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28 January 2022

It’s Time To Go Maximalist With Your Glassware

Funky, bold and gloriously loud glassware is in, so 'I’ll drink to that!’

Sure, there is a certain appeal to crisp white decor and crystal-clear glassware, but we believe entertaining dinner guests deserves a little shaking up for the new year. Perfect for brightening up the table setting, and adding a touch of fun to each meal, colourful and uniquely shaped glassware knows no bounds. Due to being highly coveted and searched for, we are here to help you discover the perfect Pinterest inspired table setting for your household.

Words By Kaylah Baker


By far the greatest way to make a loud and proud statement with your dining set is through vibrant unique glasses.

Adding excitement to the table, retro glasses quickly elevate a table setting in an instant.

Simply swap your clear glass set for a pop of colour the next time you are hosting and watch as your guests marvel over the spark of genius.

A craze in the mid-1920s and 1940s, lightly tinted glasses were mass-produced in shades of pink, blue, green and yellow.

Tied to the Great Depression era, they added a touch of light to the darkness.

Whether you prefer elegantly antique-styled glasses that represent the Victorian-era or the lightly tinted glasses, there is no denying that colourful, unique glasses know how to spread a little joy around the table.

Enjoy the sweetness of your beverage just a little bit more and drink to the flamboyant vibe now radiating from your setting.

Sohie Lou Jacobsen Pink Ripple Cup Set, 6 oz, $95, SSENSE



The perfect mix between old-fashioned and modernised glassware, these glass pitchers are perfect to keep the drinks flowing.

Available in a myriad of shapes, textures and colours, there will be no room left for plain, boring, clear pitchers on your dining room table.

If you can’t decide between bold hues and quirky shapes, then we have you covered in the domain of both.

Pick between the Vanderohe Curio glass jug in green and the Sophie Lou Jacobsen pink wave pitcher and you will be right on your way to maximalist styling.

If you prefer to ease your way gradually into having funky glassware on your table, then the Luisa Beccaria ridged pitchers in green and pink are simple and on-trend.

Designed with fluted detailing, a texture making waves in the interior design world, they are classically elegant.

So, fill the pitcher of your choice with your favourite summer drink, and add a simple flair to your table without drawing too much attention.

Vanderohe Curio + NET SUSTAIN Large Glass Jug, $375.42, Net-A-Porter

Carafes & Decanters

A modernised interpretation of the classic pitcher, carafes and decanters are everything your chic-stylish yet adventurous home needs.

Designed as an open-topped glass ‘flask’, the glassware item is perfect for pouring guests a glass of water or something a little bit fancier.

A subtle addition to the dinner table, they are the flawless solution to enhancing your dinner set.
And because we love a multi-purpose collector item, they make a beautiful vase when not in use for livening up the dinner party with drinks.

Setting the trend and raising the standard across all carafes, Maison Balzac’s traditional french-inspired collection is one to adore.

Available in a pale pink and a deep teal, the ever-so trendy brand knows a thing or two about how to achieve maximalist dining.

But don’t worry, with a variety of options available, we have made the task of finding your dining vibe simple.

Maison Balzac J’Ai Soif Carafe Set Pink, $89, Adore Beauty

Carafes & Decanters
Quirky Sets

Quirky Sets

What could be better than a single colourful glassware item?

That’s right, a quirky set.

Diving straight into maximalist glassware, sets ensure you have a perfectly matched set for privileged dinner guests and special at-home date nights.

Spice up the evening with some extra fanciness and start your pre-dinner drinks with the Bianca Glasses set from Anthropologie.

Available in shades of Jade, Golden and Amethyst the playful set is equal parts sophisticated and artistic.

And because not every fine dining glassware needs to be reserved for the guests, the charming Mr & Mrs Night Water Set from Nude is a dreamy addition for your bedside table.

Acting as a reminder to keep your fluids up during the summertime, the nighttime set saves the hassle of staggering to the kitchen at night.

Including a tall carafe and a matching tumbler detailed with a sleeping face, the cute set will have you quickly re-thinking the next way to amplify your glassware collection.

Bianca Glasses, Set of 4, US$64, Anthropologie


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