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How To 24 February 2021

The 4 Best Product Types for a Healthy Scalp

Why caring for the scalp is so important, and the products you should have been using to ensure it is.

If you’re making a conscious effort on your hair as well as the skin on your face, you better be taking care of that scalp of yours.

Words By Brittany Lyons


Just like a proper cleanse of the face, a cleanse of the hair from root to tip is essential for a clean head.

Here at Monde, we are big advocates for the double cleanse, applicable to the face as well as the hair and scalp.
Your first shampoo will help remove the dirt and grime accumulated, and the second should be used as a scalp stimulation, as well as a thorough

Shampoos formulated especially for the scalp are gentle, whilst effective enough to remove any build-up of sebum (oil the skin secretes) or residual build-up of other gunk (like product, sweat etc).

If the shampoo you’re using isn’t adequately balanced, or is too stripping, your scalp’s barrier will become impaired. This, just like the skin, is when nasty stuff can rear it’s head. Hello dandruff, oily messes and itchy irritation.

The Scalp Benefits Shampoo by Aveda has achieved cult status thanks to it’s super gentle formulation, that actually works. Boasting ingredients burdock root, echinacea and sage the scent is wonderfully earthen and revitalising.

If you are someone who suffers from dandruff, look out for shampoos that contain cosmeceutical powerhouse, salicylic acid, which draws out excess sebum and reduced the appearance of flakiness.

Aveda Scalp Benefits™ Balancing Shampoo, $38, Aveda

Exfoliating Scrubs

We know what exfoliation is all about by now don’t we? Cell renewal, deep cleanse, purification, a moment of self-care a couple times of week.

Just like the skin everywhere else on our body, the scalp loves a great deep exfoliation every so often to reinvigorate the area.

When it comes to an exfoliating scrub for the scalp, there is certainly no way we cannot feature the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub. The multi-award winning product boasts a revitalisation unlike any other, and to restore the balance for dry or sensitive scalps.

The physical exfoliation helps rid the scalp of dead skin cells, hard water build up, excess oil and flakes. Whilst stimulating bloody flow, you won’t help but fall madly in love for the massage this granular product will give you. A true replication of an in-clinic scalp massage we think!

Especially important for those who go heavy on the hair products that are essentially coating the hair as well as the scalp. Once the build-up of heat sprays, leave in treatments and sweat gets set onto the scalp, troubles usually ensue.

We honestly cannot recommend this Christophe Robin scrub enough, it will change your scalp.

Shop below.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt 250ml, $69.19, Adore Beauty


After a deep and reinvigorating scrub, we think it’s a fabulous idea to follow up with a rich scalp mask. Like facial masks, there are a diverse range to choose from, all dependant on the concern you’re trying to target.

For those looking for a further step of exfoliation or cleanse, a detox mask is a wonderful option that is super concentrated and targets the source of the problem as you’ve just deeply exfoliated the area with a scrub.

The Detox Mask by our mates over at MALIN + GOETZ is a quick, gentle and super effective clarifying tool to get that scalp sorted. It relies on technology which combines oxygen complexes with exfoliating acids and fatty acid-rich oils which creates a foaming magic that gets into all the nooks and crannies of your scalp.

This gentle foam rids the scalp and hairline of dulling factors such as build up, and leaves the hair appearing fuller, healthier and verrrry clean.

If your scalp is requiring other forms of help, we have included some fantastic options below targeting scalps in need of a boost of hydration, a rebalance or protection from environmental factors (like the sun or pollution.)
Explore below.

MALIN + GOETZ Detox Scalp Mask 118ml, £28, Cult Beauty


If we can make one final comparison to the way that the scalp care should function to the way that your skin care functions, this next category of products is the equivalent of serums.

Scalp serums, or as we like to call them, treatments, are a highly concentrated product that has one purpose, to target a specific concern (and do it really well).

Like the mask category, we have a very impressive range of treatments to choose from according to the scalp and hair problem you’re trying to solve.

While dandruff, irritation and oiliness are certainly issues some experience when it comes to this specific area, we wanted to make mention of some treatments that really exist to simply improve the overall appearance of the scalp and hair.

For example, the Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate is a very nourishing and conditioning leave in treatment, which sole purpose is to strengthen and thickens your hair, from the root out.

Boasting plant derived technology, this formulation is enriched with Malus Domestica plant cells which work to give your hair a luxurious, unbeatable shine in addition to a fuller, thicker look.

Apply a small amount to clean, towel dried, damp hair and massage into the scalp. Leave in and voila! Beautifully shiny, healthy hair and scalp!

Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp & Hair Serum 60ml, $69, Oz Hair & Beauty