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Beauty Bytes 28 February 2022

How to Nail the Faux Freckle Trend

No freckles? No worries! Here are 4 different products to apply natural looking freckles.

Summer brings sunkissed makeup trends, and each year without fail we’re reminded how charming freckles can be. The perfect addition to a bronzed and blushing look is the addition of tiny little brown specks throughout the nose and undereye area, we are freckle obsessed! If you haven’t been blessed with these little nose dots or aren’t keen to gain them via time spent in the sun (protect that beautiful face from harmful rays), here are 4 different products that will help you achieve a natural looking set of freckles in no time.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Freckle Pen

A relatively new product offering coming out of the 2010’s is the freckle pen.

Unsurprisingly created for one purpose and one purpose alone, this freckle friendly applicator has propelled to popularity thanks to the beauty world embracing the faux freckle within the last decade.

If you’re new to the fake freckle game, a specifically formulated tool to yield the perfect freckle seems like the greatest place to start.

The brand behind the original freckle pen is, Freck.

This liquid-y formula is applied to the skin via a small brush doused in the brown and buildable solution.

For a perfect natural-looking application, simply dot the brush into areas you’re building freckles and blend with your fingertips to give a subtle effect.

For those who need an extra hand in the placement of your perfect and cute little dots, brand Bronzie has created a stencil to help us all nail the formation.

To use, simply place the plastic stencil over the mid part of the face and apply either face-appropriate fake tan to the un-voided areas or draw through with any of the products suggested below.

XX Revolution Fake The Freckle Pen, $12.50, Beauty Bay

Brow Pencil

If you’re curious to dabble in the faux freckle game but not 100% sure if you’re willing to invest in a Freck pen, let’s teach you how to use a product that is surely already readily available in your cosmetic case.

The humble brow pencil may just be the first way you learned to fill in your brows, and is also one of the most versatile products in your make up arsenal.

Grabbing a pencil that is brown in shade (hopefully not too dark and not too light) and sharpened adequately enough to give small dots is how we’ll begin.

Retractable pencils are also perfect to use, just as long as the end comes to a small enough point to create our petit dots.

It’s also wise to use a formula that is smudge and/or waterproof so that transfer is limited (you don’t want freckles all over the face, or them multiplying as the day progresses).

After you’ve applied your base, set it with a powder or spray and get freckling!

For the application it’s wise to try and create randomness with the shapes, but keeping the overall effect quite symmetrical, as this will give you the most natural effect.

Refy Brow Pencil – Dark, $21.57, Net-A-Porter

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

For the closest thing to a freckle pen that you’ll have lying around the house, we love relying on a liquid eyeliner pen to provide the perfect faux freckle.

Chances are you have an eyeliner pen in your wheelhouse, and fingers crossed it’s not an inky black as these provide a dramatic and unrealistic freckle.

One of the best parts about using a liquid eyeliner formula is that it is typically waterproof.

This means that the freckles you apply should be on your face all day long.

Of course due to that, you should be light handed when dotting away as mistakes will be tricky to remove.

The removal of the spots will also wipe away the base you’ve got underneath, less is more people!

So, once you’ve located a brown-y/auburn-y liquid eyeliner pen, first dab the pen’s tip onto some paper towel to test how much product is being dispensed.

Then, begin to gently speckle the end of the tip every so lightly on the nose and upper cheek areas.

To diffuse the severity, lightly dot your fingers over the freckles and pat around the area to almost stamp more out.

Dior Show On Stage Eyeliner, $56, Myer

Gel Liner & Brush

The option for perhaps the more confident makeup master is the use of gel liner and a small brush to apply your fake freckles.

Just like applying a line to define your eye or a wing to elongate it, we can use the same two cosmetic products to create a natural looking set of freckles.

A pot of gel liner or eyebrow pomade in a brown, grey or auburn shade is a great place to start, before grabbing your smallest liner brush that will yield the tiniest little dot.

The formula of the pot should be of a gel consistency, sticky enough to cling to the brush head and pigmented enough to leave a lasting freckle to the face.

To liquify the gel or pomade even more, you can always wet the head of your small brush with some setting spray (i.e. MAC Fix Plus).

Just like using a brow pencil, start to dot out the formula-wet-brush to the areas where you wish you had freckles.

Wait a few minutes for it to dry and follow with some setting spray (not too close to the face or you might wash them away!).

Et voila! Freckles!

Napoleon Perdis Sketch Pot Gel Eyeliner Frappe, $42, The Iconic