PRINTemps: The Jacquemus Remedy For The Cold Weather Blues

While we’re unable to travel overseas at the moment, the Jacquemus SS20 men’s collection is bringing us southern hemisphere residents the European Summer we are now deprived of.

Words By Brittany Lyons

In a world in need of a little sunshine right now we are happy to report that the Jacquemus men’s  SS20 ready to wear collection is now in full bloom.

The ‘Le Coup de Soleil’ collection, translating to sunburn in English, will forever be bookmarked as one of the most inspired runways that Paris Fashion Week has ever seen.

How could we forget the backdrop of idyllic lavender fields belonging to Provence? Let’s relive that vibrant fuchsia runway cutting through the lilac rows synonymous to the French region, where a unisex presentation was brought to life.

Menswear was masterfully showcased amongst the women’s collection and the flowers. Fragrant, blossoming and refined fashion, that represented home to its creator.

The sun-kissed French designer responsible for the brand, Simon Porte Jacquemus, has been known for celebrating and finding inspiration from childhood memories.

It’s clear that ‘A Coup de Soleil’ was especially fuelled by Simon’s love for his hometown nestled in the south of France. Growing up in Provence, Simon’s childhood was filled with adventure, rustic food and fragrant fields. Drawing inspiration from his modest upbringing in a family of farmers, fruit, vegetables, flora and the Mediterranean sea have all had a profound impact on all aspects of his designs.

Simon’s interpretation of his female brand within the menswear space is effortless, contemporary and speaks with an almost identical voice. It almost feels as though he is designing the Jacquemus’ homme collection for himself and to fulfil the functionality he seeks in his adventurous, millennial-esque lifestyle.

‘Le Coup de Soleil’ certainly feels like an all-immersive experience into Simon’s joys as a young boy. The meadows, fruits and flowers synonymous to Simon’s childhood in the countryside, have been artfully placed onto the no-fuss fabrics.

Heavy use of traditionally feminine focused hues, prints and accessories bring to light a new interpretation of what it means to be masculine and Simon’s interpretation of the modern man.

Pure unbridled, playful, bliss. Zesty colour pops of fuchsia, oranges and diluted sorbets are not only present but all-consuming, with each piece personifying the ideal wardrobe when vacationing in the southern parts of Europe.

Keynotes echoing a summer spent by the Mediterranean Sea have been expertly balanced with boxy, playfully tailored, masculine shapes. Longline shorts, panelled blazers and classic button-ups radiate a laid-back attitude that is unapologetically cool.

The 2020 Jacquemus man is full-spirited, knows how to have a great time and is happiest by the sea and amongst the fields.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and in need of a European summer, we implore you to shop Jacquemus’s men’s collection and find that certain joie-de-vivre that you may be seeking.