Rozu by Aesop: An Ode to the Modern Rose

The cult beauty brand launches their fourth bouquet inspired by artist Charlotte Perriand, nuanced by Japan in all its four seasoned glory.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Everything is linked, the body and the mind; mankind and the world; the earth and the sky.’ – Charlotte Perriand

What is a new product from Aesop if it isn’t first introduced with a profound quote?

The long-awaited fourth fragrance from the Australian-born brand is their first foray into the expanse of the rose. Meet Rōzu Eau De Parfum, a scent of tender intensity.

Inspired by modernist Charlotte Perriand, Rōzu celebrates her life of design, travel and egalitarianism. Perriand’s deep infatuation with Japan is too, entrenched within the story of this perfume. Nods to Japan and its elements ensue, with particular reference given to the humble Japanese garden rose that was created in the artist’s name. The fresh brushstrokes of snow-capped mountains expertly instil Perriand’s love for adventure within the Japanese landscape.

The eastern island can be felt not just in the name of this fragrance, but in the journey, it takes the wearer. Each season is referenced in scent and mood. Spring brings with it the blossoming of the garden rose, accompanied by hints of shiso, delivering pure joy. Then just as quickly, the juxtapositioning of winter arrives and with it, notes of the alpine peak.

So, what does Rōzu smell like? As the fragrance name suggests, the overtone is that of a rose, but not in a traditional sense. Rōzu pays homage to each stage within the lifecycle of the flower retrospectively, as well as each element of the plant itself.

Starting at the blossom, the fragrant bouquet of rose, pink pepper and petitgrain marry in a symphony of subtlety. As the most fragile part of the flower, the petals hold an intense perfume but only for a fleeting moment. A delicacy that must be savoured in the now.

The flora’s fragility has been expertly balanced with the grounding earthen hues embodying the rose’s woody stem. Monastic hues of sandalwood, myrrh and musk intoxicate the senses and uproot true warmth.

Final notes expressing the bite of thorns are fuelled by spiciness found in vetiver and patchouli. These notes bring forward dominant masculinity which lingers throughout the sensory experience. The push and pull of feminine and masculine within the Rōzu journey is a complexity unparalleled. Reining true to the brand’s philosophy, this fragrance has been imagined outside of gender boundaries.

Equally as impressive are Aesop’s first three fragrances Marrakech Intense, Tacit and Hwyl, each with their own highly individual scents.

Rōzu Eau de Parfum by Aesop is available at Adore Beauty.