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How To 10 January 2022

How to Bleach your Brows at Home like a Pro

Not just for the celebs or super edgy; here’s how to achieve the bleached brow at home and totally nail the look.

While the thought of a bleached brow may take to straight to Kim Kardashian ‘s extra-terrestrial look at the 2016 Met, the outcome can be way less severe than you think. Many beauty junkies worldwide change the colour of their brows to better match their dyed hair in order to achieve a balanced look. So, whether you are seeking to better match dark brows to your lightened hair or are inspired by a bold change, this is how to best bleach your eyebrows at home.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Step 1: Prep

If you’re going to attempt any salon-worthy beauty treatment at home, you’re only as good as your preparation.

Preparing both your brows and your collection of products perfectly and considerately pre-bleaching is going to highly improve your outcome, promise.

Before any bleach or product touches either of your brows, please ensure you have trimmed, plucked, waxed, or threaded your brows to exactly the way you like them.

Shaping them pre-lightning will ensure you’re left with only the hairs that need to be treated and nothing gets missed or mistaken.

If you need some guidance with your brow shape from home, the Anastasia Beverly Hills stencils are a fabulous and fool-proof tool we love.

Once your brows are shaped beautifully, it’s time to wash your face and brows. The removal of any residual makeup, SPF or sweat will ensure the bleach bond correctly to your hair.

Next up, apply some petroleum jelly to the skin surrounding the edges of your brows, to avoid any contact with the bleach and mitigate the chances of irritation.

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Step 2: Bleach

Its go time! Now before we get to the bleach, it’s important to know about the variables that can really botch an at home brow bleach job.

When it comes to the amount of time you leave the lightening agent on, we recommend erring on the side of caution.

Start with 5 minutes and continue checking on a portion of the hair and how it’s developing every 2 minutes following. In the salon the bleaching process will take anywhere from 5 to 12 minutes before removing the solution.

Condition of the brows
Have you bleached your brows before? The condition of your brows and their history also play a big part in how long you should leave the bleach on for.

If you’ve already bleached, please be mindful and only leave it on for about 5 minutes.

Now you’ve been briefed, mix the bleach and developer together. Once combined, brush the mixture onto your eyebrow using a cotton swab or spoolie, being careful to keep away from the skin, eyes and any clothing.

Once your 5 to 12 minutes is up, remove the bleach with a wet washcloth you’re not precious about, then follow by washing your face with your regular cleanser.

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Step 3: Touch Up

Once your face is rid of any petroleum jelly, bleach or water, you’ll have a clear indication of how the whole process went.

Ensure your brows are also dried adequately to know exactly what colour they’ve reached in their proper, everyday state.

Chances are if you’ve properly prepped and followed the directions, you’ll be a little shocked at what is staring back at you in the mirror.

If you’ve bleached your brows to get them closer to your hair, and not to obtain the runway-ready, barely there brow, then it’s time we spoke about tinting.

Just like what your hairdresser does when you pay them a visit in the salon, bleaching is an integral part of lightening the hair before toning it to the desired colour.

Just like your locks, toning your brows will allow you to better match the hair on your head, and create the better symmetry you’re so desperately seeking.

Just like the application of the bleach, ensure your toner is applied to the brow area and brow area only, and be sparing when it comes to how long you allow it to process for.

Wash out and then reassess whether the process needs to be done again to get that perfect colour!

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Step 4: Style

Whether you went ahead with step 3 or simply left your brows bleached exactly how you achieved them with step 2, it’s imperative you have the right products to style them.

Let’s make sure you can show off all your hard work with the tools to set and set your brows to perfection.

For us at Monde, one of our ride-or-die beauty must-haves is a brow gel.

This pigmented, ultra-strong holding goop not only allows us to hold out brows in place for hours, but also helps to fill in any voids within the body of the brow.

Some gels even incorporate little fibres into the formula to help you achieve those bold, bushy and beautiful brows we all yearn for, thank you M.A.C Big Boost Fibre Eyebrow Gel.

For those beauties sticking with the ultra-blonde brow look, opt for a clear brow gel to hold those babies in place.

The clear gel options from Anastasia Beverly Hills are a brilliant place to start..

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