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Trending 10 November 2020

How To Jump on the Men’s Jewellery Trend

For men, 2020 is all about taking risks with their style and transcending gender norms.

Menswear is slowly drifting back towards pre-19th century fashion mores, from skirts to heeled boots, and now, jewellery. We’re not simply talking about leather cuffs or dog-tags, precious stones and shiny metals are very much at home in the comfort zone of menswear this season. Whether you’re deciding how to dip your toe into the jewellery trend or trying to figure out just how outrageous you can go, we’re here to help.

Words By Eva Marchingo


Rings can be as minimal or maximal as you desire, and as such, they are the perfect staple to play with. First try your hand at wearing some simple, plain bands. Model your hands off the likes of Timothee Chalamet or Dacre Montgomery and build up your collection of minimal bands, not afraid to wear multiple at the same time.

Signet rings are perhaps the most symbolic piece of jewellery at your disposal. They’re a classic piece of jewellery and can be worn with a few minimal pieces or can indeed pack a punch (literally) as a solo piece.

Channel maharajas of days past with an investment in precious stones, namely diamonds. You might like to ice out your fingers like Travis Scott has with his incredible diamond collection, or you might want to bring some colour into your life like Tyler the Creator and A$AP Ferg have with their respective penchants for coloured stones.

Maison Margiela Sterling Silver Number Logo Ring, $597, Browns Fashion


After the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People, there has been increasing interest in men’s necklaces. An entire Instagram profile has been dedicated to the chain worn by beloved Connell (connellschain).

A chain is a timeless piece of jewellery and can be customised to suit your aesthetic. If you’re after a subtle style flex, choose a size between Connell’s iconic piece or a thicker chain inspired by Jordan Firstman (a.k.a King of Impressions, a.k.a @jtfirstman on Instagram).

Pushing the boundaries of fluid dressing is Harry Styles. He’s known to don multiple pendant necklaces at once, poking through a half undone shirt, or even for sporting a feminine pearl necklace. The man can do no wrong. The most important thing to keep in mind with jewellery is to make sure you’re comfortable.

Bottega Veneta ID Necklace, $900, Bottega Veneta


If you’re used to wearing a watch, it’s not too far a stretch to adorn your wrist with another piece of metal. If you’re the kind of man who has a piece of art for a timepiece, you’re already half the way there. Or if you’re the kind who’s happy with a fabric strap and a classic round face, you’ve got lots of wrist to play with.

A cuff is an easy addition to any outfit, and we’re not talking about the Edward Cullen-esque leather cuff with an adorned family crest. 2020 has upped the game for men’s jewellery with a range of sleek and stylish hammered and brushed metal cuffs with different design elements to help you subtly suggest your style.

If you want something a bit left-of-centre, you can go back to your roots and wear a beaded or plaited friendship bracelet, reminiscent of school camps and youthful whimsy. Otherwise, you can shoot into a medallion bracelet – a divinely feminine yet still charmingly masculine piece of jewellery best exemplified by Versace.

Versace Gold Tone Medusa Medallion Bracelet, $860, Browns Fashion


Ears are an important and undervalued piece of jewellery real estate. There are many options for placement, combinations, and subtlety; it makes for an exciting exploration into your readiness for jewels.

Start simple with a single huggie on one ear. You can opt for a plain hoop or try a pendant such as a crucifix or initial. Having a sole earring on only one ear is an accessible gateway to more adventurous jewellery wearing. Begin with something small, and see where it takes you.

An ear cuff can be as bold as you want it to be. Sitting along the cartilage of your ear these cuffs are made for both already pierced ears and those without piercings, meaning it’s a commitment-free style addition.

When you’re ready to jump into the game of multiples, master-accessoriser Johnny Depp is your style icon. You might need to get a few holes in your ear first, but if it’s a style you love then it’s worth going for.

RÄTHEL & WOLF Nicola Ear Cuff in Silver, $823.36, LN-CC


Hardware encompasses all jewellery worn as an accomplice with something else. Think broaches, cufflinks, pant chains, and badges. Anything that adds a bit of sparkle or shine to your outfit can be considered hardware.

Brooches have come a long way since your Nanna bought her collection. Now designed for the modern-day man, a brooch is your boring suit’s best friend. If the homogenising qualities of a suit are not lost on you, and you’ve been looking for something to spice up your formal attire, then a brooch is for you.

And from brooches to lapel pins and badges, there is hardware for every kind of outfit no matter how casual or formal. If you want something to catch eyes in your t-shirt and jeans, try a pant chain or rock your sunglasses with a chain on them too.

Giorgio Armani Tiger Brooch in Silver, $410, Armani