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Trending 10 March 2022

Recreating our Fave Men’s MFF Streetstyle Looks

4 standout men’s streetstyle outfits from last week’s fashion festival and how to recreate them at home.

Last week’s PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival was a triumphant expression of what Victoria’s capital city breathes into the Australian style scene. With every fashion week, our favourite moments captured are those found on the streets of the city, featuring natives who represent the intrinsic style of their metropolis. Here are some snaps captured on Melbourne’s streets, and the stylish men who have inspired the looks!

Words By Brittany Lyons

Nathan McGuire

Yes, we might be a bit biased as we here at Monde call Melbourne home, but this year our great city turned it all the way up to prove that the post-covid comeback of fashion festivities doesn’t muck around.

Proud Whadjuk Noongar man from Boorloo (Perth), Nathan McGuire, is a model, activist, and young man responsible for leading positive change for the future of indigenous rights, especially within the fashion industry.

Hailing from a past profession that is a far cry from fashion, McGuire’s history as a pro hockey player at the Western Australian Institute for Sport, certainly comes into play with his often-preppy aesthetic and the sporty campaigns that ensue.

A personal style that can be described as sporty, relaxed, considered and purposeful, we are certain that McGuire’s wardrobe is one that would resonate with many men out there.

To the David Jones runway that opened the Fashion Festival from the iconic Queen Victoria Market, McGuire wore this ultra-relaxed yet refined look that epitomises paired back sophistication.

An easy one to replicate from home, the classic pairing of a tee with slacks can always be dressed up with the addition of a tuck and a nice belt, as he neatly proves here.

Finish off the look with a simple chained necklace like this example from The Iconic and a neatly presented sneaker, you’re left with an outfit that can be taken from the desk, to dinner, to the runway!

Image via @streetsmithagency

Chris Kontos

At the start of each autumn, the city of Melbourne turns it on for events splattered around the city showcasing some of the best when it comes to local talent. Brands, retailers and influential members of our community met together in some of our city’s most iconic locations to showcase how great style is ingrained into our culture and DNA.

There to cheer on creatives, models and event organisers are the people synonymous with the city itself. A city is but it’s community and we love spotting those who make such an impact to the home all year round, at events throughout Fashion Week.

Melbourne-local and man of great influence within the fashion and style scene is Chris Kontos. A stylist, creative director and friend to all, Kontos is quintessential Melbourne and is absolutely deserving of a spot on our street style list.

This look from Chris was captured at landmark Federation Square and is a triumphant example of layering for Melbourne’s temperamental weather. A look incorporating a handful of cornerstone wardrobe items, this should be an easy one to replicate from home for most.

Who doesn’t have a white tee, denim jacket, mid-wash blue jeans, white sneaker, trenchcoat or white cap ready to go at home? Exactly!

If you’re looking to inject new renditions of the above items into your closet, look to great quality staple brands like Rolla’s, and retailers like Mr Porter and MatchesMan.

Image via @streetsmithagency

All Black

What is a Melbourne Fashion Festival without including a head-to-toe black outfit?

Known best as Sydney’s moody sister, Melbourne is notorious for her all black outfits. Whether it be a sign of mourning for the drizzly weather, a paired back grungy cool, or just a devout tradition that we all agree to be part of, Melbourne’s signature look is one of all black.

The example below is a bold and interesting look, proving that a one-toned outfit doesn’t necessarily need to be boring. When it comes to putting together a considered monochromatic outfit, playing with detail and texture is a fabulous way to add intrigue.

The stunning gentlemen shot below has not only played with texture and detail within the look, but is also having a fun time using silhouettes in traditionally feminine shapes.

There are no rules! We love fashion moments and outfits that do not adhere to any type of binary, this is when true magic is found.

To recreate this outfit, look to Dion Lee for a top that is doused in detail and clever design.

A black trouser that may be voluminous in shape is something you’ll be able to wear again and again (this option from Zanella is perfect). Top off with a masculine sandal and a cross body bag and you’re ready to hit the show!

Image via @streetsmithagency

Genderless Dressing

Whilst an all-black look might be quintessential Melbourne, a light, feminine and flowy look always has a place in our great city.

On the other end of the colour spectrum, whites and creams are a fabulous way to celebrate fashion and express yourself when you’re feeling especially light and positive.

This particular look is serving us non-binary joy and lightness, and we had to include it because it simply induce a feeling of elation.

It’s no surprise that recreating a look that toys with the line of gender so playfully, needs to be sourced from a few different retailers and a few sections within them.

When shopping within the traditional ‘women’s’ section for clothing and the sizes that come along with them, it’s essential to do your research beforehand. The good news is that shoes are an easy transition when shifting from shopping the men’s section to the women’s!

To emulate this look, try and find a long shirt dress that has enough give in the upper part of the body and button closures which allow for more give through the front and lower end.

Recreate the embellished look with a brooch, look at luxury retailers like Net-A-Porter and Matches for these, and finish off with the rubber Chloé boots that are still widely available.

Image via @streetsmithagency