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10 August 2021

Regency to the Core – Style the Regent-Era Trend in 2021

From Bridgerton to you, these are the four key pieces you need to pull off the Regency core look.

Following the release of Netflix’s high drama series, Bridgerton over Christmas 2020, Regency-era dressing has experienced a resurgence and entered the 21st century. Beyond the drama, though, the consuming caught our eye. Many of us binged the entire series in one go, willingly escaping to the surprisingly scandalous world of Lady Whistledown and her gossip column detailing the secrets of aristocratic London society in the 1800s. We also swooned over the costuming, think empire waists, corsets and puff sleeves. And, in the months since, pieces that hark back to Regency-era dressing have found a place in our wardrobes.

Words By Eliza Sears

The Corset

During the Regency era, corsets were modified to accentuate women’s natural shape. The “short corset” would cinch is the waist, leaving the hips au natural and lifting the bosom to create a shelf effect on the bustline.

Thankfully, while corsets are back in style today, for the most part, they’re not as extreme; instead, using modern, flexible materials, meaning little pain or breathlessness for the wearer.

Like their 18th century counterparts, today’s corsets are short and feature a square neckline, boning and, in some cases, lace fastenings.

While many brands have only recently dabbled in corsetry, keeping up with the current trend. Vivienne Westwood first revived the corset in the 90s, reimagining the traditional undergarment as an outer garment saw the piece reach cult status as a symbol of female empowerment.

Today, with a modern zip fastening, Vivienne Westwood’s Portrait Corset offers a hark back to the traditional with a contemporary twist.

Since our return to the corset, many a celebrity and fashion lover have added the statement piece to their wardrobe rotation and with it, some serious spice to any outfit.

The Corset
The Dress

The Dress

The empire silhouette featured throughout the Regency era gives the appearance of a short waist and long legs, an illusion we can get behind.

This whimsical style isn’t figure-hugging in the suffocating bodycon dress you wore to the year ten social way, but it does hug in all the right places, emphasizing a cinched in waist and decolletage.

Flowing right over your hips, this light and flowy style is perfect for an afternoon tea gossip sesh featuring scones.

The structure is important too, in the same way, that the regency style dress is flowy; it often features a scooped square neckline, puff sleeves, and bustier, giving much-needed structure and balance.

L’ETE FEMME’s Venus Rising Dress in sage green is drama in fabric form. Its balloon sleeves, scoop neckline and empire waist make for a showstopping look in calming sage.

The empire silhouette is also versatile; pair it with sneakers and cafe hop for wifi, or dress up with heels for a wedding. This dress can go anywhere, anytime, transcending the trend cycle.

The Blouse

Statement sleeves, yes, please! As we’ve established, puff sleeves, square necklines and corsets were staples in Regency-era fashion. And while some were more extreme read: rib-crippling corsets, the 21st century taken the humble puff sleeve and exaggerated it.

The theatrics achieved from sleeves alone is astonishing, but when life in lockdown lacks drama, why not let your clothes keep things interesting.

Currently, no one does big like Ganni, from collars to sleeves; Ganni understands the assignment, and their Plain Cotton Wrap Poplin Blouse reflects their commitment to larger than life features and flirty styles.

While the blouse is considered, by Ganni standards, to be ‘plain’, with the simple addition of a colourful slip skirt or your favourite bold pants, this ‘plain’ blouse will seamlessly fit with any outfit of your choosing.

As with any good investment piece, longevity and universality are vital to ensuring your latest purchase has a place in your wardrobe for season’s to come.

While it could be argued that a puffy sleeve doesn’t go with everything, it goes with pretty much everything and will help you on your way to living out your Scandi style dreams.

The Blouse
The Jewels

The Jewels

The Bridgerton family were part of aristocratic society, and so were their jewels, so bling was in.

From crystals and diamonds to gold chains and pearls, the characters of Bridgerton were dripping in jewels.

For a modern interpretation, we’re looking at simple chains and stones incorporated into pieces wherever possible.

It’s a paired back, dainty look that gives off lady-like sophistication one would imagine the ladies of Bridgerton to have or at least portray to the outside world.

Brinker & Eliza offer up a combination of sparkle and sophistication with their crystal-embellished small hoop earrings.

These slightly oversized gold hoops with violet crystals are perfect for attending Hastings Ball in the evening and dishing the tea at brunch the following day.

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