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Trending 20 June 2022

The Brands Bringing Knee-High Boots Back

Discover a few of our favourites.

What can keep us warm and radiate glamour while rocking the winter chilly air if not a pair of boots. This season, we are talking knee-high boots.

Words By Thuy Nguyen

Paris Texas

Versatile, chic and playful are precisely the aesthetics Paris Texas embodies. Exactly like the brand’s name suggests, the contrast and embracement of both elements: the elegance of Paris and the boldness of Texas, are reflected in its design. They are well-formed into the iconic Paris Texas we see today by the hand of the Italian craftsman.

Launched in 2015 by the two sisters Annamaria and Margherita Brivio in Italy, Paris Texas has become a footwear phenomenon, loved by many. The colours, the silhouette and versatility hit just the right spot of what we need in a pair of boots.

Paris Texas’ knee-high boots collection offers many options, satisfying any look you desire, from modern to classic, from youthful to luxurious. The brand also puts a lot of spotlight on details. There are not only the familiar patterns, faux croc skin and snakeskin leather or suede, but also many eccentric colours and embellished decor gracefully placed into the design.

We say Paris Texas knee-high boots are the must-have for your winter wardrobe.

Paris Texas Exclusive to Mytheresa – Holly Embellished Knee-high Boots, was $2,055 now $1,438, Mytheresa

Alias Mae

The next brand we must look at is from nowhere else other than Australia – Alias Mae. Alias Mae brings a contemporary take on footwear of all seasons. Each pair is made with a sense of exclusivity, individuality and quality at heart.

Alias Mae is founded by its solo designer Tom Kirkhope in 2011. Coming from a family with a history of shoemaking, Kirkhope has set his own path into the industry with his own uniqueness. Tom Kirkhope’s design really fixates on individual expression, it’s elegant, yet very statement-making. The hue choices are classic, definitely making them easily suit whichever styles you want. They can effortlessly match your outfit any day.

Alias Mae only produces 8 pairs for each colour, making it one of the most coveted footwear brands in Australia. Each pair is handcrafted with refined leather, promising high quality for your wardrobe staple.

Shop our Alias Mae’s curation below with all the silhouettes we can not resist!

Alias Mae FI Boots in Black Stretch, $279.95, Showpo

Stuart Weitzman

You love all the funsies and youthful looks while staying classy heading to your office? You are the New York kind of girl? Then it’s time we meet Stuart Weitzman this season. The brand manifests the vibrancy and modernity of city life in its design. They are trendy yet transcends decades ever since the beginning.

Stuart Weitzman found the self-titled shoe brand in 1986 and the brand has definitely stood the test of time. Over the years, the brand’s footwear has gained cult status – and that is no surprise. Stuart Weitzman designs and produces items with comfort and timelessness at the forefront.

Its knee-high boots are no doubt made to soothe, last and impress. The silhouettes and materials usage capture both the classic and experimental elements. Every pair is handcrafted in Spain with such care – extra cushion and a well-engineered form embracing your feet. It really is the best of both worlds!

Stuart Weitzman Tassel-detail Pointed Suede Boots, was $1,549 now $1,007, Farfetch

Jimmy Choo

We are absolutely in love with Jimmy Choo’s amazingly large collection of boots! Ever since launched, the brand has gained enormous love globally for echoing such a luxurious and daring spirit with the finest quality. Being one of the leading brands to bring shoes onto the red carpet, yet Jimmy Choo is really for everyone. You will not be disappointed not finding your style with the brand’s offers.

The colour, the patterns, the silhouettes – every design comes in with different aesthetics. Jimmy Choo is able to round up from the classiness to playfulness in its many designs. You can find the classic leather silhouette, a mix and match black and snakeskin leather or a laced-up with trendy patterns.

Behind the scene of this fascinating success was Sandra Choi being the Creative Director from the very first day of the brand in 1996. Shoemaking history of the brand yet traces back to Choi’s uncle – Jimmy Choo. Since then, the footwear label has grown to be an icon whether on the street or on stage.

Find your own Jimmy Choo in a rage of beloved styles and colours below with us!

Jimmy Choo Jayla 85mm Knee-high Boots, was $1,696 now $848, Farfetch

Tony Bianco

The last knee-high boots brand we adore is one of the leading shoe brands in Australia – Tony Bianco. With a simple mindset of focusing on quality and putting individuals at the heart of the production, the brand gained great recognition from fashion lovers worldwide as a family-run label.

The brand was launched in 1972 when Tony Bianco was at the age of 25 and started on his own label. Tony Bianco’s design depicts a smart and contemporary look while scoring the timelessness point. It reflects the beauty of high fashion in London and the New York city energy – it is a fusion of streetwear silhouette and luxurious glam.

Tony Bianco’s style is a detail-oriented and versatile icon. The brand commits to bringing you a collection that can conveniently fit into your wardrobe and be an essential complement to your outfit. Simple and neutral, but absolutely not boring is the energy we are getting. The simplistic element of Tony Bianco’s boots is just the right option for those who are into a minimalistic and crisp taste.

Tony Bianco Fantasy Butter Nappa 8cm Calf Boots, $389.95, Tony Bianco