In Conversation With: Viceta Wang

We sat down with Viceta Wang, the innovative and elegant fashion designer of the fashion brand ‘Viceta Wang’ to chat about her 2023 S/S collection, her style and thoughts on Melbourne Fashion Week.

Words By Erin Visagie

Everyone is buzzing about finding stylish and flattering garments in warmer months. The first runway show of Melbourne Fashion Week, the Urban Garden Runway, brought forward an array of talented designers and stylish onlookers from all over the country and, in some cases, overseas to celebrate a love of spring/summer fashion looks.

For me, one of the stand-out designers from the Urban Garden Runway would have to be Viceta Wang. Viceta’s 2023 spring/summer collection captures the very essence of a gorgeous spring day with flattering and flowing silhouettes, luxurious taffeta fabrics, garment anatomy inspired by butterfly and the petals of a flower, stunning exaggerated sleeves, and an array of bold colours that are the perfect asset to any spring wardrobe.

I had the pleasure of meeting Viceta and her lovely team at Melbourne Fashion Week. She wore a gorgeous tulle dress with a beautiful pink button-up cardigan that made her look Cinderella-esque. What caught my attention besides her style, with her kind demeanour and the kindness her team also showed.

Viceta Wang is a namesake Mount Waverley-based fashion brand, that specialises in creating gorgeous, bespoke, soft feminine garments that inspire and empower contemporary women to feel confident in their skin.

Wang’s brand combines traditional ideas about bespoke tailoring and personalised services with the sustainable notions of limited inventory and a made-to-order model.

From the 10th-16th of October, Viceta Wang’s Metamorphosis collection is available at the Collins Place Gallery at the Sofitel Hotel for the LCI Melbourne exhibition of fashion, costume, still and moving images.

We were lucky enough to get comments about her latest 2023 collection, style, inspirations and meanings embedded in her beautiful butterfly-esque collection.

What inspired the collection?

“The “Metamorphosis” collection draws on the constant self-transitional phases of our lives, portrayed by the butterfly cycle and its key stages of development. The Spring Summer 2023 collection illustrates this journey, expressing graceful movement, bright, vivacious hues, and powerfully structured forms. The butterfly’s transformation process references a woman’s life-changing journey, starting in the early nurturing stages, slowly transforming into a more graceful form, honing their skills until finally presenting themselves, re-born, into a new powerful woman.”

What’s your style?

“Our philosophy is to bring inspiration and freedom to modern women, empowering them to discover and develop their uniqueness. Viceta Wang mixes traditional ideas about bespoke tailoring with contemporary aesthetics in limited-edition collections that are carefully crafted by hand. The label not only boasts an extensive ready-to-wear collection but also offers the unique opportunity to co-create an exclusive bespoke design, transporting us into the world of couture.”

What do you love most about M/FW?

“I relish the fact that Melbourne Fashion Week gathers like-minded creatives who share a passion for fashion. It’s powerful to mingle with the diversity and depth of the industry, which continues to grow and flourish, creating new pathways for the next generation to make their mark on this thriving scene. The resounding appreciation for local Australian fashion is incredible to witness in person, and I hope this encourages the next generation of designers and enthusiasts to join our supportive community.”

What influences do you incorporate in your collections, and what messages and stories are you trying to communicate in your pieces?

“The modern woman guides my collections and influences my designs. My collections radiate modern poetry, transitioning from softly sophisticated to powerfully encapsulating structural pieces. The wearer is transported to a fantasy realm where they can express their true self and connect to an elevated sense of themselves.”

What is your favourite piece you have ever created and why?

“The opening number for our M/FW capsule collection would have to be my most ambitious piece to date. The bright pink statement dress features exaggerated sleeves that resemble that of a butterfly extending its wings. Creating an artistic depiction of the anatomy of the butterfly has equally been a treat and challenge to create. I hope this new technique achieved the ‘wings of hope’, which reveals a woman’s renewed self, with volumes of couture energy. It took four patterns to conceptualise this design, and I could not be happier with the mesmerising outcome.”

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