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Trending 28 September 2021

How to Style Curtain Bangs like a Pro

Somewhere between growing out a fringe, a TikTok trend and a curtain part, the Curtain Bangs came to be.

You’ve seen many the TikTok and IG Reels of girls failing the at-home curtain part fringe cut, but this is how to style it correctly once it’s been professionally cut. In the 2020 era, we’re finding beauty trends not only being born on TikTok, but very informative videos on how to achieve said trend living here too. Alongside the Wolf Cut, the Curtain Bang trend has recently gained notoriety on the Gen-Z platform. Falling somewhere between a 70’s Dolly Parton blow back and the awkward stage of growing out a blunt bang, the curtain bang is the modern way to wear a fringe and we’re all about it. Here’s how to style it like a pro.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Prepping the Hair

If you haven’t been blessed with thick textured and malleable hair, the styling process of a wow curtain bang must start well before you’d initially think!

To ensure you’ve got the best possible chance at achieving styling success, the process must start in the shower.

Shampoo and conditioner containing body building ingredients ensure that the hairs texture not only grips the styling tools, but ensures the locks stay perfectly in place.

Once the hair has been dried slightly with a towel, it’s imperative to go in with a heat protectant product to maintain the health of your locks.

Now available in an impressive range of sprays, balms and oils, we recommend picking a protectant that is created for your specific hair type.

If your starting with dry (already heat protected) hair, a texture spray will adequately provide the grip needed when going in with your tools.

Some of our favourite texturizing spays contain salt water, a dry shampoo would even work brilliantly here.

R+Co Ingenious Thickening Conditioner 201ml, $93.36, Net-A-Porter

With a Blow Dryer

Ok so the hair has been adequately primed, protected and product’d, now it’s time to dry it in the best way possible for the curtain bangs to sit successfully.

With your trusty blow dryer and round bristle brush handy, we’re about to make this fringe pop.

No matter if you’re styling the rest of your hair wavy or straight, this is how to ensure the front bangs are a mix between Farrah Fawcett and Alexa Chung.

Grab yourself a comb with a parting spike on the end and make sure you part your hair exactly in the centre.

First of all, set your dryer to a medium heat and strength setting and roughly dry all parts of the hair until 70% done.

Pull back all parts of the hair except for the fringe and place the nozzle of the dryer up to the brush in an upward sweeping motion. Slowly pull the brush in a downward motion and continue until the hair is completely dry.

Once you’re happy with the volume, set the shape with a cold blast of air and voila! The curtain bangs are perfectly achieved.

ghd Air Hair Dryer, was $235 now $190, Oz Hair & Beauty

With a Straightener

If you’ve been hesitant to get a fringe due to a cowlick, then the flat iron way of styling curtain bangs is certainly for you.

The heat and ability to curve the hair directly from the root is the perfect way to tame the flick.

This hairstyle is compatible with any length hair really!

You can wear the majority back section in a pony, completely down, low bun, however- just make sure the wispy fringe is left out and the part is created dead centre.

To the styling part. Once your hair is sufficiently dry with the help of your dryer (and heat protectant prior) time to go in with an anti-frizz oil or balm to smooth.

Section the bangs and grab one side with your iron, gradually curling the tool upwards. Play with the angle until your desires flick is achieved.

If you’re purchasing a straightener just for the fringe area we recommend getting a little mini iron with small heat plates (also great for travel). Cloud Nine do a brilliant one called the Micro Iron.

Cloud Nine The Micro Iron, $155, Oz Hair & Beauty

With a Curling Iron

This method is the perfect way to achieve a super 70’s barrelled windswept look, something directly out of a Dolly Parton film clip.

If you’re opting to use your curling wand or iron we recommend first going in with a hairspray or holding spray to get those defined curls to stick.

Brushing out the curls with a wide toothed comb once the locks have cooled down leaves with an effortless windswept look.

After spraying a small amount of hair spray to each of the sides of the bangs, wrap the portion of hair to the warm tool away from the face.

Make sure the curl is going away in the direction away from the face. Very important.

If you’re finding the curls are too defined wrapping straight from the root, start lower down on the fringe and curl about half the way up.

This barrelled look pairs perfectly with a full head of glamorous curls to the rest of the hair, somewhere between a Victoria’s Secret Angel and Country western star.

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