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Men of Style 13 September 2022

Recreating Some of Our Favourite Men’s Streetstyle Moments from NYFW

New York Fashion Week is about to wrap up for another September, and whilst this gaggle RTW runways has been all about the girls, we’re paying homage to some of the streetstyle our male counterparts were serving.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Look 1

We will always have an appreciation for a chic, relaxed outfit that prioritises comfort over shock or trend value.

In our first streetstyle snap, you’ll notice our male fashionista friend is here papped in a look that combines patchwork, deconstruction and a supportive yet on-trend ‘Dad Sneaker’.

The look itself gives off an up-cycled look (we can’t confirm if it is in fact created from pre-existing garments) but inherently feels as a statement of bringing the old into the new. We are big appreciators of disrupting the fashion week norms of clothing being exclusive and of the moment, so truly appreciate this ensembled statement.

Whilst it seems that this trouser and shirt combo came from the same designer, you’d be surprised at how many reworked, deconstructed or reconstructed garments there are available which automatically match due to their mismatched aesthetic.

To emulate the patchwork look and feel, make sure to check out the likes of YMC, Dries Van Noten and MCQ by Alexander McQueen as they usually have an offering of grungy cool separates like the ones above.

Top off the look with a New Balance Dad sneaker, we are currently obsessed with the 2002 model, and a pop of colour in a tiny handbag because why the heck not?!

We truly appreciate the balance, individuality and effortlessness of this look and hope you enjoy it enough to try and recreate it from home!

Look 2

Thanks to modern day cowboys such as Little Nas X and Matthew McConaughey normalising mixing the western with the modern, we are truly fans of hints of cowboy peppered through the wardrobe. While you might be seeing a resurgence of cowboy/cowgirl boots (you can thank Ganni for that!) at the moment, we’re also enjoying the classic, cowboy hat.

One of our favourite things about street style throughout fashion month is that crowds tend to lean into mixing, matching and letting their personal style shine through. We truly believe that pairing a somewhat conservative suit with a loud knitted vest, speed dealer sunglasses and a flamboyantly fabulous cowboy hat is a perfect combination.

We’re sure you have a tonal suit hanging in the wardrobe, don’t you? Pair this with one of your already existing white shirts and we’ve created the foundation of the look!

For a loud knitted vest, we recommend having a look at retailers such as ASOS and The Iconic, you could even browse through our recent Tyler the Creator Edit to find some inspiration.

Top the look off with a cowboy hat, we are appreciators of the offering from Lack of Colour, a pair of wrap shades and you’re good to go, concours your modern-day cowboy dreams.

Look 3

A look perfect for the Melbournian in all of us, and truly one that feels exceptionally true to New York City, we couldn’t help but include an all-black outfit in our street-style wrap up for the month.

This trendy an effortlessly cool yet harsh look is the perfect monochromatic ensemble that gives off an exceptionally edgy feel. Tough and easy to recreate for sure!

Cargo pants are having a moment thanks to the Y2k revival, and so the utilitarian zipper vibe of these pants above aren’t too hard to find at present time. After a quick browse on SSENSE we came across an iteration from brand Julius but finding a more affordable version would be a cinch on ASOS.

A black shirt with the sleeves rolled up or short sleeved is an easy addition you could already find in your wardrobe. Simple!

The accessories are really where this look comes to life. A pair of heavy duty, serious black stomping boots are an essential addition in recreating this look. We particularly loved this option from EKN for their slimmer yet similar appearance to classic Timberland styled boots.

Top the look off with some silver chunky jewellery and black wrap sunglasses, and there you have it! One bad-ass outfit perfect for the New York streets of Fashion Week.

Look 4

Last but certainly not least, we had to include the quintessential cool-boy ensemble to the list of our favourites.

Here you’ll see a tonal and effortlessly fun look that, like many of the looks above, is made so much better by the unconventional choices in accessories.

Starting from the bottom, we couldn’t help but include the exact pair of JW Anderson slip on loafers that feature the iconic gold chain link. These have been in circulation for well over a year and remain relevant, a worthwhile investment into a shoe thats impressive and comfortable.

Here’s yet another feature of those cargo pants that we’re seeing everywhere at the moment, a pretty convincing reason to jump on the trend. Pair these in a muted tone, to a summery linen shirt with the addition of fun embroidery that helps tie all the earthy tones in. Brands making short sleeve embroidered shirts big at the moment are Bode, Harago, and Stussy. Add a camel cardigan to the look, just in case the September New York weather turns a little stormy.

For us, the accessories here add the fashion week element. A Textural bucket or Bermuda hat is an non-negotiable, and some obnoxiously large shades as a must, too.