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Trending 11 January 2022

Our Favourite 70’s Sunglasses Are Back

Tortoiseshell and amber lenses in a variety of generous and wide retro styled frames, need we say more.

The huge sunglass style synonymous with the ’70s has made a comeback; as we move from one extreme to another; we bid farewell to tiny sunglasses and hello to oversized frames and light lenses. From bulky aviators to massive squares and lenses in every colour from yellow to blue - the 70s have returned with a vengeance and we couldn't be more excited to slide on some bold shades and get outside once more.

Words By Eliza Sears


Known for its modern romantic undertones and feminie style, Chloé is an obvious choice for embracing 70s style.

The luxury french fashion house first opened it’s boutique in Paris in the early 1970s so the decade is one of nostalgia for the label with designers including Karl Lagerfeld designers whole collections for the label.

Out of all the designers in this selection Chloé has the most extensive range of 1970s inspired eyewear.

We adored their Joni sunglasses, featuring minimalistic gold metal frame and signature Chloé scalloped detail on the front.

Thes oversized square shape with coral and blue gradient lenses adds a chic touch to the piece.

On a different note the Hanah square frame sunnies are tonal and moody – exuding 70s attitude.

While the peach gradient lenses and gold temples add to the retro vibe.

Chloé uses shapes in their glasses making them visually interesting and unique while the colours of lenses and frames hark back to the brand’s signature feminie feel.

CHLOÉ Hanah Square Sunglasses in Metal, $650, CHLOÉ


From tiny sunglasses to waist bags, the Australian label Poppy Lissiman is renowned for its bold designs and cult following.

Now onboard the massive sunglasses train, Poppy Lissiman is taking the trend as far as it can go.

Embracing bigger as better and slowly moving away from pastels and toward the earthy hues of the 70s.

If you’re looking for your next shades to block out the harsh summer sun or to complete your look, Poppy Lissiman’s interpretation of the 70s big glasses trend is spot on and well worth your while.

With a mixture of classic tortoiseshell, brown tones, some bright colours and playful designs, it’s easy to spot a Poppy Lissiman pair of frames.

If we had to pick a favourite, it would be the JimBob in black and green; reminiscent of Tony Stark’s famous eyewear, you’re bound to feel like a superhero with these frames on.

For a pair well worth investing in, Poppy Lissiman’s take on the 70s trend is just what you need this summer – simply throw a pair in your bag to bring this timeless style with you wherever you go.

Poppy Lissiman JimBob, $145, The Iconic


Born from life on the road travelling the Australian festival circuit, you can bet Quay sunnies will have you feeling groovy and ready for the festival scene of summer 2022.

Quay Australia is the budget-friendly option for those looking to take a dip into 70s style shades but not ready to take the plunge and invest just yet.

Their styles are bright and playful, like the Thank you, NEXT PLEASE frames.

The classic navigator shape features a gold two-piece bridge bar and fade lenses giving retro flavor to you modern look.

If you’re not quite ready to farwell the square glasses we’ve loved for the past couple of years but are still keen to give larger frames a crack – the YADA YADA shades are your best bet.

Oversized with light tan tones these frames are the perfect happy medium for just about any summer event.

For your next festival, road trip with friends, or day out in the sun, Quay has just about every style covered – from the 70s large silhouette to mini frames.

Quay Eyewear Next Please, $75, Quay Australia


Iconic French fashion label Isabel Marant has mastered the modern take on the classics.

Hence, it’s no surprise as we revisit the fashions of the 70s that Marant’s designs offer pared-back Parisian elegance.

Marant’s label acts as an extension of her personal wardrobe, designing pieces she would wear on the everyday.

With its bohemian nonchalance, the eponymous label has long captured the hearts and wardrobes of fashion lovers globally.

The label’s Oversized Square Sunglasses in Hvn with gradient lenses and a tortoiseshell frame are the perfect pick for an afternoon by the pool or an evening spent dining outside while you watch the sunset.

The oversized shades remain delicate with thin frames and an understated colour palette.

Isabel Marant’s Darly Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell are the kind of frames you’d pair with a bowling shirt, Bermuda shorts, and a pair of chunky sandals.

On the other hand, the classic Square Sunglasses are subtle and chic are over the top and fabulous and perfect for summer nights to come.

Isabel Marant Tortoiseshell Darly Sunglasses, $430, SSENSE