office staple or can be manipulated to fit into a trendy ensemble. Roll the sleeves, cross over the sides, button all the way up, or leave it open as the last layer, versatility knows no bounds with this one.

If you’re full to the brim of crisp white poplin shirts, we recommend branching out and investing in some colour. The Caes option from Net-a-Porter below is a fabulous hue that will remain relevant for years to come.

Another great staple button-up option would be the Chambray shirt. Realised in a denim tone, these wardrobe musts are a casual addition to an all-black outfit. A really valuable piece to rely upon to dress down any look!

If you’re feeling adventurous, we also love the idea of a buttery leather long sleeve.

This one on offer from Stand Studio is an oversized fit that is the perfect example of something that can also be used as an outerwear staple, not to mention will keep you nice and warm.

CAES + NET SUSTAIN Organic Cotton-poplin Shirt, $456.50, NET-A-PORTER

The Knit

Cashmere cosiness and woollen warmth, knitwear is one of the most luxurious and exciting parts of the time when the temperature drops.

There is no piece more quintessentially winter than the knit.

Defined by the construction itself, technically anything knitted will fall into this product category; knitted scarves, beanies, jumpers, pants, this is knitwear.

For the sake of the capsule wardrobe, it’s utterly important to have a handful of great quality top options in knitwear to rely upon.

A great quality cardigan or jumper is an essential layering piece to keep you snug throughout the cooler months.

In more recent time, cardigans have surged in popularity thanks to brands such as GANNI. These chunky knits are (not unlike the button shirt above) exceptionally versatile as they can be worn done up or undone as an open and relaxed outer layer.

For something sure to keep you toasty, the turtleneck knit cannot be overlooked. This option from the good people at Country Road is constructed from luxurious and soft cashmere. The deep chocolate colour is a great alternative to black and a hue that will remain relevant for many winters to come.

Country Road Brushed Cashmere Roll Neck Knit, $349, Country Road

The Trouser

Not to be confused with the denim jean, the trouser has a specific role to play in the capsule wardrobe.

Notably regarded as a work pant, we’re here to prove that the trouser need not be a constraint to an only workplace setting.

Characterised by a tailored silhouette, the trouser is the fashion-forward cousin of the pant. Typically fitted high on the waist to accentuate the female shape, these staples pieces exude a classic, romantic, and refined feel.

Simply look at brands such as Toteme and GANNI for their take on the romanticism of the trouser. With a vast variety of leg profiles offered, there is certainly a trouser shape to suit and celebrate every woman out there.

When looking at trouser interpretations, we love the concept of the knitted and fitted shape. The Ponte pant is tapered in the leg shape and resembles a jodhpur in terms of silhouette. Australian label CAMILLA AND MARC are known for their slim-fitting Ponte pant. Perfectly paired with a buttoned shirt, blazer, and pair of boots, a winter-appropriate look is born.

If you’re looking for something a little edgier, a wide-leg trouser exudes a contemporary feel with ultimate comfort. Opt for something in a woolen material and cosiness is guaranteed, a true winter warmer.

DRAE Brown Wool Canvas Boy Trousers, $410, SSENSE