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Beauty Bytes 27 January 2022

Recreating Euphoria’s Most Iconic Beauty Looks

Pure unadulterated chaos, why we’re subscribing to East Highland’s glam code and how to achieve the looks at home.

HBO’s cult show is finally back for season 2 and we cannot get enough of Rue, Jules, Nate and the absolutely bonkers glam and outfits it’s delivering week on week. A coming-of-age drama that tackles super adult themes of sex, drugs and trauma, Euphoria is just as full of teen angst as it is full of face diamantes. We’ve gone back through every episode in existence to find each of the character’s best makeup looks, and the products to recreate them at home.

Words By Brittany Lyons


Not only is the character arc of Jules one that’s impressively complicated, but she is also without a doubt one of the most adventurous characters when it comes to her sense of style.

A trans woman who is unapologetically exploratory in the way she dresses and does her makeup, it’s hard not to fall hard for Jules and her out there style.

The exploration into self-expression in the form of statement eye makeup is why we had to include Jules first in this glam recreation line up.

A quintessentially Jules Vaughn look, this vibrant, fresh, and fun statement eye is one that we hope you’re as excited to attempt as we are.

Somewhere between a rainbow lorikeet, summer icy pole and the Brazilian carnival costume accompaniment, this amazing multi-coloured eye shadow moment is one we won’t get over anytime soon.

The key to nailing this bold transition from colour to colour is adequality prep the lid with a primer and clean your brush between shadows.

Paired back with a neutral base and matte nude lip, this look is all about the tropical eye and we’re not mad about it.


Sultry goddess Maddy Perez’s style is just as risqué and confrontational as she is.

A personal favourite character of mine because of her unapologetically romantic and raunchy way of presenting herself, the inherent impowered feeling she exudes is something we could all take something from.

Taking risks in her clothing choices (ahem the cut-out pants at the fair in season 1) as well as her makeup looks have catapulted Miss Perez into the spotlight of the show, with viewers always on the edge of their seats anticipating her next showstopping look.

Maddy’s signature makeup beat reminds us of a space somewhere between Kali Uchis and old-world Hollywood, we can’t help but appreciate the way she celebrates her dark, defined and Hispanic features.

In this look Maddy plays on the olive tones of her skin with a mocha coloured overlined lip, bronzed complexion and a statement cat eye that is a little reminiscent of Cleopatra.

Signatures in the treatment of her curled hair edges sing true to her Hispanic heritage and add that other layer of glamour that we love so much.


The love-struck sweetheart of the show with a little too much of a dependence on her youthful good look,s is Cassie Howard.

All too caught up in the world of what Nate Jacobs thinks is the perfect representation of womanhood, Cass is one of the characters who probably makes the most effort in the way she dresses and does her makeup for a day at East Highland High.

While Cassie has a tendency to bare all, in more ways than one, we have profound appreciation for her exploration into self-expression via clothing and makeup.

To describe her style, I would pin it somewhere between the girl next door and babydoll chic, a mix of innocent, playful yet sexy.

Her makeup looks often really play on the spirited childlike nature of the character’s complexities (which definitely stem from her Daddy issues but we’re not trying to write any spoilers here).

Through the use of nostalgia-inducing elements like stick on face diamantes and bedazzled hair clips, Cassie tugs onto our youthful heartstrings.

Finish the look with a set of juicy, plump and glossed lips and you’ve nailed the Cassie Howard.


The more complex, reserved, and younger Howard sister is level-headed Lexi.

A sensible and kind representation of the character traits many of the other youths are missing within the show, Lexi provides a calming and practical outlook when the chaos of Euphoria can become all too much.

Her sense of style is conservative and cute.

Her makeup is typically paired back, and hair styled in zany yet consistency endearing ways.

We’ve chosen this particular look as it represents a time within season 2 where Lexi harnesses an unseen fire within and takes risks in more ways than one.

Her deep, romantic and rebel-like red lip is a statement that suits her so well.

To recreate this at home we recommend relying on iconic deep red hues in a liquid matte lipstick and lip liner by none other than MAC.

To replicate the easy tussled waves Lexy is sporting within this scene, opt for a multi barrelled tong that will allow for ripped waves in the hair, then set with a spray.


The character responsible for the most transformative evolution in season 1 is without a doubt, Katherine ‘Kat’ Hernandez.

Battling themes of body image and sexual peer pressure from the males at school, Kat reinvited herself as a domineering, sex-positive force to be reckoned with towards the end of the last season.

Embracing her curves and her sexual expression created a super dominatrix style that Kat dove very deeply into, dressing accordingly for both school and parties that followed.

We selected this particular look of Kat’s as it is sexy, fun, playful and celebratory to her character evolution.

Playing on many of the themes discussed above, the use of innocent face diamantes juxtaposed with the fierce harnesses and studded outfit, convey a complicated and nuanced full look.

To replicate we recommend going to retailers such as MAC and Adore Beauty and not shy away from the glittery, iridescent, and shimmery elements necessary to hit this vibe.

The addition of a Dita Von Teese micro bangs perfectly surmises the Vedette look.

Get it Kat!