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Trending 5 April 2023

Recreating Gwyneth Paltrow’s Iconic Courtroom Looks

The biggest thing to take away from the global news of Gwyneth Paltrow’s skiing trial in Utah? Her week’s worth of incredible outfits.

If you’re not already privy to the news of Goop’s founder countersuing the man who initially sued her for a skiing accident, then welcome. Less than a fortnight ago, Gwyneth Paltrow spent a week in court proving her innocence (now commonly referred to as Gynocence) and serving the world watching a curation of excellent looks. Below we recreate our favourites.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Look 1 – Grey Marle Suit

Paltrow greeted the judge, jury, and onlookers of the trial in Park City on March 23rd wearing a grey marl suit and a curation of her signature gold jewellery. Meaning absolute business for the third day of the ski trial, this is the first of four looks we handpicked due to them totally representing the ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic that she epitomises.

This completely monochromatic look oozes considered chic. Picking all three wearable elements in the same colour is an easy way to build layers without getting bogged down in what tones and colours to marry each with. The original soft power ensemble belongs to an unknown brand but for the sake of this article, we think this optioned suit from LouLou Studio is a great stand-in. Featuring a slouchy shape, double breast and wide slack silhouette just like Gwyn’s, this grey marl duet is the perfect go-to for a day in court, a day at work or a day doing something powerful.

To recreate Paltrow iconic chunky gold necklace stack, we’ve favoured brands such as Laura Lombardi and Alighieri which are both future heirloom quality jewellery.

To top the entire soft power suiting look we’ve included the exact Smythson Blue Panama Notebook that Paltrow brought into the courtroom each day.

Look 2 – Gothic Chic

Undoubtedly the most adored outfit from the entire ski trial was an entirely black Prada head-to-toe moment. Dubbed Gwyn’s ‘gothic chic’ look by many a publication who covered it, we couldn’t help but include it in this wrap up.

If you’re keen like us to want to recreate this look for less than the thousands it would to buy the originals chez Prada, then listen up. Brand Raey offer a curation of high-quality basics in muted tones that don’t offend your brand balance too much. Thankfully Matches Fashion have the Responsible Merino Wool Knitted Polo Shirt in stock to have a long sleep polo just like Gwyn’s.

For the voluminous midi skirt, Joseph have a beautiful iteration crafted from silk and Habotai that would be the perfect accompaniment to work or on the weekend with a pair of sneakers.

Seeing as most of us are currently experiencing cool weather (not just for skiing or ski-colliding) we’ve kindly included in some heavy weight denier tights into the look. Not only do the opacity of these Wolford tights add to the gothic blackness, but will provide warmth under the movement of the skirt. Perfect!

Look 3 – Pussybow & Boots

A personal favourite of mine, we’ve named this the ‘Pussybow and Boots’ look as not only a play on word of Puss in Boots, but to cleary speak to the duality of this outfit.

You don’t really get more feminine than a silk, pale pink pussy bow shirt. The original featured on Gwyneth belonged to her own brand, the Camila Bow Blouse from Goop’s G. Label. We’ve plucked another goody that does the trick from Victoria Beckham, which is currently on sale at Farfetch.

When we speak to the duality of the fit, we’re honing in on the juxtaposition of something so delicate like a pale pink shirt, paired with black leather culottes. Instantly making the shirt more edgy, we managed to find the exact same pair of White Label Proenza Schouler leathers, again at Farfetch to bring you this look at home.

The addition of the Celine Combat boot really brings this confused but iconic look together and makes Gwyneth look downright badass. Think of the finished look as a mix of corporate, cool and country- all in one.

Look 4 – The Winning Look

Last but certainly not least, we have to finish on Paltrows winning look. This was the look that went absolutely viral as it was the choice of clothing that was featured in the now iconic cultural moment of Paltrow wishing her opponent ‘all the best’ just after the judge had announced her innocence.

The entire look oozes Gwyneth’s attitude for the entire duration of trial; confident, cool and understated.

The look is centred around a blue double-breasted velvet Ralph Lauren blazer, which we have substituted for this option from The Iconic, at a mere fraction of the cost. The Raffi Velvet Jacket by Oxford features the opulence and texture as the original, and for that, we’re big fans.

Gwyneth adds to the country club chic vibe by paring her Ralph Lauren Blazer with a striped business shirt beneath. This adds an element of business but more like a more relaxed business meeting on a Saturday, perhaps.

Whilst you can’t see her choice of shoes in any of the snapped images from inside the courtroom, we’ve hand-picked these 1953 Horesebit Leather Loafers in white as they seem to tie the casual yet corporate look together quite nicely. A winning ensemble in more ways than one!