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Get the Look 4 February 2021

How to Style Your Wardrobe Like Carrie Bradshaw

Iconic styles that will forever be inspired by a make-believe muse.

If you’re not already aware, we've been blessed with the announcement of the Sex and the City reboot we never thought would happen. Titled ‘Just Like That’, our favourite protagonist is back, galivanting all over NYC writing about romantic encounters and most importantly, wearing the outfits we’ve missed so much.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Full-Bodied Skirts

Can you place the baby pink tule tutu Carrie sports in the intro to SATC? Stunned after seeing herself on the NYC bus?

Well, this was one of the first examples of Bradshaw’s love for a full-bodied skirt.

If you, like many of us, have watched the original series over and over again, you’ll recognise that the team behind Bradshaw were experts in integrating the tutu into a grown-up and sophisticated look. We learnt a lot about styling from this statement. For us, it’s the mixing of a very formal or whimsical skirt with a basic top option like a singlet or relaxed tee.

In order to recreate one of Bradshaw’s iconic full-bodied skirt looks, we’re drawn to the designs of Zimmermann and pretty much anything in tulle.

Tulle’s role in Sex and the City further strengthened some of the more ‘fairy-tale’ moments throughout the series. A nod to the childhoods of most of us, we cannot help but find a princess skirt devastatingly romantic.

Tiered, full length and all those in between, Miss Bradshaw was not shy of a skirt, and a bloody statement one at that. We think she would appreciate the ones we have our eyes on, featured below.

The Baguette Bag

One of Bradshaw’s most iconic looks is a red leather plunging singlet with none other than a brown Fendi Baguette bag.

Recognised by its small rectangular shape and short underarm strap, the Baguette bag is a 90’s style icon that has seen a huge resurgence in the last few years. Harper’s Bazaar actually pinned the repopularisation of the Baguette in 2019, on our Sex and the City protagonist.

How so?

Instrumental in Fendi relaunching the Baguette in the late 2010’s, actress Sarah Jessica Parker actually featured in the campaign used to revive the archival style.

The #BaguetteFriendsForever campaign stars a cohort of influencers mimicking the fabulous foursome of Sex and the City. It tells the story of one of the girls falling in love with a purple sequinned Fendi bag in the shop window, but when she finally goes to purchase it, she finds out someone got there before her.

Cue SJP being the one who got in there a little earlier and exclaiming, “Oh, this isn’t a bag. It’s a Baguette”.

Making the small-sized accessory iconically her own, Bradshaw and Parker alike have well and truly revived the style. So much so that us all around the globe can enjoy the baguette, with versions of the bag now available from the likes of the high street and the haute. Thanks Carrie.

Manolo Blahniks

When you think of SATC, you think of shoes, you think of Manolo Blahnik. A shoe brand synonymous with the Sex and the City franchise, this footwear brand is to Carrie what a one-night stand is to Samantha, an integral part of the plotline.

The most memorable pair of pumps to ever grace our screens throughout the journey, are undoubtedly the Badgley Mischka Cher Pumps in a regal blue. (They were the first pair Bradshaw brings to her brand-new wardrobe Big builds for her, before everything turns at the wedding. GASP!).

Another honourable mention was when Bradshaw was held up at gun point, and the perp asked for her Manolos after demanding after other valuable items such her purse and phone. Post the ordeal, Bradshaw philosophised on their non-monetary value time and time again. One can only understand the symbolism of Manolo Blahnik portraying another of Carrie’s loves, a love that (we think) surpassed any connected to a male in the show.

Catapulted onto the fashion scene of notoriety first by the likes of Princess Diana and Grace Coddington, Blahnik continues to reign supreme when it comes to high-end, formal footwear.

You can shop the still relevant and inspirational artful creations at some of the world’s best department stores. Below to discover.

Haute & Sport

One thing I think we all really appreciate about the Bradshaw brand is that she was never afraid to take risks when dressing. An expert knack for mixing the high end with the thrifted or (sometimes daggy) vintage, Carrie certainly has come up with some zany outfits.

That’s why we love her so much. Unafraid to break the mould of conventional dressing and turn some heads along the way. Bradshaw’s wardrobe was an amalgamation of a truthful and honest form of self-expression, which often manifested in a bit of kookiness.

For us, an interpretation of Bradshaw’s mixing of high and low, formal and informal and outerwear and underwear, reins true to the premise of the show. Freedom.

The 90’s was the age where cosmopolitan woman were able to express their sexuality, career, friendships and creativity just as they pleased, (like men had done for decades before them, pretty much for the first time).

Mixing haute couture with jewellery holding only value of sentiment and nothing more, Carrie is the queen when it comes to mixing high and low. The original creator of sports-luxe, Carrie Bradshaw is responsible for a handful of iconic looks where couture was mixed with an item of sportswear. The beauty in recreating this? There are no rules.


On the note of costume jewellery, Bradshaw was not shy on her use, overuse and love of these accessories.

Typically left for grandmothers and the conservative, this old-school accessory got the royal treatment throughout the Sex and the City journey, with our protagonist often sporting a brooch or a pin.

While brooches often symbolise the wealthy and tradition, our girl Carrie used them as a fun accessory to elevate a look and create a modern dimension.

She paired The Cameo Pin with a pinstripe Vivienne Westwood suit on her trip to Vogue, a Verdura gold and diamond Target Brooch in a menswear inspired white suit look, and who could forget the jewelled brooch she wore at her first wedding to Mr Big?

Breathing new life into a somewhat stagnant accessory paved a new wave in how we now use a pin or a brooch. European fashion houses by the likes of Gucci, Loewe, Chloe and Moncler all offer a wide range of the costume jewellery pieces to fun-up your existing wardrobe. Here at Monde, we love the idea of a brooch to a canvas tote, a blazer label or a silk scarf.

Bradshaw had an absolutely brilliant way of incorporating brooches in such a modern and fun way. We hope you find the inspiration to do the same.