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Trending 14 April 2023

Quiet Luxury: How ‘Succession’ is Influencing Fashion

How hit HBO show Succession has been affecting the buying behaviours of fashion appreciators worldwide and how to recreate the Roy dynasty’s looks from home

It’s the hit show everyone is talking about at the moment; Succession. The series (loosely) inspired by the dynamic of the Murdoch family is now in it’s final season and many a publication have started to reminisce on the impact the show has had thus far, one namely being the fashion.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Logan Roy

If you’re not yet caught up on the current episode, then I won’t massively spoil it for you, but will say that there is a big Logan Roy event at the beginning of season 4 that puts the entire premise of the show into play…

Due to the family’s exceptional wealth (in the billions here folks, for context) the fictional Roy’s have been coining the term quiet luxury of late and here’s why. Quiet luxury is a derivative of old-money and the nuance around it. Think of it as a representation or manifestation of exceptional wealth without being too showy about it, in the language of dressing.

Logomania? How dare you! Quiet luxury is the total opposite. It’s an amalgamation of simplistic elegance, exceptional craftsmanship and exorbitant price-tags. It’s all about wearing luxury items that only those in the know would recognise and to some degree, appreciate.

Logan Roy, the fictional character and patriarch of the Waystar/Royco empire is a force to be reckoned with. The media tycoon that has been depicted as a total asshole but prolific businessman importantly fathers his 4 children; Connor, Kendall, Siobhan and Roman is played very well by Scottish actor Brian Cox.

We’ve recreated one of his iconic and quietly luxurious outfits below.

Kendall Roy

Perhaps the reasoning for the Quiet Luxury phenomenon in the first place, a quote from episode one of Succession’s current season, is absolutely worth noting here. An exchange from the youngest of the family to Kendall, arguably the most controversial of the Roy children, goes as follows…

“Hey Buddha, nice Tom Fords.” – Roman Roy

This excellent and to the point quip from Roman comes following a comment from Kendall reciting a Buddhist adage. The line perfectly denotes the utter privilege that surrounds both men, no matter if their intention is to lead a more simplistic way of thinking/living (as in Buddhism), their extreme wealth will follow them and still be recognisable.

Kendall’s style development throughout the season’s has been fairly consistent with the quiet luxury theory. If he’s not sporting an impeccably tailored and one-of-a-kind suit to a boardroom meeting, Kendall Roy will often be dressed in paired back luxury items that don’t scream ‘I’m worth a small fortune’.

Of course, Kendall is more-often-than-not dressed in Tom Ford. The eponymous American label of former creative director of Gucci, is known best for quiet luxury items such as wardrobe staples. Tom Ford today makes killer ready-to-wear items for men that often sit around the $5,000USD mark, and often don’t have any easily identifiable brand marks or logos.

Siobhan (Shiv) Roy

The leading lady in the bunch is Siobahan, more commonly referred to as Shiv, Roy. Although Succession is a male heavy cast, we decided to include Shiv into this line up as it’s important to include how quiet luxury is depicted in women’s wardrobe’s within the Succession production.

Effectively speaking, the notion remains intact. Separates of a high quality, high price point and ones that are inconspicuously branded is the playing field for quiet luxury for female identifying dressers. Think the all black Prada look that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to her Ski Trial, more here,. The look was so chic and so sophisticated but only those in the know knew it was Prada and not Zara, this is quiet luxury.

When it comes to the style of Shiv Roy, it’s doesn’t veer too far from the business-appropriateness of her male counterparts. Dressing for power, purpose and function are all important considerations for her character.

We’ve handpicked this Shiv look as it’s a melange of masculine and feminine, with the classic ‘old-money’ undertones of pearl jewellery. It’s quintessential female power dressing and quiet luxury all bundled up into one. This Moncler Turtleneck perfectly exemplifies both styles of dressing and a pretty close option to the original.

Cousin Greg

Last but certainly not least, we had to include cousin to the Roy kids, Greg, to our line-up. Not only am I a huge Greg fan for the amount of comedic relief that this character cuts through the seriousness of the rest of the show with (seemingly always a quip with Tom Wambsgans) but for his own personal style evolution from season 1 to now.

As Greg doesn’t come from the same generational wealth and privilege as the Roy’s, in fact we met him at the beginning of the series as a flailing late teenager with no money and no job prospects, he wasn’t endowed with the same whispers of quiet luxury in his character’s DNA.

What has been excellent to witness is Greg’s gradual uptake in quiet luxury dressing. In the outfit chosen below, Greg has really started to embrace his new life rubbing shoulders with the prestigious Roy clan. The look is giving professor from Harvard, weekends spent at grandmother’s in the Hamptons in winter and trust-fund baby, and we’re here for it!

To recreate this somewhat relaxed wintery look, we decided to go with separates that look like they could have been hand-me-downs but actually cost a pretty penny, brand new in 2023. Best way to top off a quietly luxurious look? A Tom Ford Wallet tucked away in your chino pocket, of course.