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Get the Look 28 February 2022

Matrix Mode: Futuristic Fashion

Find outfit inspiration: onscreen, with sleek longline leather outfits all the way to the tiny black sunglasses.

Over two decades since its release, The Matrix franchise delivered a cyberpunk aesthetic that upholds its title of futuristic fashion. Its latest sequel has spawned a reinvigoration of sci-fi chic. The films continue to inspire with avant-garde silhouettes and gothic ensembles. Initially deemed far-fetched, The Matrix’s ‘cyber style’ has cemented its place as relevant in our internet-dominated world.

Words By Cara Briggs


The Matrix is synonymous with the iconic silhouette of flowing, voluminous coats.

Acting as a futuristic cape for the film’s protagonists, we have handpicked coats that will allow you to recreate this visual spectacle.

There’s only one rule when emulating The Matrix fashion, it must be black.

Nanushka’s Black Leather Arto Jacket has a sleek, streamlined silhouette with grained leather, echoing the utilitarian aesthetic of the ‘Matrix Mode’ trend. Jackets in this trend also feature a longline cut to create a dominating, powerful look.

Schott’s Black Cafe Racer Leather Jacket is a cropped alternative that is embellished with bold, silver hardware.

This use of metal finishing reinforces the nature of durability and industrial influences that is integral to Matrix Mode.

To fully embrace this trend, we would recommend styling your oversized black coat with chunky boots and black pants.

For a more subtle approach, these coats can be worn with a pair of distressed denim and a simple t-shirt.

Find your favourite take on Matrix Mode coats below.

Nanushka Josia, $693.94, FORWARD by elyse walker


The ’90s are known as the decade of tiny sunglasses.

However, this evolution in eyewear was undeniably influenced by the release of The Matrix.

The franchise maintains its impact as the Matrix Mode trend urges us to downscale our glasses and opt for an ultra-slim style.

The franchise title has been coined to describe eyewear that is dark, round, reflective and angled.

Saint Laurent’s Acetate sunglasses are a classic black, rectangular accessory to help you embody your favourite Sci-Fi chic look.

Ray-Ban is another option for those wanting to put the future in ‘futuristic fashion’.

The reflective lenses and metallic hardware are a bold way to capture the spirit of Matrix Mode.

KUBORAUM’s Black P50 Sunglasses are a modern take on the pince-nez and their dark, matte colour are as functional in summer as they are stylish in winter.

Make an on-trend statement with our picks of eyewear.

Saint Laurent Acetate Sunglasses, $535, Mytheresa



The influence of Matrix Mode has made its way onto our feet with the rise of chunky, lug-sole combat boots.

Aligning with the popularity of ‘feel-good footwear’, these boots will have you stomping the streets quite literally.

Whilst these boots provided the characters with the functionality of stability and grip, they were a simultaneous style statement.

This chunky, cyberpunk aesthetic continues to capture mainstream consciousness.

Kicking off our picks for Matrix-inspired footwear are the AMIRI Exaggerated-sole leather combat boots.

These chunky shoes feature an oversized tread pattern on the sole that is utilitarian chic.

Another one for the mix is Rick Owens Beatle Turbo Cyclops leather boots. The angular rubber sole and glossy leather encapsulate the cyber-goth sensibilities that are integral to the Matrix Mode trend.

For those daring enough we present you with SUICOKE Black VIC Chelsea Boots.

This sneaker-boot hybrid features a perforated jersey and velcro straps that are lightweight and comfortable.

The combination of leather and rubber creates a textural masterpiece that embodies a futuristic aesthetic.

Shop our picks of chunky footwear below.

Rick Owens Beatle Turbo Cyclops Leather Boots, $2,487, Matches Fashion


Black pants are anything but boring when they fall under the Matrix Mode trend.

Think sleek, glossy leather and silver hardware embellishments. The Matrix has brought leather pants bank onto the radar as both a wardrobe staple and statement.

If you ever needed permission to splurge on an item, this is it. Moncler Genius 1952 has brought us their take on the Matrix with their pair of Zipped Leather trousers.

From the layered grained leather with silver press studs to the inbuilt zipped pockets, these pants are meticulously detailed.

Moncler Genius has captured the rebellious tone that underpins this trend. For a more subtle take, we would suggest Peter Do’s Black Leather Pants.

These straight-legged bottoms are a classic mid-rise shape that still make a bold statement.

Should you want to embrace Matrix Mode we would suggest adding a chunky silver belt and one of our coveted boots.

Alternatively for a chic winter look pair it with a chunky knit sweater for textural contrast that brings warmth.

Find your statement pants for this season.

6 Moncler 1017 ALYX 9SM Zipped Leather Trousers, $3,691, Matches Fashion