Hunter x Killing Eve: A Daring Collaboration

Embracing an empowering and adventurous spirit, Hunter's new collaboration with Killing Eve is to die for.

In honour of the fourth and last season of the Emmy and Golden Globe award winning TV series Killing Eve, Hunter releases the limited-edition collaboration inspired by the spirit of the show.

Words By Thuy Nguyen

Hunter is an icon within the footwear world. Founded in 1856, the brand has been known for its progressive mindset and history of innovation. Developing boots that are designed for performing in various terrains, all the while keeping it stylish.

The capsule introduces 2 silhouettes – The Hunting and The Chasing. The Hunting Boots come in mid-calf form, available in two colours Black and Olive. This silhouette features a foldable top, removable strap and pouch for personalising purpose. The Chasing Boots bring a knee-high form, available in three colours Black, Olive and Mawson Creek Brown.

Killing Eve is a well-known British show with many iconic fashion moments. The show embraces the empowerment of females, the thrilling action and the espionage. These features of Killing Eve are totally aligned with the brand’s values.

Hunter perfectly encapsulates the dare and boldness of the show in the 2 silhouettes. The streamlined form along with the waterproof Stetson leather and light weight rubber nylon emphasise the functionality aspect. The Hunter’s iconic waterproof high-grip rubber soles are a bonus point for the ‘Killing Eve’ look. These boots also provide the vegan recycled Sherpa linings for warmth and comfort.

We see a great focus on valuing the pleasure and convenience in the way the boots are constructed, but also treasuring the classic fearlessness and chic design. These Hunter x Killing Eve boots are definitely offering you the best of both worlds.

Hunter is successfully staying close to their originals while capturing the essence of the popular TV show.

Explore the limited-edition capsule with team Shop Monde and embody the ‘Killing Eve’ spirit on these stunning boots.