P.E Nation’s Unisex Range UNI-form is Back and Better Than Ever

The second season of P.E Nation’s Unisex collection is here, and you can find it in the locker room.

The perfect mix of comfort and fashion, UNI-form version 2.0 is everything we expected from the team at P.E Nation.

Words By Brittany Lyons

A perfect continuation from P.E Nation’s first genderless collection released this August, the brand has titled this capsule ‘The Locker Room’.

Playful and clever graduation from collection one which was shot in a grandstand setting, this curation gets even more personal with the concept of unity.

UNI-form 2.0 is all about teamwork. Embodying strength in numbers and strength in unity. The kind of athleisure you should be wearing when getting a pre-game pep talk from your coach in the locker room.

Spirits are allies and friendships are formed, the P.E Nation locker room represents the foundation of unity, amongst gender, age, fitness level and beyond.

“It’s where we regroup, recalibrate, and rewrite the strategies for the long game ahead. And it’s here where we can revise our winning moments, support our team members and revere our heroes”, pens co-founders Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning.

It’s clear the duo had a lot of inspiration from their own team when it came to designing this sequel to the co-ed offering. One can only imagine the amount of creative collaboration, unity and connection that resides within the house of P.E Nation to warrant such an emphasis on the concept of inclusivity and teamwork.

When it comes to comfortable fashion that exists far beyond the constraints of gender, fits need to be accommodating and simple. The guys at P.E have nailed it once again. You, your partner, Dad, friend and cousin can all enjoy a range of jersey garments that are perfect for the stadium or the sofa. A mix of tanks, tees, hoodies, shorts and track pants are all here to support whatever you choose to do in them.

Likewise, the choice of colour is quintessentially gender-neutral and inherently linked to P.E Nations DNA. Muted greens, subdued blacks and pops of purple and orange are all present, versatile and timeless.

Not unlike the first collection, campaign imagery features an extremely diverse cast on more levels than just gender. The P.E Nation team actually put a call out to the wider community to ensure a true representation of people were featured.

“An incredible mix of 8 individuals were chosen because they perfectly represent all of us” – Edwards referring to the global P.E Nation team.

A meeting in a moment of equality, community and inclusivity, that is what UNI-form is all about.

The full collection is now available exclusively through P.E Nation, and of course, Shop Monde have a front-row seat.

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