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A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.
On Our Radar 14 September 2021

Peak Fashion Hits the Streets of New York

Proving bold, daring and bright is the way to go this season, the streets of New York are alive with some of the greatest men's fashion trends fresh from NYFW 2021.

Making up for lost time, this year’s New York Fashion Week was everything we could have hoped for, and more. From crochet, to sheer, to bold prints, shapes and colours, the men’s fashion scene has accelerated with a daring confidence that proves anything goes when you have a little fun.

Words By Kaylah Baker


Nothing encourages a brightening of the mood quite like a bold, lively printed shirt.

And with the sun starting to shine, there is no time like the present for this optimistic number to hit your wardrobes.

Seen sported by some of the most fashionable men on the streets of New York, the button-up shirt is quickly becoming one of the most coveted, show-stopping choices in the fashion sphere.

No longer reserved for vacation mode only, the bold flamboyant button-up shirt is demanding attention no matter the setting.

From floral to abstract, to bold shapes and colours, now is the time to push aside your neutral, white shirts and embrace some light-hearted fun.

To allow for your favourite funky shirt to do all the work, match with some neutral slacks and you are good to go.


Sheer blouses and shirts have come a long way in men’s wardrobes as of late.

And if the latest NYFW is anything to go by, then it doesn’t look like they are going away anytime soon.

First making waves in many men’s wardrobes after Harry Styles decided to don a sheer Gucci blouse at the Met Gala in 2019, the androgynous stylish number continues to prove its place as an effortlessly chic option.

Sheer in appearance, the semi-transparent shirts are diverse in fabrics and patterns.

Worn as a confident statement piece through its ability to leave little to the imagination, the sheer shirt is proving itself to be a clear step away from the layering trends seen in the past.

But don’t worry, if you are not quite ready to bare all, then the sheer shirt and blazer ensemble is just as eye-catching.


Relaxed, wide leg pants are quickly becoming the staple for many men’s wardrobes. But, if you haven’t caught up just yet, then don’t worry because we have you covered.

Finding themselves sitting on the fence between slouchy and professional, the wide leg pants are a style fit for all occasions.

Seen on the streets of New York in many fabrics and patterns, the wide-leg pants are for everyone.

So, whether you have an office meeting or a casual catch-up with some mates, these pants are not one to disappoint.

Relax in fit, the pants come in various fabrics, allowing for the perfect transeasonal pair to carry you from summer through to winter.

Varying in lengths, keep them baggy at the ankles for a relaxed look or tapered above the ankle with some quirky socks for a confident, yet tailored look that takes you from day to night.


As one of the most unlikely fits to make itself known as a must-have in our wardrobes, crochet apparel is having us all reaching for some yarn and crocheting hooks.

Swiftly making itself known as a genderless trend at New York Fashion Week, crochet apparel is providing many with the kind of comfort that can only be achieved from snuggling into a homemade blanket from Granny.

Bold and quirky in appearance, crochet is a wholesome approach to representing vintage nostalgia in the most simple and unique way.

Escaping the persona of being a winter essential, crochet shorts and shirts are proving this trend is one to stay due to its trans-seasonal design.

But if the latest looks emerging are still unable to convince you, check out the Valentino crochet sneakers on offer this season to help you dip your toes stylishly into the trend.


Most likely the best trend to come out of the latest lockdown period, co-ord sets are everything one needs for minimalistic styling.

Making the transition from loungewear to streetwear that much easier, there are no rules when it comes to this trend.

For busy men or men who can’t be bothered styling an outfit together, a matching set is the sure way to guarantee a runway look without the effort.

Seen in the form of suits, double denim, boxer shorts and button-up shirts, matching sets are in high demand for good reason.

Made for the flexibility of dressing up or down, we have compiled a mix of our favourite ensembles to help get you through the unpredictable forecast that is spring.