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27 January 2021

Team Monde Share Their New Year Style Resolutions

Spice up your style game in 2021.

Growing tired of your annual January pledge to hit the gym (again)? Let Team Monde inspire your next New Year’s resolution. From shopping sustainably to wearing more natural fibres, here are the style changes we are committing to in 2021.

Words By Team Monde

Alexandra - Founder & CEO

It’s no secret to my friends and family how much I’ve always loved wearing heels. But with months in isolation and a footwear regime that consisted entirely of Ugg boots, sneakers, and Birkenstocks, I have a newfound love and appreciation for flat shoes.

Couple this with a fresh ankle fracture which happened on vacation, any form of heeled shoe isn’t going to cut it. Let’s face it, if I’m forced to wear one shoe to match my moon boot, I’m going to make it a beautiful one, just like these gorgeous Jil Sander sandals.

Lucky for me flat shoes, especially ‘ugly sandals’ are having their moment in the spotlight. Brands like Teva, Birkenstock and Suicoke have made utility sandals cool again, but now there’s no shortage of designer brands that have put their own spin on the trend.

Jil Sander Padded Nappa-leather Flatform Sandals, $1,940, Matches Fashion

Alexandra - Founder & CEO
Kristen - Art Director

Kristen - Art Director

2020 really taught me how important it is to support locally owned and operated businesses. There are so many great Australian brands that I’ve loved for years, it would be terrible to see any of them disappear.

This is why for 2021 my New Year style resolution will be to buy only Aussie made. Aje is a beautiful Australian fashion house that was founded in 2008 by best friends Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest.

Traditional techniques and craftsmanship underpin Aje’s quality of design, with hand-painted prints, natural fabrications and raw-edged finishes forming each seasonal collection. Whether for work or special occasions, I’ll definitely be looking to purchase more regularly from Aje in 2021.

Aje Breeze Playsuit, $325, Aje

Eliza - Editorial Contributor

I initially turned to linen garments to keep cool on unbearably hot summer days, but my relationship with linen has developed from necessity to a love affair of sorts.

I’ve well and truly developed an appreciation for the breathable, natural woven fibre, and it’s effortless look. I now own numerous linen pieces, including pants, tees, jumpsuits and yes, a flowy dress or two.

As we spend more time working from home this year, I’ve decided it best to make an effort to step away from PJs and trackies.

So as not to go over the top and in the age of zoom meetings and quarantine, cute and comfortable remain at the top of my priority list, and semi-tailored linen pieces tick the box.

My 2021 WFH aesthetic is a cotton tee paired with AERE’s oversized linen blazer up top and, if I’m honest, PJ pants on the bottom.

AERE Oversized Linen Blazer, $149, The Iconic

Eliza - Editorial Contributor
Katelyn - Editorial Contributor

Katelyn - Editorial Contributor

My New Year’s style resolution is to take a more internal approach to beauty.

In 2021, I’m incorporating a new step in my everyday morning routine, and that is a little dose of The Beauty Chef’s GLOW Inner Beauty Essential.

I’m making this change so I not only revel in the superficial benefits of glowing skin and healthy hair and nails. But this year I also aim to nourish my body from within. To put it simply. This tiny tub is deceivingly nutrient-dense.

The GLOW powder will not only support the clarity and suppleness of your skin’s colour and texture but also aids in managing your gut health and overall wellbeing.

Containing none of the nasties, The Beauty Chef’s GLOW powder is also vegan, organic, cruelty free and has no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours. What more could you want?

Incorporate a new beauty product into your morning routine with me. I mix one teaspoon in 200mL of my water every morning and drink immediately – that’s it! It tastes sugary and the results? Well, they’ve been even sweeter.

The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Essential, $65, Adore Beauty

Brittany - Head of Community

This year I’m making a conscious effort to invest in diverse brands with diverse backgrounds.

In line with last year’s Black Lives Matter movement, there was an overwhelming push to support local and international business with a person of colour at the helm of the brand. After a bit of research I discovered that coveted skincare brand KNC was founded by an African American Woman.

Boasting cult status lip and eye masks, KNC has some of the best plumping and regenerating products for these areas on the market.

I was drawn to the brand by it’s bright packaging and joy inducing mask shapes.

An injection of fun pre-event or as a little morning pick me up before work. How on earth can you be in a grumpy mood with one of these funky masks on your face?

See you later dark circles! I can’t wait to get my hands on these.

KNC BEAUTY All Natural Retinol Infused Eye Mask 10 x 7.9g, $62.39, Net-A-Porter

Brittany - Head of Community
Miles - Editorial Contributor

Miles - Editorial Contributor

New year, new me, new skin.

This year I’m focusing on breaking bad skin habits and setting myself up with a 3-step system to amazing skin. While my skin isn’t particularly problematic, I know my age is about the time to get serious about preventative measures.

So, the Asystem kit will be my springboard for this new skin journey.

I already cleanse (sometimes) in the shower, and so have a good feeling about only adding on two additional products to my repertoire.

According to research male and female skins operate pretty much in the same way, but I do appreciate that this system is formulated especially for men in mind. From the packaging to the musky scent, I feel excited to be part of the Asystem world. To add- the bottles look sensation in my shower. It’s the little things isn’t it?

I’m eager to get stuck into this vegan, fragrance free and handsome looking skincare!

ASYSTEM Performance Skin Care Kit, $74.84, Nordstrom

Eleanor - Editorial Intern

In 2021 I want to challenge myself to combine my love of fashion, with more sustainable practises. For me, this will manifest in increased trips to op-shops for staple pieces, and taking more time to discover sustainable labels when I do want a brand new piece for my wardrobe.

One sustainable label I’ve relished in discovering is Mara Hoffman. The New-York based label uses sustainable and recycled materials to bring intention and care to their design. The brand showcases an entirely upcycled swimwear line, made from recycled nylon and polyester, as well as many other pieces using hemp, linen and certified organic cotton.

And as the warm summer months have me turning to more lightweight materials, The Keira Shirred Modal Maxi Dress is definitely a piece I have my eye on. Made from modal, a breathable and sustainable textile sourced from beech tree pulp, the dress is the perfect way to blend fashion and sustainability into your wardrobe this year.

Mara Hoffman Keira Shirred Modal Maxi Dress, $828, Matches Fashion

Eleanor - Editorial Intern

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