In Conversation With: Jess Alizzi

We sat down with Jess Alizzi, style authority and Monde muse, to chat past, present and hopes for the future.

Words By Brittany Lyons

If you are anything like me you love to scroll through the Instagram feeds of those who not only have the ability to influence and inspire you, but those who really just seem like a genuinely good person. Those modern-day content creators who you feel a connection with on a deeper level.

For me, I feel that way about Jess Alizzi.

A Melbourne-based identity who exudes all things class, Jess invites her 460,000 odd Instagram followers a peek into her life each and every day.

A representation of moody stills and vlogs, Jess’s interests span those typical of a twenty-something-year-old female, and like any true Melbournian, she has an inherent understanding and appreciation for great food and great drinks.

Whether it be for an outfit, travel destination or what to cook for dinner, Jess’ style is effortlessly refined, and we love living in her perfectly curated world.

Not unlike most others that sit in her pool of digital content creators, Jess did not plan to find herself doing this as her full-time gig. Much to her parent’s dismay, she decided not to pursue her degree in Commerce and Law and to instead land herself a role in the new-age world of content creation.

A very similar sentiment to that of Kristy Wu, Jess has never looked back since diving headfirst into this career, and it almost seems fate-like that she’s landed where she now is.

Her personal brand of today is an honest curation of simplistic elegance and truly, a place where we find much of our style inspiration.

Scrolling back to her earlier days, one can truly understand the evolution of style that has occurred throughout her digital journey of self-discovery.

“I would say that my personal style is constantly evolving and adapting to suit my age, my surroundings and my lifestyle in that moment. When I started this ‘digital content’ journey, I was 21 – so my personal style was much younger, more influenced by trends and what was seen as cool”.

A relatable statement that most assuredly resonates with most who believe they have found their own style identity after some years of exploration and ‘doing what was cool.’

Post trend-driven days, the Jess Alizzi of 2020 prefers a masculine touch, effortless approach and complete obsession with all things luxury. And this is what we and followers from all around the world come to Jess for.

A Bottega Vaneta fanatic, Jess’ collection of goodies is highly enviable, covetable and a very chic display of a woman who gets fashion. What we would give to have a peek into that wardrobe of hers..

With iconic fashion houses knocking on her door for brand partnerships, it is no surprise that Jess now stands as one of Melbourne’s most highly sought-after digital creators. Her ability to captivate her, now global audience, alongside a very endearing air, we believe Jess stands as a genuine representation of the Monde Woman.

Embodying a true #MondeMuse and authority for all things designer handbags, Jess was the obvious choice when it came to partnering with someone for our Loewe Basket Bag giveaway.

Learn more about our Loewe Bag GIVEAWAY in launched in partnership with Jess here.

While the noise of events and designer goods may take their toll on some, the resounding effect it’s had on Jess seems to be little to none. Boasting a humility that makes us like her even more, it is clear that Jess remains a European-Australian who treasures her family and simple pleasures more than anything else.

When prompted by a question about her wildest dreams for her personal brand, Jess brought it home with the below response..

“I would say the wildest and perhaps most random is that I would truly love to open up a wine and pasta bar one day and share the entire experience across my social platforms.

From deciding on a location to greeting customers and of course, dining there myself. It has always been a dream of mine to own a small restaurant in Melbourne and I think having grown up in a very European household, the coming together as a family for dinner (often with wine) each day was always such a special moment, so I guess I would like to recreate this warm, cosy feeling in my bar.”

We’ll let you know of any restaurant updates as they come to hand.