How International Women’s Day Is Shaping the Lives of Team Monde

A few of the women behind Shop Monde share with our readers what International Women's Day means to them.

Words By Team Monde

“International Women’s Day is a day of celebration and recognition, but for me, it’s also a day of reflection and gratitude.

I thank the women who came before us – those who fought for women’s suffrage, access to paid work and reproductive freedom. I thank those who are unwavering in their commitment to shining the light on sexual assault, and to those women (and men) who will not rest until we reach pay parity.

Most of all, I am grateful to have been surrounded by so many incredibly strong, fierce and talented women in my childhood and in my adult years, most especially my mother, who with the support of her own mother and sister, shaped me into the woman I am today.

But our work is not done. We must continue as we support and champion those women in marginalised communities starting by providing them with the accesses to resources they so very much need.”

Alexandra Schischov – Founder & CEO


“On International Women’s Day, I try to recognise and celebrate the strength of women, but unforgettably this day is a reminder of why its existence is necessary – a reminder that can be deeply re-traumatising.

Womanhood is complex and contradictory; it’s different for every woman. Some women take power from their femininity, some are grateful they can be women at all.

For me, my relationship with this day – and indeed my own sense of womanhood – is complicated. I recognise the many advances in gender equality, feeling grateful and inspired. But I stand in solidarity with the many women this progress has not yet reached.

Rest here on this day for we have travelled far, but there is much work left to be done and undone.”

Eva Marchingo – Editorial Contributor


“IWD for me is a day to be proud and celebrate all of our complexities and the social, political, cultural and amazing economic achievements of women all around the world. But I also see it has a day to challenge the gender stereotypes and major imbalances that still exist.

It’s a day I pay tribute to all the women in my life that mean everything to me, especially my mum. I’m proud of her femininity, strength, practicality and intuition and thank her for shaping me into the woman I am today.”

Kristen Hancock – Art Director


“I am proud to say that International Women’s Day is the day my twin sister and I were born. For me, IWD is a day of gratitude.

I am grateful for all women fighting for change and having faith in the process. A woman’s world has come a long way towards gender equality and still has a long way to go.

Women were once prevented from voting, now we are governing countries. An opportunity of power that our mothers and grandmothers could only dream of.

IWD re-invigorates me to stand by my sisters, to recognise we are all in this collectively. Women of colour, disabled women, disadvantaged women, LQBTQI women; we women are all fighting the same battle for female equality… and evidently winning.”

Matilda Lloyd – Editorial Intern


“For me, IWD is an annual reminder of something that should be celebrated on the daily. This year’s theme is about challenging norms that aren’t necessarily equal when it comes to gender within the workplace or home.

I’m so grateful and proud to say that the team of creatives I work alongside are a bunch of brilliant and stoic women. Chicks rule and I thank my lucky stars that I’m surrounded by some of the best.”

Brittany Lyons – Head of Community


“International Women’s Day is a celebration of the inherent strength of women everywhere. On this day i think it is important to recognise the incredible work women are doing to occupy space and have their voices heard in the strive for intersectional equality.

For some of us, it is also a chance to reflect on our privilege within the female community. For me, this means acknowledging the steps i can take to further empower and amplify the voices of minority women.

There’s never been a better time to be a woman, and with that comes the power to help ensure future generations of girls can experience equality in its truest form.”

Eleanor Wilson – Editorial Intern


“Every year, on international women’s day I practice gratitude. I look at all the amazing women in my life, what they have achieved and why they are all considered particularly important and special to me.

Growing up in a household full of women – my parents have always encouraged us to develop a strong sense of self-confidence. My three sisters and I have the confidence to say yes, unapologetically say no and most importantly challenge the people who make us question our value or at fine times, personal worth.

On this International Women’s Day I’ll be thanking my sisters, my mum and my friends. They (perhaps unknowingly) inspire me every day with just how insanely amazing they are. The women in my life have not only moulded me into the woman I am today, but they also act as my tangible inspiration – a constant reminder of my own capabilities and future potential.”

Katelyn Kalafatis – Editorial Contributor