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2 February 2022

Stunning Sunglasses By The Decade

Explore our picks of shades curated by the decade. Whether you're after the 70s oversized look or an ultra slim 90s vibe, your days will be ‘sunny’ with these styles.

Never underestimate sunglasses as the perfect accessory. As we look back on decades passed, it’s clear their style has changed with the times. Each decade has brought us exciting transformations in sunglasses; however, they're not gone and certainly not forgotten. With an abundance of designs on the market, you can venture back in time simply by slipping on a pair of your favourite sunnies. You pick the decade; we’ll bring the shade.

Words By Cara Briggs


The 70’s were a time when sunglasses came to forefront as an accessory that went beyond functionality.

Picture flare jeans, crochet tops and of course oversized statement eyewear.

Sunglasses became a sought-after way to enhance your style, with thick horn-rimmed glasses in earthy tones.

It was a clear departure from more demure styles of the past, echoing the sentiment; the bigger the better.

Today’s eyewear market has seen a return of the oversized eyewear the 70s typified.

This retro trend is all things groovy, from tortoiseshell frames to softly tinted glass, it’s a bold and exciting way to take up facial real-estate.

Loved both back them and now, Gucci led the way in the 1970s with their glossy, oversized glasses and continue to do so today with the revival of the decade’s eyewear.

Their Marbled Frame Sunglasses is the perfect statement accessory to pair with flared denim jeans for a fully-fledged retro ensemble.

Dior’s Oversized Frame Sunglasses are a more delicate rendition of the 70s, but the pink translucent lenses ensure you’ll everything will be ‘rose-tinted’.

Embrace the 70s resurgence with our picks below.

Gucci GG Square Marbled-acetate Sunglasses, $495, Matches Fashion



The 80s was a time of excess, glamour, and bold fashion statements.

With strong shouldered silhouettes and neon colour pallets, eyewear underwent a style change accordingly.

Think brightly tinted visor sunglasses and reflective aviators.

The shades of the 80’s became the ultimate fashion statement.

The development in technology translated into futuristic fashion, enhanced with the release of movies like the Terminator and Back to The Future.

The MGSM Oversized Frame sunglasses epitomise the space-age trend of the time.

Equally practical as they are a bold statement, these 80s style shades have been brought back to the forefront of fashion today.

Style them with active wear for a retro inspired sporty look.

Whilst vivid colours were popular during the time, there was also a trend in more understated eyewear.

Enter The Aviator style.

Popularised by blockbusters such as Top Gun, these aeronautical sunglasses are a classic addition to a modern outfit.

Style them with a pair of blue denim jeans and a crisp white Tee for an effortless ‘off-duty’ look.

Saint Laurent D-frame Gold-tone Sunglasses, $733.10, Net-A-Porter


The 90s was a year when sunglasses were downsized.

The evolution of tiny, streamlined eyewear was a counter movement to the excess of the 80s, birthing the ever-cool grunge movement.

Alongside grunge, the 90s saw the rise of the ‘supermodel’, the ideal customer for its chic eyewear.

Bershka’s Gold Rimmed Oval Sunglasses are the perfect way to embody ‘90s chic’.

This style echos memories of Kate Moss in her prime and has been seen on modern day super models like Bella Hadid.

The impending doom of Y2K saw movies such as The Matrix released, a cultural phenomenon that was echoed on the runways.

Take The Attico’s Black Linda Farrow shades for a modern rendition of the decade’s iconic style.

These tiny accessories also saw a rebirth of tortoiseshell frames a style you can emulate with Le Spec’s aptly named Outta Love 90’s Sunglasses.

The resurgence of this decade has been on the forefront of our stylistic desires, explore our favourites below.

The Attico Dana Rectangular Sunglasses In Black, $370, Linda Farrow



The Noughties saw the beginning of a new millennia, led by style trailblazers like Paris Hilton to Britney spears.

This decade brought about transparent, ombre lenses and rhinestone frames.

With fashion nostalgia ripe amongst us, designers have once again delivered to us shades that mirror the style of the noughties.

Versace’s Medusa-Head Shield frames feature a brown-gradient lens and gold studded accents – your perfect 2000s accessory.

To nail your vintage style, opt for a rimless frame, like the ASOS Design retro glasses.

A gradient lens in a coloured hue is a sure way to go back in time and embrace the new millennium once again.

The Brown Shield Sunglasses by Sunglass Hut can be styled with some low-rise jeans should you be so daring to fully emulate the Y2K era.

Whether you hate it or love it, the noughties have made a huge come back and our picks below have a shade for every budget.

Bottega Veneta Angular Square-frame Sunglasses, $435, Farfetch


Although we’ve only just left the 2010’s this decade saw a was a clear departure to monochromatic tones.

Thick, oversized frames with dark lenses was the style of the time.

Translucence was left behind and opacity took precedence, creating a moody style that typified the decade.

Large, round frames are still popular today, providing a dramatic accessory.

Celine’s Round Acetate Sunglasses are a simple but bold opportunity to accessorise, giving a dramatic flair to any look.

No Sunday brunch will be too bright with these shades at your disposal.

The muted colour pallet of the 2010’s provides an accessory that is versatile and has the ability to complement any outfit.

Pair them with a colourful sundress for the perfect juxtaposition or enhance their drama with an oversized trench coat.

Ray-Ban’s Jackie Ohh Oversized Sunglasses is an affordable and necessary addition for any season.

Explore some of top picks for the decade gone by, below.

Céline Eyewear Round Acetate Sunglasses, $516, Matches Fashion



Two years into the decade and we’ve seen some exciting developments on the forefront of sunglasses.

Call it maximalism, or pandemic optimism, sunglasses this decade have been bold and bright.

Frame your face in style with Off White’s Arthur Rectangular-Frame Sunglasses.

The blue translucent lens contrasts with its thick white frame, a juxtaposition we’ve seen a lot of lately.

Valentino’s VLOGO Coloured Sunglasses are another option for colour hungry wearers.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve also seen an emergence of normcore – a trend that utilises understated, ‘normal-people’ clothing and accessories as a counter to highly stylised fashion.

Balenciaga’s Blue Aluminium Geometric Rectangle Sunglasses are the perfect example of this normcore resurgence.

The affectionately named ‘speed dealer sunnies’ were deemed dorky in their time but have ironically become an essential accessory for fashion’s most stylish.

Whether you’re wanting to take on 2022 with colourful, statement sunglasses or understated, sporty-chic eyewear, we’ve picked something for you.

Off-White Arthur Rectangular-frame Sunglasses, $445, Farfetch


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