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Entertaining 13 February 2022

Team Monde’s Summer Podcast Picks

Whether on holidays or working our way through the festive season, there was one form of media getting us all through this silly season - podcasts.

Although reading a book beachside sound like a dream to some, others spent the summer relaxing while plugged into a podcast. Easy to listen to when you’re busy tidying, working, exercising, or even showering, podcasts in general have sky rocketed in popularity over the past couple of years due to the sheer ease of listening. It's kind of like having a conversation with a friend without having to do all the hard work that comes with talking. From true crime, to pop culture gossip, there’s a podcast for every one and every situation. To help you navigate your way around the podcast sound space, here are our most enjoyable podcasts this summer.

Words By Team Monde

Ruby, Content Manager - Shandee’s Story, The Australian

Definitely not for the faint of heart – lovers of true crime, this one’s for you!

On a recent road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, my friend and I smashed through The Australian’s latest true crime investigation; Shandee’s Story in the matter of a couple of days.

Led by none other than Hedly Thomas, an award-winning journalist who brought us The Teacher’s Pet and The Night Driver podcasts, this series goes in depth on the spine-chilling murder of Shandee Blackburn and the proceedings that came before and after.

Set in the far north Queensland town of Mackay, the series picks apart all the evidence and eventual proceedings, as well as shedding light on Shandee and her family with one-of-a-kind interviews and access to never seen before evidence.

It’s a story of love, of loss and of the human capacity to get away with murder.

Before you jump into the series, just be aware it obviously contains graphic descriptions and stories of real-life events and people that will make your toes curl.

Special mention to my faves at Culture Club who continually put out the best of pop culture new, the hottest of takes and the most genuine of conversations.

Shandees Story, The Australian

Britt, Head of Community - Gasbagging

I live in regional Victoria and so look forward to listening to my favourite podcasts when I have to make my weekly commute up to the city.

Whilst I love catching up on all my pop-culture news with the duo from Shameless, Zara and Michelle every Thursday morning, one of my favourite ways to spend my car trips is listening to Gasbagging.

A new love I found mid-2021, this relatively young podcast is all about chatting through the weekly episodes of the Real Housewives franchises.

One of my not-so guilty pleasures, this ultimate format in reality television, the Real Housewives is without a doubt my favourite way to zone out and laugh out loud.

Each week Dan Morrison and a chosen guest chat for about an hour on what they thought of the different new episodes of the franchise that dropped that week.

Including but not exclusively; The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, of Orange County, of Miami and now a recent addition of chatting about Australian Survivor, all this plus consistently making references to past seasons of the Australian iterations it is truly the best selection of shows I’m committed to.

If you’re into reality telly and love a giggle, make sure you tune in every Friday and get gasbagging with the gang!

Gasbagging, Dan Morrison


Evie, Editorial Intern: Terrible, Thanks for Asking

After two years in and out of lockdowns, podcasts have become a place to share and connect.

As someone who loves listening to people’s stories, I fell completely for the Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast.

It is a kaleidoscope to look into life through ordinary people, those I’ve never heard or seen of, but can deeply feel with. It is a podcast of all the feels, the ups and downs, laughters and tears.

Nora Mclnerny started Terrible, Thanks for Asking with her own journey of grief after losing her husband to cancer.

Her vulnerability has inspired many people to answer the question “How are you” honestly and have the courage to share their growth.

The podcast talks about all the hard topics, all the unsent letters and the unspoken feelings, yet being told with empathy and humour. It has definitely brought tears to my eyes and smiles to my face with every episode I have listened to.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking brings together the many puzzle pieces of life and gives a whole different perspective of this world we’re living in.

If you’re the one into deep and genuine conversations and want to feel and unwire, Terrible, Thanks for Asking is the one for you!

Terrible, Thanks for Asking, American Public Media

Cara, Editorial Intern: It’s A Lot

This summer’s listening has been devoted to Abbey Chatfield’s podcast, Its A Lot.

Originally, gaining notoriety and fame from the Bachelor Australia, Abbey Chatfield was a fan favourite thanks to her candid nature and dry humour.

The series covers a variety of topics from sex, relationships, and career. Abbey navigates these topics in an enlightening and educational way, delivering on her own mantra of ‘education, but make it fun’.

Her outspoken nature and ability to hold others accountable is both entertaining and inspiring.

With no topic off-limits, there is an essence of freedom and empowerment that transpires to listeners as she explores a multitude of taboo subjects.

Although serious topics are often discussed, Abbey maintains a positive, uplifting, and educational listening experience.

I always come away from a podcast feeling equally educated and engaged. With the podcasting industry being male-dominated, it’s inspiring to see a young woman thrive and excel with this series, It’s a Lot.

The multitude of topics covered in this series makes it a great Podcast for anyone looking to expand their media diet and open their minds to progressive and informative points of view.

It’s a Lot with Abbie Chatfield, LiSTNR

Kaylah, Editorial Contributor: Life Uncut Podcast

As someone who loves to listen to a podcast on long drives, I enjoy a podcast that is easy to listen to and feels like I am having a casual conversation with some girlfriends.

No judgement and no perfection, just a chaotic collection of deep and meaningful conversations with a bit of humor thrown in. Hence why I have always enjoyed Life Uncut Podcast.

With Bachelor alumni’s Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne, no topic is off limits. And with a dedicated support network, many questions are sent in from listeners themselves who are needing advice.

While the hosts are quick to admit they are not qualified in particular topics, the chats remind listeners of the beauty in just talking out issues and sharing advice and experiences with one another.

While I am not an avid daily or even weekly listener of podcasts, I do love that I can pick up the podcast from any episode.

Although there are benefits in being a regular listener as they share goss and thoughts on particular events and shows hitting the media circuit at the time.

So, for a laugh and a feeling like you are part of a community all around the world, give Life Uncut a listen.

Life Uncut, Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne