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How To 29 January 2022

Spice Up Your Hair: How We’re Embracing the Baby Braid Trend in 2022

Be like Bella & Bieber, recreating the 1990’s baby braid trend for the modern beauty junkie.

Somewhere between the 90’s revival, emergence of the e-girl and our worlds being taken over by Hayley Bieber and Bella Hadid, the baby braid trend has come back. Identifiable by the adorable tiny braids taken from the upper top portions of hair, this nostalgic and fun hairstyle is not only tugging on our childhood heartstrings but is super easy to recreate at home. Here is how we’re channelling our inner Spice Girl main character and styling baby braids this season.

Words By Brittany Lyons

The Babiest of Braids

First stop is one of our favourite iterations of the baby braid trend, and for us it’s the best because it embodies the true essence of our #1 Spice Girl, Baby Spice.

Worn here by none other than ultimate style muse Hailey Bieber, these baby braids are a little extra because they require two places to be fastened with a hair tie.

To recreate the look, first up we must section the hair by starting with an exact middle part, then grabbing the upper front portions all the way out until the corners of your forehead.

Grab a translucent hair tie and secure these portions making sure it’s nice and tight.

Plait the small sections of hair and fasten at the bottom leaving about an inch of hair to go.

To bring this formation of baby braid into the modern space, pair the two plaited portions with tussled, beachy waves, worn out.

To achieve these low-key waves, we love starting with a flexible hairspray, going in with a multiple barrelled tong like the Mermade one below, and finishing off with nourishing hair oil to the ends.

Baby Braid Updo

If you prefer to wear the majority of your hair up the majority of the time, don’t fret!

There is a baby braid style just for you no-fuss, practical beauty queens out there.

For something a little less time consuming, a baby braid up do can nail the trend without having to style the rest of the hair accordingly.

We love this example from Olivia Hancock, editor at Byrdie, because it is defined and proves that the baby braid hair trend is suitable for all hair types and hair lengths.

For this updo we suggest starting with all your hair down, parting the front section from the middle and grabbing a smaller portion than the example above for your plaits, the section should be about a couple of square centimetres.

Jump straight into the plait and finish a little before the ends of your hair, before fastening with a hair tie of your choice!

Miss Hancock looks like she’s fastened her top bun with a hair tie and some pins, but you could easily sub in a claw clip or scrunchie to accentuate the fun 90’s vibes also.

Smooth any edges with a comb and some gel!

Boho Braids

It’s true that historically speaking braided and plaited hair has had deep roots in bohemian and hippy culture, especially throughout the 1970’s.

For a baby braid look that is far more relaxed than the ones above, we love this example by Australian actress and beauty, Margot Robbie.

Here Robbie sports a few sectioned pieces towards the front of her hair and leaves them untied so they’re basically falling out.

Forget about the sectioning of hair and the hair ties, this is not about precision.

To ensure the plaits don’t completely fall out right away, it’s imperative to first give the hair some texture and grip.

Start by first applying some heat protectant spray all over the hair, we adore this luxe option by Oribe, then following with a tool like the Dyson Air Wrap which has a hot brush attachment perfect for adding some texture.

Simply part the hair from the middle once again and begin by braiding sections of the hair from the front!

Finish off with some nourishing hair oil to the ends of each section which should also hold the hair in place.

Bubble Braids

For those with a penchant for the whimsical and daring, the bubble braid option sported here by Gigi Hadid is certainly going to spike interest.

A perfect amalgamation of the 90’s and 00’s decades, as well as the current somewhat grungy e-girl phenomenon, the baby bubble braid really comes down to a hairstyle that is a whole lot of fun.

Perfect to recreate on long hair that has been straightened, get started by parting the hair right in the middle.

To get the perfect smoothed and slick look we cannot recommend the Dyson Corrale Cordless Straightener enough due to its practicality and adjustable heat settings.

If you’ve already got the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, go in with the new flyaway attachment to smooth down that frizz.

Once the hair is adequately straightened, portion off the front upper sections and fasten with your first hair tie.

Continue doing so all the way down the hair following the same size portions.

Whatever hair ties you decide to go with, make sure they’re consistent in size.

To accentuate the bubble affect, grab each middle portion of hair between each tie and pull it from the middle!