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11 May 2021

Rick Owens and Dr Martens Designed the Grunge Shoes of Your Dreams

A shoe rooted in memories of Owen’s youth; this collaboration is brutally beautiful.

The epitome of grunge meets high-end, no-one demonstrates a dichotomy in fashion quite like Rick Owens.

Words By Matilda Lloyd

At the ripe age of 58 years old, as his devotees would call him “the godfather of goth glam” continues to create beautifully impractical pieces, which are artistic statements on the wearer.

Owens began with humble beginnings, and it wasn’t until his 40’s he erupted. He quickly developed a cult of followers who are brand loyal, embodying the gothic eccentricity from not just one piece, but head to toe.

With his pieces often syncing old school Californian trends with Avant Garde looks, his alliance with Dr. Martens seems all the more pertinent. The collab shows an abstract nostalgia and fashion is blessed with the reincarnation of the 70s LA punk scene.

His clothing collections are exclusive, with only four collections a year, for both men and women. So, it is within the designer’s nature to showcase a limited two-part collaboration with Dr Martens. Only three styles have been released, the whole collection will be available by 8th May.

In this collection, we see beefiness, the colour black and all things brutalist. Owens connection with Dr. Marten dates back to his reckless youth, reminiscing on the iconic yellow sole stitch, a statement that transcended the years to be reiterated in this collaboration.

Dr. Marten and Rick Owens both keep motifs from their mainline footwear ranges – for Owens, it’s the pentagram lacing and for Dr. Marten, it’s the “Bex” sole which sits between standard air-cushioned outsole and a full-blown platform.

This collaboration shows Rick Owens coming full circle. From a Dr Marten wearing punk in his formative years, decades later, he’s an established fashion designer.

The team at Shop Monde know this second part release may even overshadow the first, after all, Owens owes it to his punk rocker youth to create an unforgettable collection.

X Dr. Martens Edition Gryphon High Sandals
X Dr. Martens Edition 1461 Bex Derbys

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