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Beauty Bytes 12 May 2022

How To Support Your Skin Better this Season

How changing up just a few products in your cosmetic case can make a world of a difference during the colder months.

With the season’s change comes an inherent need to care for our skin differently. The cold snap brings icy winds, drying indoor heating and a skin begging for nourishment. In order to keep that summer glow, some alterations to your beauty regime are absolutely necessary. Below are 5 product swaps sure to give you a plump and hydrated complexion, all winter long.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Gentle Cleanser

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, your cleanser can definitely be a seasonal product.

During the warmer months, your cleanser must typically work a little harder to rid your skin of makeup, loads of sunscreen as well as sweat and everything that sticks to it. Whilst we still need to apply and reapply SPF year-round, there is typically less gunk we need to wash off our faces throughout the cooler months.

Second to that, throughout winter our skins can become sensitive and dehydrated thanks to low temperatures, harsh winds and drying heaters.

These two factors make the cooler seasons the best time to switch from a foaming cleanser to a gentle, cream-based one.

Nourishing from the first step in your skincare routine can be easy thanks to cleansers like Dermalist’s Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser. Lactic acid is an ultra-gentle AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which not only exfoliates but hydrates at the same time. If your skin is extra thirsty and irritated throughout the cooler months, Lancer’s The Method: Cleanse is the perfect winter-time sub-in.

LANCER, The Method: Cleanse Sensitive – Dehydrated Skin, 120ml, $95.94

Face Oil

If you’re happy with your current skincare line up but are hoping to inject some serious nourishment into your already existing routine, a face oil may just be the product your skin is seeking.

Facial oils are packed full of rich nut and seed oils, good omega fats, different types of botanicals and other skin loving ingredients to help feed your skin from the outside in.

One of our favourite ways to use a facial oil on skin’s feeling extra hungry is to mix it into a nightly moisturiser/nigh cream to take that hydration even further. If you’re not into the idea of cocktailing your products, rule of thumb is to add your oil after your moisturiser as it’s heavier in consistency.

For an entry level product to dip your toe into the oil scene, Deciem’s The Ordinary offer a 100% Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil at a fabulous drug-store price. Rose Hip Seed oil helps with hydration, brightening and reducing inflammation.

On the bougier end of the spectrum, Augustinus Bader’s The Face Oil is a supercharged formula that melts into the skin, boasting nourished, hydrated, refined and radiant results.

Eye of Horus, Seven Seed Sacred Oil, $85.00

Hydrated Lips

Winter is certainly the time of year when you’ll be finding yourself reaching into your bag for your favourite lip balm to calm your chapped pout.

Your lips are one of the most sensitive areas of skin on your face, and just like when it’s hot out and you need to shield them from the harmful UVA & UVB rays, you must hydrate and re-nourish them when the elements are making them dry and cracked.

Now some lip balms promise to do more than others, and so you can most assuredly pick the product that meets your needs best. For the everyday, a lip balm should be your in-bag companion for all your application and reapplication needs, whereas a lip mask should do the heavy lifting while you sleep.

A lip mask gaining cult status for Gen Z thanks to platforms like TikTok, belongs to K-Beauty brand Laneige. Their Lip Sleeping Mask promises to work hard while you sleep, and reveal a morning pout that is plump, soft and hydrated and has even been coined as ‘The Best Lip Product Ive Ever Used’ by an Adore Beauty staff member. Available in 4 delicious flavours like Berry, Chocolate and Peach Iced Tea, you can accurately consider it a bougie and better 2022 version of the ‘Lip Smacker’.

Augustinus Bader, The Lip Balm, $58.00

Night Cream

A no brainer but very deserving of a place in our list of cosmetics to use throughout autumn and winter, is the night cream.

Characteristically different from a moisturiser, a night cream is richer is formulation, denser in hydration and usually too thick to be worn under the AM products like sunscreen and makeup.

The thick consistency of a night cream is formulated to drip feed your skin throughout the night, not unlike a mask, and for you to wake with a nourished, and moisturised complexion.

Brilliant even for oily skin types throughout the cooler months, a night cream is the ultimate step up from a regular moisturiser that nurses dry and dehydrated types back to bouncy life.

A product that’s reputation exceeds it is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream. Packed full of plant stem cells, retinol, enzymes and vitamin e, this elixir promises you’ll wake with supple, dewy, bouncy and make-up ready skin in the morning.

A bargain option that provides similar results at a fraction of the cost is Waleda’s Skin Food. A cult-status moisturiser with a thick consistency and no-bs, this stuff is good enough to use anywhere on the body that needs it.

Elizabeth Arden, Ceramide Lift & Firm 50ml Night Cream, $150.00

Cream Based Products

Now we’ve adequately prepared the skin and adjusted what it needs throughout the drying and harsh conditions that winter throws at it, let’s chat makeup. Truly an extension of our skincare and a cohort of products that should also be altered for the changing season, we’re excited to tell you about cream-based products.

On skins that are showing signs of dryness and dehydration, cream-based makeup products not only afford the skin another lick of hydration, but also helps us avoid any cakey or flakey finishes that seem to accentuate fine lines.

When playing around with cream-based cosmetics, general rule of thumb is to stick with a full face of them, not to add any powders into the mix where possible.

After a liquid base, the wonderful world of beauty has afforded us cream-based options in pretty must anything that you choose to place onto your face. For us, a cream highlighter, blush and bronzer are all worthwhile products to have on hand.

If you’re looking for a product that wears more than one hat (who wouldn’t be?) then Bobby Brown’s range of Pot Rouges offer a flush of colour for the eyelids, lips and cheeks.

Vapour Beauty, Bronzing Stick – Simmer, $64.42