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Trending 28 March 2022

Mood-Boosting Eye Makeup Trends

This year’s eye looks that we can't resist wearing.

Maximalist, experimental and self-expressive are all we can say about this year 2022’s eye makeup trends. Last year, we saw maximalism dominating everywhere from social media to runways. And this year, it is still here to stay. In fact, we are taking maximalist makeup to another level! Makeup looks are becoming more creative, more energetic and more playful. If you are looking for a change or want to be on top of beauty trends this year, stay with us and discover these 5 popular mood-boosting eye looks!

Words By Thuy Nguyen

Graphic Eyes

If you have been following beauty trends, chances are you have already seen graphic eye looks everywhere the last year. In 2021, we saw a huge moment of graphic eyeliner, from as classic as cat-eye eyeliner to aesthetic organic lines. This trend does not have a sign of losing its heat, rather, it is taken further – graphic eye shadow.

The best thing about graphic eye look is that it allows us to put on our creative hat and experiment. It is not about perfection or precision, it is all about going wild and free with shapes and colours. While with eyeliner, you have to be a little more experimental than a classic wing, with eyeshadow, you can go simple with one single bold colour shape to make a statement.

To achieve this eye makeup technique, a lot of practice is essential, however, as we said, there is no need for perfection! If you desire something bold and charismatic, go for sharp and neat lines or geometrical shapes. If soft and whimsical is your style, organic shapes are the way to do it. We highly recommend cream and liquid texture eyeshadow and eyeliner to make things easier to hop on this trend for you!

Image: Pinterest

Shades of Blue

If you kept an eye close over the New York Fashion Week, blue eye makeup is having a major moment. We saw it on runways, we saw it on the red carpet and even Instagram. Blue lids are making a huge comeback, just like many other retro trends. Nostalgia is a big theme in recent years, bringing many period styles back in the beauty world. Blue colour was trendy in the 60s, coming back in the early 2000s and returning once again this year.

Just a simple blue wash of any shades on your lid is enough to make a bold statement and to brighten up your whole makeup look. Baby blue is perfect for a soft and sweet look. Metallic blue is definitely for those looking for some glam. Dark blue is for mysterious and cobalt is fun and quirky.

But why not give it a more modern and experimental style, there a plenty of ways to play with this colour. Try matching it with a nice wing of black liner or make it playful with graphic style. You can even blend a bright and a darker shade of blue together for an interesting twist on smokey eyes. Your turn to be creative!

Image: Instagram

Neon Colours

Neon eye makeup has been putting its name on the radar since 2021, appearing frequently on social media and runways. Not having any signs of dying out, this makeup trend is promised to have a major moment this year. There is no surprise that it is here to stay because it radiates such an electric vibe and positive energy. Everything about this eye look is the definition of a bold statement.

There are a lot of styles we can go for to hop on this trend, allowing us to be expressive and personalised with our preferred look. Neon hues are super vibrant so a simple wash can already do the work, but to maximise the effect, we can be creative with how we apply. Making it a 2-trend-in-1 with a bit of drawing is definitely a great choice. If you desire something more daring, combine and blend two colours like pink and orange or green and yellow.

Because the eye look is a statement itself, a clear and glowy makeup base is essential to keep make your neon eyeshadow stand out. We also suggest adding on a nice eyeliner to tidy the look and make it neat and refined.

Image: Pinterest

Coloured Eyeliner

Subtle yet lively is what we can say about the coloured eyeliner trend this year. One stroke with a vibrant colour instead of the classic black line is no doubt one of the dominating looks recently on the beauty radar. It is perfect for a casual look but with such an exciting and playful twist.

We have many choices to create our own favourite styles. Pastel hues are for a soft and delicate look, while for those wanting to be more adventurous, many brands offer bold and vivid eyeliner colours. Another option is to use two colours for each eye – so quirky and playful even if you go for a classic liner wing. You can add more artistic essence to the look by using two tones from the same colour family or two contrast colours and designing your own eyeliner.

To make the most out of the effect the eyeliner brings, make sure your eyeliner is not outplayed by your eyeshadow and work harmoniously with the whole makeup look. A good tip is to co-ordinate with eyeshadow colour if you are not yet confident with playing around with colours. Get some inspiration on social media and runways’ looks and recreate your own!

Image: Pinterest

Metallic Look

The last look we want to recommend is metallic eye makeup being viral everywhere. As we transition into the fall season, it has the perfect aesthetic – luxurious, enchanting and vibrant. Metallic has always been such a needed touch to go with matte for a more dramatic look and as we progress deeper into the maximalist beauty, there is no doubt this look is becoming a major trend this year.

It does not have to be bronze, silver or gold, as long as it is luminous and shiny, it can certainly fall into this trend. A simple wash of metallic eyeshadow, especially with a bright and interesting colour choice is an easy way to follow this trend, and for a sharper look, upgrade it with eyeliner! A combination of matte and metallic blended with a smooth transition can definitely be the ideal night look. Even if you want more subtle looks, like shinny inner corners or under eyes, it will not fail to make a statement.

With the metallic eye makeup trend, it is important to keep in mind texture harmony when wearing this makeup trend. You should also consider using a denser brush to ensure precision in the area you desire to apply.

Image: Pinterest