P.E Nation’s Modern UNI-form

The cult brand founded by the recognisable names of Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning is making a statement with their first foray into unisex apparel.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Disrupting the norm in gender-conforming fashion, P.E NATION, the label best known for colour blocked activewear, has released their first unisex collection.

P.E, a brand built on the notion that their gear is for ‘ALL day, EVERY day and EVERY body’, have really put their money where their mouth is and created a capsule designed for all.

Designed to accommodate the male and female form, this curation of track pants, leggings, tops, hoodies and jackets have been expertly crafted to ensure comfort is brought to each and every wearer.

Aptly named UNI-form, the collection stands as a culmination of colourful, confident and captivating fashion.

Staying true to the brand DNA, the vibrant colours you’ve come to expect from the piece are present. Muted khakis, purples and nudes, as well as the infamous orange hue, have been referenced throughout, as well as adorned with signature branding and logos.

There’s no doubt that the team at P.E NATION create gear designed for performance. Running, yoga and lifestyle apparel have been created in performance-enhancing fabrications like organic hemp cotton, polycotton and the reverse of terry cotton.

Reining true to another ethos, each piece has been created with an ethical and eco-conscious approach. From fabrication choice, conditions of production right through to the packaging that arrives on your doorstep, P.E NATION has thoughtfully considered and implemented options that are less harmful on our planet and society.

On the subject of society, UNI-form also strongly the importance of unity, which may seem a little more poignant given our world’s current climate.

“The opportunity to celebrate our friends and family made this union of sorts so special for Claire and I, and really embodied the message of inclusivity and unity.” Founder Pip Edwards told VOGUE in a recent feature.

Family members, P.E NATION staff, friends and people of influence have all been brought together in subsequent campaign imagery which perfectly represents community and inclusivity. Not only have a diverse range of creatives been featured, but of course a mix of men, women and young adults.

With a versatility that far exceeds the norm, this collection truly proves that the future of fashion is all about accommodating the needs of the whole family.

While you may be used to borrowing the oversized trackies of your boyfriend or Dad, the arrival of UNI-form suggests that there may be a role reversal on the horizon.

Disrupting the norm is innovation and the guys at P.E are not only doing that but moving with the ever-changing landscape of fashion.

Forget what you know about gender-conforming fashion, dismantle barriers to style and be part of the wider movement of common unity.

For me, UNI-form stands as a very compelling and exciting case of what everyday wear in 2020 should be.