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29 August 2021

Recreating Iconic Style Me Maeve Looks

Bottega obsessed and behind-the-scenes for Bieber, the hottest new Hollywood stylist is Maeve Reilly and she’s certainly making a splash when it comes to streetwear.

With a client list as impressive as they come, Maeve Reilly is the stylist making her mark on Hollywood. Representing the new age of Hollywood stylists, Reilly has catapulted to success thanks to support from TikTokkers, A-list clients and all your favourite labels. Rising somewhere between the age of influencers and the demise of the red carpet, Reilly makes a very compelling case for her interpretation of streetwear. Known best for mixing the high and the low, the Bottega and budget and the feminine with the contemporary, Reilly’s looks are relevant, aspirational and achievable. @stylememaeve is the Instagram account surging in popularity, showcasing some of Reilly’s most iconic looks. Here are 4 of them, and how we’re recreating them at home.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Butter Suit & Nikes

One of Reilly’s muses, clients and close confidants is Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin). If you’re asking our opinion, her best styling work can be seen sported by the model/influencer/angelic beauty.

We believe Maeve Reilly is singlehandedly responsible for the revival of the Bieber power couple and bringing them back into the relevant world.

This look is a particular favourite of ours due to its effortlessness, modern appeal, and versatility to be recreated at any price point.

Pictured is an oversized butter-yellow 2-piece suit by Polish designer Magda Butrym paired with a pair of Nike Dunks, a statement necklace and pair of black YSL shades.

(You’ll soon notice a pair of Nike Dunk or Air Jordan 1s are a signature accessory to many a Reilly look, no matter the client).

To recreate this head-to-toe effort in an accessibly priced manner, we look to affordable suiting from the likes of ASOS, and for the mid-range, Ganni. Don’t skimp on the Nike sneakers, you’ll get so much wear out of the real deal to make them a worthwhile investment.

Finish off with a black-framed cat eye and a chunky necklace with a pendant from Amber Sceats, and you have yourself the look. Feeling this Mrs Bieber fit on you!

Image: @stylememaeve

Butter Suit & Nikes
Grey Scale & Yellow

Grey Scale & Yellow

Another of Reilly’s A-list clients is none other than Megan Fox.

Yet another opportunity to prove her gift of dressing the ‘it girls’ as ‘cool girls’, successfully transforming Fox’s history of dressing in biker chick ensembles and girl next door moods, Reilly has brought the actresses style into the present day.

Pictured here, Fox is snapped in a greyscale look with pops of yellow. She sports EB Denim straight leg jeans, a Prada knitted top, Isabel Marant jacket, Amina Muaddi sparkly heels and By Far clutch to top it all off.

Cleverly honouring Fox’s signature colour pallet of charcoals and grungy blacks, Reilly breathes new life into monochrome with hero pops of yellow. Relying on hints of colour from ‘it’ brands such as Bottega Veneta and Amina Muaddi is a very clever way to ensure relevance is achieved.

If you (like us) cannot afford to invest in luxury accessories like the ones above, opt for the brands you’re more comfortable with, who have just happened to borrow the hot hues referenced by Reilly.

This look can be very easily recreated at home with your fave vintage straight leg jeans, a crop top, oversized cardi and matching heels and clutch. The perfect Sunday brunch outfit if we ever did see one.

Image: @stylememaeve

Oversized Blazer, Blue & Bottega

One of Maeve Reilly’s most coveted Hailey Bieber looks is this stunning ensemble of neutrals and blue. Again, reliant on the colour decisions of experts working at fashion houses like Bottega, Reilly harnesses pops of electricity in the accessory silhouettes just as trendy as the colours they’re realised in.

We believe the reason this look has achieved iconic status really comes down to the expert balance of both proportion and colour.

Here, Bieber is papped wearing a Magda Butrym blazer, Musier Paris trousers, Amina Muaddi shoes and Bottega Veneta bag.

When replicating this look at home, an oversized blazer in a neutral tone forms the foundation. Certainly here, the more structured the better. Note this Magda Butrym number accentuates the waist while emphasising the shoulders, as does the more affordable option by CAMILLA AND MARC below.

A flattering slim pant in a beigy brown will flatter the topaz tones to come with the accessories.

If the ‘Capri Blue’ shades of Amina Muaddi aren’t within your desired budget, find solace in retailers such as The Iconic and ASOS who are offering cool tones with a cooler price tag.

Image: @stylememaeve

Oversized Blazer, Blue & Bottega
90’s Lilac Dream

90’s Lilac Dream

This homage to the 90’s in dreamy hues of lilac is up there with one of our favourite Maeve Reilly x Hailey Bieber moments.

A playful, joyful and fun ensemble that plays on nostalgic schoolgirl memories has been totally dialled up on the chic-o-meter and (in true Maeve style) brought into the Bottega world.

Choosing a complementary colour profile such as lilac and dusty pink, Reilly has successfully tugged our feminine heartstrings tight, yet isn’t afraid to rough up the vibe with some chunky accessories.

Bieber is papped sporting a Raf Simons knitted top, The Attico satin skirt, Bottega Veneta clutch and Chanel patent loafers.

Due to the outfit’s playful palette, looking to contemporary womenswear brands such as Ganni and Staud is a fabulous way of adding quirk without the designer price tag.

You can see Bieber is sporting her signature YSL black shades, which are a go-to for effortless cool protection, as well as some layered silver and gold chains that pick up the hardware on the chunky loafers.

Recreating this ensemble is a great idea for when you’re planning on having some fun in the sun!

Image: @stylememaeve

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