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The It List 28 October 2022

Introducing the Dockside Runway’s Up-and-Comers

Take your next stylish look to the next level with these emerging Melbourne brands.

A stunning combination of layered pieces, 90s-inspired styles and slow fashion took centre stage on Melbourne Fashion Week's Dockside runway. Featuring concepts including Y2K maximalism, layered pieces and slow fashion, we have chosen a few of our favourite emerging designers from Dockside that you will love. So whether you enjoy slow fashion, Y2K fever, or love all things extravagant, Monde has you covered with this collection of designer brands that Melbourne's fashion enthusiasts will adore.

Words By Erin Visagie


This year, A.BCH found its way onto the Dockside runway with a collection of unique garments, flowing silhouettes, minimalistic colours, vibrant patterns, and a bright yellow look that caught the eye.

Courtney Holm crafted the brand in 2017 with the vision that beautiful essential pieces should not sacrifice the environment, and that only sustainable and ethical practices should be used to make clothes that will last, look great, and are worth every penny.

The A.BCH brand stands out due to its circular fashion focus and commitment to reducing the impact of fashion waste, such as water pollution, exploitation of animals, and threatening the environment. Every garment crafted in Melbourne uses renewable, organic, and recycled materials, such as buttons made from the seeds of the Corozo fruit, a native fruit of Panama.

Aside from men’s, women’s, and gender-neutral clothing, A.BCH also offers accessories, a rental service, gifts such as clothing repair kits, and a specialised line called ‘the red line’ made from rare materials. What’s not to love about A.BCH?

Shop the collection from A.BCH below.



The latest collection from SZN featured a variety of beautiful, brilliant patterns and colours that brought their collection to life using upcycled materials and textiles, including denim.

A successful Australian fashion label, SZN was established in 2012 by Susan Dlouhy, the inaugural winner of the Victorian Premier’s Good Design Awards for Best in Category Fashion Design.

A brand like SZN is perfect for fashion lovers who favour artsy, grungy, and minimalist clothing, that also combines the use of organic and sustainable fabrics. The current collection from SZN includes gender-neutral clothing pieces made from organic cotton, cotton acetate, upcycled silk, and upcycled denim. With SZN, you can enjoy stunning, stylish clothes that consider the health of the environment.

Browse the latest collection from SZN below.



With collections of handcrafted bedwear, clothing, sleepwear, and lifestyle products, a beachwear collection called ‘Sea Lovers’, and a cute incense stick collection called ‘Bau Bau by SUKU’, SUKU Home is a brand to watch.

Whilst SUKU has a generous offering of goods spanning home, bed and outerwear categories, there are certainly other brand traits that add to it’s allure. The brand is committed to empowering locals in Bali through economic empowerment. SUKU’s handcrafted clothing and collections are made by artisans and craftspeople in Indonesia, are made with love and celebrate the use of traditional craftsmanship methods.

Its Bali-based studio specialises in painting and dip-dying fabrics using traditional Indonesian Batik techniques, which require a lot of skill and effort.

SUKU Home is a fair-trade, ethical brand that showcased beautiful, colourful, patterned sets, sweatshirts, dresses, and accessories at Melbourne Fashion Week.

Discover some fantastic SUKU Home must-haves below.



A brilliant brand, SISTER Studios is the brainchild of friends Emma and Alice, who were inspired to make things and hang out together. The SISTER Studios collective comprises women and others who feel a sense of belonging and connection through SISTER’s clothing.

With bright colours and patterns, SISTER Studios’ current collection captures playfulness with clothes and accessories. There are pinstripe couture bottoms, corsets, and accessories like caps, scrunch bags, phone charms, bow tights and tote bags that are to die for.

Featuring a range of statement pieces and accessories to complete any look, SISTER Studios has something for everyone.

Browse the latest collection from SISTER Studios below.



Melbourne-based brand Chris Ran Lin offers experimental, versatile menswear made from premium fibres and fabrics inspired by architecture, structures, and textures. Chris Ran Lin is available in Australia and Asia, with a limited ready-to-wear collection available online.

The Chris Ran Lin brand is a cutting-edge and innovative menswear brand that offers women’s and gender-neutral apparel. A wide variety of knitwear pieces can be found at Chris Ran Lin, including ribbed jumpers, embroidered vests, cardigans, tunics, double-breasted jackets, polo shirts, beanies, and more.

Shop Chris Ran Lin’s collection below.



Every piece in the Erik Yvon collection reflects Erik’s Mauritian heritage, his surroundings, and art. As an ethical and sustainable brand, the clothing is not only made-to-order but aims to redefine perceptions of gender and celebrate fashion as art. With pieces that are the perfect blend of slow production, vibrant colours, bold patterns, prints and textures, Yvon’s pieces are the right choice for any fashion lover.

Yvon’s collection was perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the Dockside runway this year, with looks inspired by the Y2K/90’s trends.
Among Erik Yvon’s impressive clothing line are dresses, tees, hats, jackets, pants, sets, bikinis, scarves, faux leather pants, gowns, pants, and socks.

Discover more of Erik Yvon’s vibrant collection below.



There are many reasons why Postel is a fantastic brand. Slow fashion, conscious design, and ethical production make this brand one to watch, and not only did it grace the Melbourne Fashion Week runway, but it is dedicated to minimal textile waste and sustainable methods. It contributes positively to the slow fashion movement.

Each Postel piece is crafted in-house in Melbourne, made from recycled materials and made to order to help reduce waste. Postel yarn comes from Australia and New Zealand.

With a variety of knitwear pieces that are reminiscent of grunge-style pieces from the early 2000s, Postel offers a variety of knitted dresses, skirts, long sleeve cut out tops and sets that are stylish for any occasion and are lightweight enough to wear during the summer or layer up during the winter.

Check out the Postel collection below.