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The It List 1 February 2022

Hitch Your Hemline: Explore Our Favourite Miniskirts This Season

Dare to bare – embrace a 60’s staple with the revival of the miniskirt.

Fashion nostalgia has triggered a surge in historic trends making their way back to the runway and into our closet. The miniskirt is no exception. Established in the swinging 60’s, the miniskirt was an iconic symbol of rebellion and freedom. The ‘mini’ has once again become a symbol of cultural expression, its hitched hemline paying homage to a simpler (pre-pandemic) time. Although, its resurgence comes with a 2022 twist - think asymmetry, flesh-flashing cut-outs, and low-rise waistlines - another nostalgic nod to its Y2K counterpart.

Words By Cara Briggs

Saint Laurent

French fashion house, Saint Laurent, formerly known as Yves Saint Laurent, was founded in 1961- the heyday of the miniskirt. Marketing a wide range of goods from luxury leather to apparel and accessories, it has cemented its status as a high fashion brand with bold, forward-thinking designs.

Originally making its mark with its gender-blurring collections, Saint Laurent, repurposed traditional menswear for women, a daring feminist statement of the time.

Flash-forward to today, Saint Laurent continues to deliver its empowering designs, offering the freedom of choice to its customers.

Its revitalisation of the miniskirt has delivered a multitude of textures and detail, elevating its simpler origins.

Note Saint Laurent’s ‘Iridescent Miniskirt’ in orchid purple. Its lustrous material and bright colour give a futuristic quality to a historic style. Its low-rise waistline transforms the skirt into a ‘micro-mini’ where less is more.

The modern twist of a classic design is seen once again in its ‘Tweed Miniskirt’. The tweed base in playful pink alludes to the simpler times of the ’60s, however, its faux-fur trim is an unexpected twist that transports it to 2022.

We also see pinstripe flannel transformed into a classic A-line mini, its use of menswear material giving a subtle nod to its feminist origins.

Saint Laurent’s miniskirts meet the maximalist needs of the modern fashionista; however, it does so without depriving us of its classic origins.


Launched by UK fashion giant, ASOS, AsYou, is an edgy, street-style, brand that will meet all your miniskirt dreams.

With its finger on the pulse of fashion, AsYou serves a modern take on the miniskirt, without breaking the bank.

From statement pieces with daring cut-outs to basic bodycon staples, there is a mini for every occasion.

AsYou has taken the Y2K derivative of the mini and brought it back. Its magenta, ‘Jersy Rara Skirt’ gives a ‘Paris-Hilton-circa-2002’ essence we never knew we needed.

We see the Y2K influence continue in its ‘V-front Mini Rib Skirt’.

This ultra-low waistline is an additional nostalgic trend we are seeing amongst the miniskirt circuit. Its minimalist design delivers a wardrobe staple with a twist.

Whilst most of AsYou’s miniskirts leave you equipped to beat the heat this summer, there are beach ready designs featuring intricate crochet.

Our style tip would be to layer it with a bright bikini bottom, giving a fun pop of colour to your beach style.

The edgy fashion house delivers us a multitude of ‘micro-minis’, whether you need a flirty, date-night outfit or daring festival attire.

Offering a variety of neon colours and asymmetric cuts, AsYou’s collection empowers you to embrace your bold, sartorial desires.

The Attico

Italian luxury at its finest, The Attico, invites us to ‘join them upstairs’ as they venture to grant every miniskirt wish.

Their brand ethos is built on the excitement of juxtaposition – the bold vs the minimalist – supporting the contention that glamour does not have a set style.

Each piece in their collection is crafted with innovative design features and quality materials.

Should you desire a classic miniskirt with a modern twist or an extravagant statement piece, they tick all the boxes.

The ‘Blue Dean Miniskirt takes the trend of hitching your hemline and runs with it, utilising the trend of asymmetry whilst still maintaining modesty.

Pair it with bright heels to upscale the denim or a classic white sneaker for every day.

The Attico’s ability to take a classic cut and elevate it is done two-fold with their ‘Wave Lambskin Mini’.

With this piece, we see a modern take on both the mini and leather skirt. The use of an asymmetric wave cut on both its waist and hemline allows you to make a fashion forward statement.

The Attico’s use of unexpected prints and materials are an enticing invitation to embrace the miniskirt – with a modern twist.


Glasson’s youthful designs are effortlessly stylish yet affordable.

Designed by and for Australian’s their collections are both street and beach friendly, providing you with stylish day-to-day outfits.

Amid skirt season, Glassons meets all your hemline needs in a variety of styles and materials.

With a focus on sustainability, their linen mini-skirts are both functional and environmentally friendly.

Their ‘Butter Yellow Raw Hem Mini’ gives your wardrobe a pop of pastel colour for the warmer months. Made with the ‘breathable’ material of linen ensures you keep your cool – even in the heat.

The ‘Stripe Crochet Mini’ will complete any beach outfit perfectly. With its playful colour pallet, pair it with a set of oversized sunglasses to enhance your 70s-chic style.

Their ‘Panel Stitch Miniskirt’ has an in-built studded belt and low-rise waistline, echoing the Y2K trend that has been dominating the runways.

This piece is a purchase that would transition seasons effortlessly. Pair with a white tee and sandals during the warmer months and then make the easy swap to boots and a knit for Winter.

Glassons range of minis invites you to ‘dare to bare’ this summer.


Versace is synonymous with Italian luxury.

Founded in the late 70s, a period of cultural hedonism, their ultra-glamorous style has transcended time, continuing to feature in collections today.

Renowned for their outlandish designs with bright colours and prints, they have created a fusion of street style and high fashion.

The ‘Belted Miniskirt’ in crimson red, is a block-hued separate that sits below the waist. Its thick, structural tailoring can be complemented with a strappy sandal or balanced out with a chunky boot.

This is yet another low-rise miniskirt, that can be offset with an oversized shirt for a subversively sexy look.

For the quintessential Versace look peek at their ‘Barocco Print Miniskirt. The contrast of yellow and black is tailored with voluminous pleats.

The pleated structure and slightly longer hemline offer a more modest take on the miniskirt trend.

Although famous for their bold prints you can also find your perfect LBS (little black skirt) amongst their collection.

Our favourite being their ‘Leather Safety-pin Miniskirt’ – a quirky yet iconic detail Versace is known for.


French brand, Balmain, has created a name for itself through its sophisticated elegance.

Its founder Pierre Balmain described dressmaking as ‘the architecture of movement’. This sentiment continues to translate into its structural tailoring and designs.

Although known for its modest tailoring and its use of thick tweed materials, it has extended its designs to encompass bright hues and playful renewal of its signature fastenings and medallions.

Balmain has brought itself into 2022 with its ‘Pink Belted Logo Skirt’. This mini, features the brand’s classic, pastel colour pallet but emulates today’s style with its ultrahigh hemline.

We see Balmain further advance their designs with the juxtaposition of materials and textures.

The combination of denim and houndstooth contrasts the old with the new in their ‘Blue and Pink Tweed Miniskirt’. The asymmetry and iconic golden buttons add a luxurious finish to a modern design.

Balmain utilises these contrasting features throughout their current collections, allowing their miniskirts to be bold yet elegant.