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22 December 2021

Monde’s Top Setting Sprays Made to Stick All Day

Your seasonal makeup saving best friends, for however you like your skin.

Summer can get a little sweaty, and moisture is known to be foundations greatest foe. So, in order to combat your skins anticipated dilemma this season we here at Monde suggest you push aside the powders and shop for some seriously strong setting spray. Made in long-lasting formulas (we’re talking both dewy and matte) we’ve saved you the trouble and scoured every site for the best setting sprays dominating the beauty game.

Words By Katelyn Kalafatis

All Rounders

For those who want longer-lasting makeup without the begrudging task of midday reapplication, we suggest you buy only the best of setting sprays.

Whether you’ve spent an hour on your makeup application or a mere ten minutes in the morning, you put in some level of work. And with hard work should come all-day reward!

We here at Monde have selected our favourite all-round formulas, which all share the OG and ever important purpose of making sure your beat does not budge.

After all, it would be a serious shame to just let your makeup melt away in the Summer heat – especially when we know just the way to prevent it.

We’ve picked a bunch of winners for this category, but my personal fave is Charlotte Tilbury’s airbrush, flawless, setting spray.

Sold with the slogan, party all night and stay all day – this miracle product is music to my makeup loving ears.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray 100ml, $42, Selfridges

All Rounders


A common conundrum across all seasons is how can full coverage makeup look flawless but remain luminous just like real skin?

Yes, a full face beat often means imperfections are expertly blurred but your natural glow is more often than not, consequently covered by the base.

So, what are we to do when we want to look lit-from-within but also want to use our favourite “covers everything” concealer?

We here at Monde suggest a shimmery, dewy setting spray may just be your answer.

We know it can be hard to hit that sweet spot for your skin but brightening setting sprays are known to be the best for reintroducing a bit of radiance over heavier foundation and concealer. What a win.

So, whether you’re looking for a bit of shimmer, glitter or just that wet-look kind of glisten and glow – we have selected an array of finishing sprays that are best to boost your skin with some serious dew.

M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix Shimmer, $40, M.A.C Cosmetics


We know, the sound of “matte makeup” definitely takes you back to a whole decade ago.

But hear us out, we’re not suggesting you remove any natural glow from your face (don’t worry, we’ve learnt from our past mistakes) we still want your skin to look like real skin!

So, for this category, we’re thinking of our readers who are wanting more control when monitoring their glow.

So, for you, let us please introduce, mattifying setting sprays!

Not only are they the perfect alternative to blotting papers and basic translucent powders, but they’re easier to use when removing that dreaded shine.

Plus, you avoid getting a cakey build-up of makeup product on top of makeup product that can cause a heavier look to your skin’s foundation.

Whether your budget be high or low, we’ve got quite the selection for you. My personal fave?

M.A.C Cosmetic’s Fix Plus Matte setting spray. It’s one of the best formulas on the market, and if you’ve tried it, you’ll know why.

Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Matte Setting Spray, $52, Adore Beauty


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