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Luxe to Less
21 September 2021

Luxe to Less: On Pointe

Classic ballet flats for every budget.

Ballet flats have long been a staple in every fashion girls wardrobe. Still, since we said goodbye to the office, hello to WFH and embraced tracksuits and comfort dressing, ballet flats have transitioned from classically chic to a must-have piece. Whether worn with your favourite puff sleeve piece or straight leg trackies, ballet flats have proven to be a versatile addition to our post-covid wardrobe selection, stretching far beyond its usual application as the ‘It’ shoe of French style.

Words By Eliza Sears


As far as investment pieces go, ballet flats are probably as good as it gets.

There’s no falling victim to the trend cycle here; investing now is well worth it into the future.

The Olsen sisters polished dishevelment is well-documented in what can only be described as a lifetime of street style and paparazzi photos.

And thanks to their label, The Row, those of us who wish to recreate or take inspiration from the sister’s pared-back look can.

The Row’s Brown Olga polished-leather Mary Jane Flats are the perfect everyday shoe, guaranteed to withstand the demands of life and keep you looking your best simultaneously.

And if you, like many of us at the moment, are in need of a little bit of outfit inspo, the Olsen sisters have you covered.

With a nearly endless supply of ballet flat-friendly looks that transcend space and time, find the perfect ballet silhouette to invest in for years of wear to come.



Harling Ross, formerly of Man Repeller, is a longtime ballet slipper loyalist.

You need only take a momentary glance at Ross’ Instagram to see her love of the ballet flat.

And it’s easy to see why, with a simple slip-on design, dainty appearance, and surprising comfort, the ballet slipper is the perfect city-dweller, fashion-girl shoe.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Mansur Gavriel dream ballerina flats first flooded our Instagram feeds.

Since then, the slippers have become perhaps the most popular in recent times.

They’ve well and truly been embraced by the fashion world and can be spotted at fashion weeks around the globe.

A traditional style, the Mansur Gavriel slippers are reminiscent of the flats we wore as kids, the non-dance kind from Bloch, the ones everyone donned in primary school.

While back in the day we might have paired ballerinas with our finest leggings and skirt number or perhaps your favourite coloured skinny jeans. These days a relaxed pair of boyfriend jeans or tea dress will do just fine.


When you’re on the fence about the style, a less costly option, to begin with, is always best.

Take your ballet flats for a spin, style them as you go and decide whether this classic style is right for you.

Radically transparent, ethically minded basics brand, Everlane is known for its modern take on the classics.

Their day glove flats are no different, made from buttery-soft Italian leather and with a supportive and soft sole; the day glove is made, as the name suggests, to fit like a glove so that you can get on with your day-to-day.

The day glove offers a modern, fashion-forward take on the ballet flat, featuring a higher than usual coverage on the front of the foot.

What’s more, these lime green flats will ensure you stand out even on the sunniest days of spring/summer and provide those you walk past a good dose of joy.


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